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#105393 Different kind of Bangkok Happy Ending

Posted by paulsf on 14 March 2017 - 05:01 PM

A couple of weeks ago I needed to do a visa run. Decided to go to Hanoi for a few days. All packed ready to go. Grab a taxi in front of my condo. No traffic, quick and easy ride. Friendly driver. Arrive at airport, get to check in counter, and then realize, No Wallet. I lost it in taxi. I had no idea as to which company I used. As panic sets in, I sit to try to figure out what I'm going to do. Had $200 US , debit card, one credit card and drivers license. My passport, other credit cards and a little cash in my backpack. It was my 30th day and I need to go. Nothing I could do about wallet.

Had a nice weekend in Hanoi. Saved a lot of money I might have spent. Could always do credit card advance. Back to Bangkok hoping I might get lucky and maybe left wallet in Condo. No luck. Cancel cards with banks. My bank got replacement debit card to me in 5 days with UPS,

Last night about 5 pm, knock on my door. Condo worker says taxi here. I said, didn't order taxi. Language issues. He pulls out his wallet and says taxi. Hit me, taxi there with my wallet. Went downstairs and sure enough, there is the driver holding my wallet. Wow. Everything still there, including cash. I gave him big reward. Now he was all smiles. Nobody standing around spoke English, so couldn't get story.

Today condo worker I know speaks English talked to security guy. Driver found my wallet when he got back to Bangkok. He did know where he picked me up and I was only going for a few days, yesterday he was in my neighborhood.
My drivers license with picture was in wallet, so he asked security guy if he knew me. I'm the only non-Thai living in the building. Knock on door and got it back.

Taxi drivers get a lot of bad press in Thailand, so it is really great to have a really good taxi driver story.
He really went above and beyond and has my deepest Thanks.

#89398 TAWAN BAR part 3 (nude pic)

Posted by Alizizou on 16 March 2016 - 04:05 PM

Finally..i got some naked pic of 3 hunks from tawan bar (one of them is 'superstar' of the bar)..taken by me in my hotel room..anybody interest to see it,PM me pls..lol..😆😆😆

#115021 Somewhat dry rainy season - Thailand trip of Sept 2017

Posted by vinapu on 28 September 2017 - 12:38 PM

Day 1

This trip, the 16th I decided to take in supposedly low, rainy season. Assured by few members that as long as I have my umbrella I will be ok and bars are still full of boys I landed this Sunday morning excited as always and curious how it will work as all my trips so far were either May / Jun or Nov / Dec.


Hot but bearable and skies hazy but still sunny , nothing like rainy season at 10 in the morning.  Immigration was breezy, no more than 10 minutes to clear and luggage arrived promptly as I approached  the conveyor.


Exchanged some money in the last booth on the train station and was pleasantly surprised by the low spread between airport rate of 31.19 and as it turned out later , then best street rate of 33.02 / USD. Last December airport paid 30 while street rates were around 34-35 if I recall.


While watching scenery from the train I noticed that new king is slowly taking space of his father and first sizable portrait of old king I saw past Hua Mak which is 3rd station. Much less black dressed commuters as well, still plenty but it seems city slowly regained it’s color.


Check in in Nantra Silom fast and staff even smiling and explaining breakfast routine. With still sunny skies I went to do my  Lumpini stroll and after circling park it started drizzling so I sped a bit toward Patpong . By time I got there skies were opened and it was REALLY raining but I was well positioned already so hid myself in Madrid Tavern on Patpong 1 , ordered pizza and while they baked it for me went outside to watch then deluge.  


By time I finished my meal rain suddenly stopped . Went back to then room, changed shirt to dry one and went for a short stroll to Arena, my usual place to start my Thai adventures. HIS , now defunct for perhaps 10 years in the same plaza was my first massage place ever in Thailand hence my habit of starting it all at Arena.


As soon as I opened door few familiar faces appeared among them my favorite Dit with 13 meetings already and I guess none of us both had a doubt that meeting number 14 will start in few minutes    but not before I will have a beer in the lobby with few boys I hired previously including mamas an Art who is not a bad at massage as well. Of course few red notes changed hands as well and all were happy including me, the distributor.


Customary 1.5 hr session, fun as always, 1600 for then house including several  beers and 1500 tip and I’m firmly placed in the paradise. Massage relaxed me a bit but jet lag started kicking in so short nap in the room and a stroll past Tawan to soi Twilight hoping to see Paulsf on his throne in the HotMale beer bar, he was not there but arrived shortly and for next hour or so we were catching with news.


Show time at XBoys so we went, few tips distributed among needy but handsome but I was itching for something else so around 10.30 I left. Something else was of course Jupiter 2018 in soi 4 , new bar for me.


Drinks 280 are paid outside , you get a chit immediately collected at the door and when inside drink arrives. House was packed for the show already in the making.   I like layout with catwalk but show seemed similar to what I recall from the old place and boys , while very handsome are still holding their sober unsmiling looks so one never knows if they are interested or know.


Not all lost though thanks to those two Tawan implants Mekhin and Oud , another of my favorites with 8 offs already but today busy sitting in company of older Chinese lady and few other boys.

Lots of  ladies inside and as in old place almost whole audience Asians. 


Mekhin passing by perhaps recognized me as I offed him in December and shook my hand , soon after Oud noticed I’m here , excused his lady and came for a hug and to share his good fortune.

Pulled on his phone a picture of shiny motorcycle , not a motorbike mind you , said lady  bought for him. So where I stand with my ‘lavish” 3000 baht tip for long time ?


Not in  a good position I thought but I learned that on Tue lady is going home and Oud will be free  so we made preliminary reunion arrangements .


In meantime show was on with Chinese throwing tips right , left and center , two Chinese ladies lavished 1000 baht notes on two boys , one of them ‘my ‘ Oud who certainly is on the roll after moving from Tawan there. All in all I did not notice much  a difference between old and new location and a bit put off but that distinctive lack of smile from the boys.  


 But it needs to be said they all are prime model material although best looking of them , muscly Tan #60 was nowhere to be seen since he did not move with the bar apparently working at Dreramboys now.


Oud stopped two more times to ensure me that Tuesday belongs to me , what I found as nice that his lady obviously did not mind him sitting with me for a few minutes  then and now. Oh well , I always had fun with him so perhaps so did her.


With Oud engaged and other boys unsmiling, remembering my internal rule of not offing anybody  who doesn’t smile or at least catch an eye contact I went upstairs  to check their access  to the sea i.e. washrooms and to see that even that lounge is quite full then set off in a search of some warm body for tonight and this being me on my first day I had  only one other place in mind – Tawan.


This time I was a bit, just tiny bit apprehensive  since last year I have some pricing issues , namely 4000 LT  requests from few boys  and one jealousy  hissy fit from one of the boys so I feel a bit as marked man there but when comes to men this is my # 1 place if not I the world , in Bangkok for sure.


It was almost midnight with show finishing up with J/O contest, welcomed by mamasan  who recognized me got adrink and surveyed scene noticing immediately that there are quite  a few  new and not as massive as Tawan standard seems to be , boys . One , sitting nearby even smiled at me nicely but before I started thinking about giving him  a chance  familiar face of Phet # 51 showed in front of me and smiled.


Those who are reading my reports my recall that one at Tawan I was dumped by the boy while   paying off fee  to take him out with boy claiming that he must go with another clinet, kind of humiliation although I did not feel that way at the moment then since I had substitute in the room.


Since I  find him attractive next trip I gave him  a chance and offed him ST which was great but cut short by his claim that he must go already after perhaps 40 minutes. Only sweetener was that  he was excellent kisser and owner of great , muscular but not overbuilt body.


Twice mistreated I should forget about engaging with him and now  on my first night of 16th trip he is standing  at front of me , whole in smiles with hand extended so what choice other than patting on a seat beside me inviting him to seat I had ?

Bygones are bygones and body is as attractive as always , perhaps jet lag is fogging my judgement  , drink is ordered and before arrived he asked me already if he is going with me. “but long time only, OK” , ‘yes, yes”, things  are going well  so ‘How much you want?”

“long time 5000”,


I know already I’m marked man there, sucker  and idiot throwing money away but had courage to state firmly  ‘’ no 3000” , ‘ok, ok 4000 is the answer’.


I know I should  say no but in meantime kiss is planted while my hand moved forcibly against my no-resistance from the knee to THE THING but still sixth sense is telling me that this time it may work or may be Guardian Angel is whispering ‘are you stupid for a sake of 1000 you want lose your fun” . Anyways OK, dress and go. “Are you hungry? “ , ‘no ‘,

‘ we will eat breakfast together/” , firm ‘yes’ – that was a moment I knew  I did best I could for myself.


There’s this expression ‘exceed expectation’ and it’s best to describe last night. If was as close to sleeping with boyfriend one can wish for . I know it’s all theater  but he was very good at that.


Showering in the morning I couldn’t not to ask if he comes during day. 4-7  p.m.  agreed and I don’t know who was happier , him or me but definitely it was great start of this trip and great end of day 1.

#94095 Thailand's Magical Allure

Posted by ryanasia on 27 July 2016 - 05:17 AM

I hate to sound like a cynic but don't you think the "loving" part is much of a stretch? After all, partnering up with someone for purely subjective reasons is a relatively new phenomenon in human history. Most marriages are arranged or conducted out of material necessity because only recently have humans been able to escape the Malthusian trap in widespread numbers. I think so called "cultural differences" are quite overstated. We're all still human beings after all. The primary difference is material well being. If Thailand had the standard of living of, say, Denmark, there would be a much less dynamic commercial sex industry. 


Sure a relationship between an older foreigner and a younger Thai can work, as relationships of material self-interest have worked for millennia. But to say it is built on some kind of mutual interest, love, intimacy, and respect, I have a hard time buying. But then again, behind every cynic is a romantic...a wounded one.


I am not a Thai boy so can't speak as to what may go through their heads when they go with foreigners and get into relationships. However I myself back in the day met my current partner when I was a money boy in my younger years. So I can maybe shed a little light onto this topic as far as how the psychology on the other side of the business works. 


I was 21 and a twink working in a boy bar in (Blue boy club if anybody was there or is curious) Amsterdam. I had travelled overseas to work there solely to make some money and hopefully find permanent financial security. I don't think I was too much different from the boys from issan who travel far (relatively for them anyway) away from their homes to find the same thing.


Anyway the first time you work out of a bar can be a bit strange and obviously exotic. I also was a sexual being myself and at 21 was very horny. Believe it or not many boys want a customer just if nothing else out of boredom. The cash is a bonus at some points assuming as others have mentioned the guy doesn't treat you horribly. 


So eventually I found a guy who was well off and around 38 a bit chubby and not... attractive by western gay standards. He knew the game and knew he had to pay for sex he had no problem with it and was generous. We went on trips and out to dinners and he took me out of the bar many times and understood I was still working while we "dated". 


After some time went by I moved in with him and although I didn't love him it became more than a simple matter of money or hourly rates. So time goes by and we actually get to know each other. I could break out of my shell a little bit and instead of me just giving service was more of an equal in the relationship and  I was more assertive about what I liked in bed as well. Don't underestimate an older man who is lacking a little in looks about what they can make up by being a good partner at sex.


He wasn't physically my type and in the true sense never will be but I was horny and he treated me well and I could overcome the difference in him and what was my ideal sexual partner. I don't think that to compromise a bit in this regard is that uncommon outside of paid relationships.


The first thing that will happen after the pure mutual benefit stage of such a relationship if it blossoms will be to become natural friends or fuck buddies. Now the boy is just as capable of picking his partner to be with regardless of money. I was pretty hot back then and had my choice of potential punters or clients or whatever you want to call it. My point here is there is still an element of dating even in a boy bar. There is still a choice as the relationship is still consensual. 


I would not be able to continuously live with a guy I had no feelings of any kind for money aside. After some period of time when somebody treats you well and makes you happy you begin to also want to make them happy regardless of how the relationship started. If there is no spark of any kind there it will end up in a break up, just like any other relationship would. 


So I believe that with the boys you can nurture a level of love even if the attraction was based upon something else to begin with. Over time I came to love the man I was with and I am still with him today, we are still making each other happy and having the time of our lives as you might read in my Jomtien trip. 


Did our relationship start in the most romantic of places? Perhaps not. Does that mean I do not love him now and we could not grow into a healthy relationship? Maybe for some people it is impossible that they would ever love somebody who is older because of a barrier based upon looks but for me and I believe for a much larger portion of Thai boys this barrier isn't insurmountable. 


Do I love the man I am with now? Yes, I do, with all of my heart and I would die to protect him if it came down to it. The entire thing started based upon mutual necessity but that doesn't mean that a relationship with a money boy can not be dynamic and things always stay the same. 


I would venture to say most relationships in the beginning stages are as superficial as what goes in with some of the guys in Thailand. Sure there are some real creeps that are just unloveable but if you are a decent person it is possible to win a boy over. Isn't that what happens in normal dating? Nobody is in love at first but rather lust and it either grows or it doesn't.


To say a money boy will never truly love a customer is an arbitrary concept and implies that money boys are incapable of love because of the job they chose. You will find that most the guys are looking for love and money. They are after all looking for something better than the place they came from and probably the place they are in now. 


So I think it is a bit coarse to say that love between an older man and a young guy even if he was a working boy is impossible. At the age of most of the boys you meet they are bound to mature and change over the course of a few years if you remain together. Intergenerational relationships have been around since the beginning of time. 


The money aspect of the trade doesn't negate the emotional attachments that are likely to develop when two people treat each other with respect. 


Anyway I should have wrote this with a drink in me i am boring myself. This must be the most boring fucking thing I have ever written about my times as a working boy. So to make a short story long it is possible to develop a relationship that is mutually loving as long as you aren't deluding yourself. Is this the ideal way to start one? No, possibly not but for some people this is the only realistic choice they have and there isn't another option. 


Bare in mind my experience comes from the western meat markets of the USA and Europe and I think it is much easier in Thailand and more than the money aspect being a barrier the cultural differences might be a bigger issue. 



To the people that are cynical I guess I just say, maybe you don't believe in it, but I have seen it myself personally. 


To the hopeless romantics be honest with yourself and careful with money. Trust your heart for better or worse. 

#122137 Art of Thai adventures -report of June 2018 trip

Posted by vinapu on 12 June 2018 - 08:38 AM

Day 1


A tittle of report may appear  a bit strange and deprived of sense but there’s logic in it.

My two highlights of this trip , one in Pattaya and another one in Bangkok had the same name  / nick – Art, hence tittle.


Trip  did not start very well, plane arrived late and departed late so I spent 6 hours in home airport. Sure I knew it will be late but being excited with going there I figured out that I rather wait in that airport soaking in travel vibes than watching nervously   passing time at home.


Connection at Shanghai  was lost but China Eastern took good care about busload of passengers losing their connection.  We were herded into bus , take to hotel , had simple meal delivered at our door and in the morning before we boarded bus again we were treated with some breakfast as well.


I heard some bad feedback about that airline  but  my experience with them , and it was 4th time I used their services  was very good. Only thing I don’t recall too fondly are their meals – too Asian for my taste but that’s me and I understand they are feeding their primary clientele i.e Chinese first.

And really sitting on the plane  doesn’t not require much of calories so taking half meal does nobody harm.


So looking at bright side instead if arriving at 2 am I landed at 1 p.m.  


No need for taxi, I took train to the city and could take an advantage of excellent  exchange rates in the booths of airport ‘s  rail station.


Nantra Silom kept my room even if I did not show early , settled me in the same I was in last trip , undisturbed by rain which just started I did customary walk  around Silom Suriwong checking for changes , noticed new Fresh Boys above Screwboys, boarded door to forms X SIZE bar and closed Dick’s in soi Twilight as well as former BOY66 renamed Moonlight now in former Jupiter site.


Usually my first step is Arena  but as often happened Guardian Angel gently steered me toward Senso  and as soon as I opened door I knew why – M was there resting on the floor with broad smile in response to mine I guess. Along with Jack he is my favorite there and since Jack was not even present seconds later we were climbing stairs for 1490 1.5 hr . treatment. Minimum tip indicated as 1500.


1 hr costs 1000 with minimum tip 1200 and there’s note in the menu that special services may require an additional tip.  Yes , expensive  but since I never had bad experience there  and M is one of my favorites of all time, well built , handsome  former porn star with excellent massage skills. What’s more important he remembered me from the past recalling some activities we shared 2 or 3 years ago.


It was great , nirvana like introduction to Thailand’s charms, of course I spoiled market for everybody and his brother  by upping his tip to 2000 but I ‘d spit at myself in the mirror if I did not.

It was dark when I left and I realized  since leaving plane I did not eat anything so marched to soi Twilight, settled in all dining options available there ie.Maxis and ordered no , not chicken with cashew nuts but Viener schnitzel.


While waiting I was observing Bangkok Massage across where my regular there Namu was entertaining some friends. At one point he noticed me and smiled broadly so I waved him over and treated with some drink of his choice for old times sake.


After dinner  I had great plans of bar hopping  starting with Moonshine so there I went. Cute # 27 smiled at me , than again so I waved him over , ordered drink , asked if he will go with me, long time ? yes, how much ? 3000 and so much  about bar hopping.


Since show was about to start  I was sensitive enough to ask him if he wants to watch it with me. It turned out that is a participant in 2 numbers so I told him to go and return after show. This made him visibly happy , few hundred baht more for him.


They have 2 categories of boys, models and go-go. Out of 9 models at last 3 are looking outstandingly glorious but it seems they are for looking only .


There were some information that off  fee for them is 2000 and expected tip 5000, translation of which is that they are not interested in being offed  which is fine but eye candy truly they are  including  start #1 , former # 60 from old Jupiter – Tam which I had pleasure of knowing already.


400 off  fee paid and we marched to my room for happy , happy time together. And this is how day 1 was over.


#111623 Bangkok Trip Report: To Butterfly or not to Butterfly Part 2 – The Devil and...

Posted by numazu on 09 July 2017 - 08:30 AM

Day 4.4: The Airport Goodbye Part 14: MonBoy Edition


It is no secret that I hate airports. I have written about it a number of times in my trip reports.  And I particularly hate airport goodbyes. In my earlier Thailand trips, even if I had a boy stay the night before I left to go back home, I usually go to the airport, alone, and geared up and focussed to return home. It is partly because of BurBoy that I now have the Airport Goodbye™ as a integral part of my LOS trips.


With BurBoy, the airport goodbye was a necessity, a way to spend every last remaining minute with me before I disappeared from his life for a few months. But with any other boy I just met or offed, the airport goodbye is less needed. I’m pretty sure that after a night of getting molested by me, they just wanted to go back to their room and sleep, to regain energy for the next customer that night. This trip's airport goodbye was supposed to be BurBoy’s, but instead MonBoy has claimed it for himself.


This trip, BurBoy did not insist on the goodbye, probably because of his work prep, and probably because it takes up to 2 hours (with traffic) from Suvarnabhumi to his room near Don Meaung. MonBoy, although having  just met him, volunteered wholeheartedly to accompany me to the airport. If he got his way, he would’ve spent all three nights with me this trip, even waiting me on the second night, the night I was with BurBoy, by not taking on any customers, and not going to Jupiter (after I give him his off fee for the second night), in the off chance I will change my mind and call on him.


We spend out last few moments naked together on the tub in my room at the Crowne Plaza. He has put all the bath soaps and effervescent salts in the tub to make it nice for us. We don’t have sex. Instead we talk, enjoy and relax for the next half hour. He gives me a soft neck and upper back massage while I lay against him in the tub. I was the little spoon, and he was giving me a relaxing rub. He washed off the makeup off of my hickeys and promised to conceal the hickey better than he did at Boots.


We get off the tub and showered off the bath salts and got dressed for the taxi ride to Suvarnabhumi. He puts on the makeup back on my neck and cheek, and when I look at the hickeys in the mirror, it was really barely noticeable unless you knew what you were looking at. I hope it stays on through my flight and dinner tonight. I check out at the lobby (0 baht with points), and get a taxi (500 baht flat rate) and we are off. And he immediately does this:




Still holding my hand to the very end. He was very quiet, closing his eyes sometimes to rest, looking at me once in a while and smiling. He was being contemplative, probably thinking about what he will do for the rest of the day, for the rest of his life, now that he is about to say goodbye to yet another customer. He was using two hands to hold my hand for some reason. Holding me too close it seems.


We get to the airport and I do my usual check-in. MonBoy hangs back while I do this. While I get my tags and tickets printed by the kind lady in Thai Aiways counter, I look back at MonBoy sitting on the bench. He sees me look at him and he smiles, quite tentatively. He looks away and has a look of worry. I wonder what he was thinking? I get my bags checked and tickets and head over his way. He stands up to greet me and kisses me in the lips.


“Are you OK?” I ask him. He looks at me and says “I OK, yes,” quite tepidly. I ask him if he wanted to get something to eat. It was only 12:30 PM and we had plenty of time. He takes my backpack from my shoulders and puts it on his back. “You no have to do for me,” pointing to my bag. He pretends to not hear as we make our way to the 3rd floor where all the shops and restaurants were. We peruse our options and choose a nice Thai restaurant with a nice selection of traditional Thai food for both of us to enjoy.


We look at the menu and I find a few rice dishes that I liked. I tell MonBoy my selection and he orders three of the ones I have chosen. He also orders a big tall glass of beer and I do the same. It’s a short flight to Manila and I am heading straight to a dinner so I guess beer is not out of the question for now. While we wait for our food he holds my hand and caresses my forearm. He is still quiet, not his usual jovial self from yesterday. And then he spots a tall Chinese-looking guy and laughs. He points to the guy discreetly and points to where my hickeys were. “Same na!” he says. I look at the guy and see a giant hickey in his neck, unconcealed, for all the world to see. I guess I was not the only one with souvenir love marks to take home. I wonder how many tourists leaving Suvarnabhumi today had hickeys. This airport probably has a larger than normal ratio of hickeyed to non-hickeyed passengers, compared to other airports in the world.


We get our food and we dig in. We have been up for 3 hours and this is our first taste of food, so we dig in wholeheartedly. MonBoy takes photos and sends them to his FaceBook and to Victory, his cousin from last night. “Good food?” he asks, breaking the silence. “Yes I like, very delicious.” He feeds me a big helping of some of the chicken. “I want you eat many because I cannot buy you food after this.” He smiles and nods. “What do you do in Philippine?” he asks about my trip. “I have some work there and I will tour too,” I answer. “When you go back USA?” “5 days. What will you do after today?” “I go back Myanmar.” “Oh, will you go to Myanmar to visit your family?” “No, I go Myanmar to live.” “You no want go back Jupiter?” “I no want to be Money Boy. I want go my farm”


I was slightly taken aback by this. He has only been working for 2 weeks as a gogo boy in Jupiter, and now he is quitting? Did he think he had enough money saved up to finish his house in Myanmar now, with me his last off? Was I his last ever customer? Was I that horrible that I turned him off from his profession? He sees me puzzled and confused, but I couldn’t find the words to try to figure this out. “Why no gogo?” I finally say. “I no want work Bangkok. Difficult. I want go back Myanmar. I want see my family. I work farm. I want go my house.” “Do you have money for house?” “Maybe. I can go back.”


Being a Money Boy is obviously a difficult job for anyone, no matter how hardened inside you are. But for a hot 21-year-old boy with considerable assets like his, being a Money Boy for a year or two could be very lucrative for MonBoy. He could save all his earnings and really start out his life back in his home country. And he would still be young enough to start over and do whatever he wanted. But instead here he was, quitting only after a short time.  Maybe what he was saying was true. Or maybe he was still playing The Game. Maybe if he told me I was going to be his last customer, that I would feel obligated to give him a lot of money to send him on his way as his last off. Who knows.


“Next time if you come Bangkok, Line me. I come back Bangkok and see you,” he says, smiling, holding my hand. “I want see you again.” “Okay, I Line you if I come,” I tell him. That’s probably not going to happen. But I guess it is a nice option to have. He is a beautiful boy, super attentive, and knows how to make me believe he was into me. But Bangkok is full of boys like him. He was special, sure, and the chemistry between us is very hard to find, but I am certain that there are many other boys like him out there. This was just a cold hard fact. Bangkok's charms are delightful and numerous, and his seemingly unique brand of sexual sorcery can probably be replicated elsewhere by another hot boy.


He tells me more about his farm and his house. He shows photos of both as well as his family members. It is obvious that he misses them a lot. I guess he really wasn’t meant to live a life in the fast lane. Being a Bangkok Gogo Boy was only a way for him to make some quick cash. It was not a legitimate long-term career choice for him, nor is it anyone else's, I'm sure. I ask him if there was a way for him to go back to school. He says that school is not for him, and will probably will just farm for the rest of his life.


We finish our meal and it was time for me to go to my gate. I ask him if he was going to use the train or a taxi. He said the train would be cheaper for him. As we make our down the labyrinthine escalator system that Suvarnabhumi had to get to the basement level for the train, he doesn’t stop with the PDA. He had his arm around me the while time, and he gave me discreet kisses once in a while. He didn’t care who saw. He was again testing his theory that Thailand is a more tolerant country than his own.


When we get to the train level, I pull him aside and gave him long time tip. I gave him the standard long time plus 50%. I wanted to give him more, but not too big of an amount that it would seem like I got manipulated by his story of quitting the gogo boy scene. I was not sure if it was true. He takes the money without counting and puts it in his pocket. He gives me my backpack and buys his fare in the fare machine. He gives me one last giant wet kiss and goes through the turnstile. And just like that, he was gone.


No tears for me this time. Only confusion and wonderment on what MonBoy has just told me about his future. I didn’t want to think that I had something to do with his decision, but what if I did? I can’t let it get to me. Only time will tell if he really has quit. I go through security and ruminate about all this in the Thai Airways lounge. I get a coffee and sit down and begin to write this trip report, knowing full well that it was going to be mostly about this wonderful, strange, and beautiful boy. I was actually glad that his two weeks of employment at Jupiter intersected with my trip. If I met him at the start of his two weeks, the circumstances might have been different and the off might not have been as good. But I meet him at the end of his tenure, and it was clear that he was eager to go out with a bang. 


The Thai Airways plane ride was smooth and uneventful. The rest of my time in Manila was great and entertaining as well. Everyday, in my 5 days in Manila, MonBoy has dutifully talked to me. Video called me several times a day, each day. He made sure I saw where he was every time, usually in his room, as if to show me he wasn’t in Jupiter or with a customer anymore, especially at show time, at night, to prove that he has quit the business for good.


After all this, I get on my plane back to the USA. My first day back he tells me he is leaving for Myanmar in 2 days. I ask him if I was really his last customer. He says yes. He then says that he considers me a friend, and would like to continue to correspond with me. Sure enough, in two days he leaves for Myanmar. The video calls, now happening in rural Mon State, Myanmar, become more sparse and less regular. He says it is because of the spotty mobile internet connection in his hometown. After a week, the calls stop. He still messages me on Facebook once in a while, occasionally sending me photos of his farm, his house, his face covered in Thanaka, etc. The haircut becomes less fashionable, the clothes become more traditional. He has made his transformation back into farmer.


No transformations for me. I am still the same numazu, sex-crazed monster. 

#109782 Bangkok Trip Report: To Butterfly or not to Butterfly Part 2 – The Devil and...

Posted by numazu on 02 June 2017 - 09:06 PM

If you notice in my intro that I skipped my 13th-trip trip report. That trip was over Songkran. Here is an overly long sample of the trip, before I get into the 14th trip:

Prologue: 24 Hours of Water

1 AM: DJ Station was packed to the gills

It was the first day of Songkran 2017, and the night before the gay circuit party GCircuit, so we should have known DJ Station would be almost unbearable tonight. My companions, BurBoy, the 23 year old Burmese boy who has been with me through many trips now, and Mark311088, the Brit-Asian whirling dervish who descended on my holiday like a tornado, completely changing it for the better, of course, were my companions tonight, and ultimately the whole week.

I already told you about the Hua Hin trip we had here, and samebb summarized the Songkran madness that followed, but this post is about the day in between those events. We tried our luck at DJ Station tonight, the famous gay dance club in Bangkok, having just visited it 4 nights earlier, the night when BurBoy and I first met Mark311088. Since tonight was the night before GCircuit, the place was packed with boys who were here for the parties, but still needed a place to party tonight. Wait, it was more than packed. We were trapped in there like sardines. It was not possible to dance anywhere, let alone comfortably stand anywhere to enjoy the two drinks that were included in the 300 baht cover.


We got in the line snaking out of Soi 2 onto Silom, and then finally get in the DJ Compound and upon getting to the entrance, we barely were able to get into the main club. It was just packed wall-to-wall with boys. We managed to squeeze our way through to the stairs to lead us to the second floor, but what welcomed us was more of the same. It took us about 15 minutes to get from one end of the floor to the other, after elbowing, pushing, and stepping on other people just to get to the other side. We emerged at the far end, but Mark311088’s feet were a casualty. He made the mistake of wearing flip-flops at DJ, and as a result his exposed feet were bloodied and bruised due to other people stepping on him. I suggested to him to go to the bathroom to tend to his feet, while BurBoy ambles up to the bar to order all our drinks with our tickets.

“It’s just a scratch,” Mark311088 says, smiling at both of us with his killer smile. We try to sip our drinks in peace, with Mark311088 taking a smoke break once in a while, but DJ was just too crowded for it to be enjoyable. We leave the club halfway into our first drinks to head back outside. It was still too crowded in the surrounding compound and in the other bars in the periphery. We decided to give up and just try again at some other night. We have so much partying still to do in the next few nights so this was not a huge loss.

We get back out on Silom and decide to have some beef noodle soup from the street food vendor usually found just by Soi 2. It was hot tonight, and eating hot noodle soup isn’t exactly optimal food to have in this weather, but we were hungry, right after wrestling our way through the boy soup we just swam through in DJ. As I ate and drank my soup, I sweated, a lot, but BurBoy was there to wipe my sweaty forehead, scalp, neck, everything. Still taking care of me.

We finish (330 baht for 3) and start walking on Silom to get to Soi 3 to our condo, and to Mark311088’s hotel, which was just past Soi 3 in the same direction. We talk about our plans for the next few days, which was going to be GCircuit, Songkran water wars, and some Soi Twilight time as well. As we walk we see a steady stream of water just travelling through the canals and drains of Silom, the remnants of the Songkran water wars that waged just hours earlier.

As we get to Soi 3, Mark311088 suddenly blurts out “Happy Birthday!” and gives me a big hug and kiss in the cheek. BurBoy quickly tells him that “Birthday no today, tomorrow!” Mark311088 says “Now 3 AM, now his birthday!” showing BurBoy his watch and the time. I just laugh and let them argue. This is where we part ways with Mark311088. We all hug and BurBoy and I make a left on Soi 3, while Mark311088 walks further down Silom.

Perhaps because it was just the two of us now, BurBoy then hops on my back for a piggyback ride. I put his legs wrapped in my arms and give him a ride to the 7-11 next to the condo. Before he gets off of me, he kisses my face, shouting “Happy birthday na!” This was gonna be a great birthday.

6 AM: Trouble back home

Home for me is California, and at 6 AM Bangkok time, it was still 4 PM the previous day there. BurBoy and I were sleeping when I get an uncharacteristic video call from my BF back home. He never video calls me when I am in Bangkok, so my heart skipped a beat, wondering what was wrong. I leave the bedroom and BurBoy with his stasis-like sleep, and try my best to compose myself and look like less of a banshee, as I do when I just have woken up. I put on my headphones and answer the call.

I don’t see my BF on the video but I see a baseball field. My BF was at a SF Giants game I think? The camera finally pans to him. He was wearing a SF Giants ballcap and sunglasses, all scruffy and handsome. He asks me how I was doing, and I could barely hear him from the ambient noise. I tell him I just woke up. I asked what was wrong? All of a sudden the cellphone was taken from him, and I see my best girlfriend, in the game with my BF.

“What’s going on?” I ask. She tells me whats up: it was our school's game night at the game, and most of our friends were there with the BF. My best friend asks me where I was, and why was I not there? I tell her I am in Bangkok. She asks what was I doing there. It was my birthday tomorrow, and she felt it was weird that I wanted to be thousands of miles away, away from the BF, and my good friends.

“I always spend my birthday here in Bangkok, on Songkran,” I tell her. She asks me why. I tell her because it’s more fun here. She says “More fun than us?” I say “Why are you giving me a hard time?” And then she says it. Over lunch my friends were grilling my BF about my extra-curricular activities in Bangkok. She asks me what I was doing there. I tell her it’s none of her business. She pans the camera around the bleachers. Most of my friends were there. I guess they were wondering where I wasn't there.

I tell her to give back the phone to my BF. She reluctantly gives it back. I see my BF slightly smiling. He asks again how I was doing. I said I was worried. Is everything OK, I ask. He shrugs and says he doesn’t want to get into it now. I can’t see his eyes to judge his mood due the sunglasses. Those blue eyes have said a lot to me in the many years we have been together, now it is hidden from me. He says he will go now, and will talk to me later. Before I have a chance to say goodbye the call drops.

It's morning in Bangkok today and it is my birthday. This is not how I want to start my birthday. I go back to the bedroom and see BurBoy still in his slumber. I cuddle with him and try to get back to sleep. I can’t, my mind is racing. This is not good.

10 AM: Songkran Trouble

It was the second day of Songkran, and BurBoy was awakened by the cacophony of sounds coming from Silom Rd just 100 meters away from the condo. “Good morning na,” he says in his usual boyish register. I half smile and hug him. I look at my phone and see that Mark311088 has been texting to see what we were up to and what to do for breakfast. I text him we will be ready in 20 minutes and to meet somewhere on Silom. Seeing all the hubbub of Songkran would be good for me I thought. We hurriedly shower (together of course) and put on clothes. We put on our best “Songkran-proof” clothes, and put our IDs, money and cellphone in these waterproof plastic pouches that we bought in Hua Hin.

Songkran was just starting for the day, and Silom was already closed off at this hour to accommodate the revelers. We did our best to weave around, dodge, and avoid the oncoming water skirmishes. We were successful, for the most part, in avoiding getting soaking wet, but by the time we got to Burger King, my whole back was soaked, and BurBoy’s front torso was soaking wet. Which made his sleeveless white top cling to his muscular torso, with his well-formed 6-pack perfectly outlined. Songkran suits him. We see Mark311088 waiting for us, drier than us and more successful in traversing the water melee. We all hug it out, and weigh our options on where to eat.

We decide on a hearty meal at the basement of Silom Complex. BurBoy immediately choose Zaab, so all three of us get a nice meal in. I talk about Zaab hereand why BurBoy likes eating there. BurBoy and Mark311088 are in good spirits and I try to chat along, but my mind was elsewhere. Its hard to live in the moment, and enjoy myself, when my mind is back home, wondering about the my real life, and if it was in jeopardy. I barely eat my delicious rice dish. The two twenty-somethings of course finish their meals, as they usually do.

We head back out on Silom to assess the water wars currently happening. I was expecting more people at this time of the day, but it was early so people may be just be starting to come in:


We slowly make our way on Silom. The two were enjoying the joyous atmosphere. They tell me that we should all get water guns at some point and join the celebration. I nod tepidly, smiling, distracted with the thoughts in my head. The last thing I want right now is to join in this madness. Soon we get to McDonalds. I sit down on the steps in front, tired from the heat and the constant weaving and dodging. BurBoy and Mark311088 join me. All three of us sit and watch the current activity on the streets. I feel a painful tinge in my tummy. I tell them I wanted go back to our condo to use the bathroom, and will be back. Mark311088, perhaps sensing my discomfort with everything, suggest we all go back to our condo, which was just in Silom Soi 3, a block away from where we are.

As I rush to the condo, Burboy decides to buy a banana pancake right in front of our building. I wanted to go to the bathroom so Mark311088 went in with me while BurBoy got his pancake. I go to the bathroom, relieving myself, both of what was ailing me in my tummy and my head. I enjoyed the solitude while the boys enjoyed their pancakes. Afterwards I join them to be polite. I see them both on the couch watching TV, and join them while making small talk. After a while Mark311088 tells us he will be going to Babylon to meet a friend of his. We bid him goodbye as we make plans to meet later this afternoon.

When he leaves I go in the bedroom and close my eyes. I wanted my mind to stop thinking about things I can’t control, and enjoy what was here now, to no avail.

2 PM: Making Merit, Making Peace

I was able to take a nap for an hour, before getting woken up by the infernal music blasting outside from the Songkran madness. I scan the room and see BurBoy, wearing nothing but his underwear, playing with his phone. He sees me awake and smiles widely. “You OK na?” he asks in his usual boyish tone. I say “Yes,” somewhat unconvincingly. “We go temple OK? Make merit for Happy Birthday.” I think about it “Why temple?” He says “Because you Happy Birthday. Alive because Buddha. We go thank you.”

I reluctantly put on clothes, and get a feeling of dread of having to be outside again. BurBoy senses my discomfort and takes my hand to guide me as we traverse the craziness of Silom in the middle of Songkran. We get on Silom from Soi 3, cross the street and then get in Patpong, to Surawong. Songkran was in full tilt now:


We cross the street and cut through the Montien Hotel complex , and get to Rama IV. No water revelers there yet but we can see some already wet people walking the streets.

Wat Hua Lam Phong was our destination. This was the first time I’ve been to this temple, and hear about it a lot from the posters on here. Still holding my hand, BurBoy guides me around the temple compound. I’ve been to a ton of temples with BurBoy in the past (see trip report), but it’s the first time I’ve been with him to a temple in Thailand. As we enter the temple compound I see that the place is buzzing with activity. Most of the people there were locals, making merit, and giving thanks.

The famous livestock was there:


BurBoy was trying to figure out what would be appropriate for my Birthday merit activity. We go to this “fountain” structure with a steady stream of water around its base, where people put candles on. BurBoy tells me to pick the candle corresponding to the day I was born. BurBoy takes a Thursday candle, as he was born on a Thursday:


In front of the candle container was a little card and a little prayer you can say:


We light both our candles and I mimicked how BurBoy was saying his prayer. With both hands put up to my nose and palms clasped together in prayer motion, I try my best to say my prayer. It was hard to pronounce the words at first. At the 5th repeat I was getting the hang of it. At the 10th repeat a sense of calm went through me. By the last 3 repeats my head was clear. We set our candles on the water to float and watched as both our candles made their way through the current. There’s something always calming about watching water carry objects away with just the strength of its current. It was like watching the water carry all my troubles away.

We weren’t done. We go through the complex and we find these little altars where BurBoy would stop and pay his respects:


We get to the main temple hall and we both sit on the temple floor. BurBoy gives me a kiss and goes near the altars to kneel down and worship. As he does this I scan the room and just try to be at peace with my own thoughts. It was working. I feel so much better already. BurBoy knew what my soul wanted at the moment. If there is anything that can quiet the thoughts in my head, it’s a Buddhist temple – the ultimate instrument for mindfulness:


Our last stop was buying some paraphernalia for monks. BurBoy takes one of these and pays 200 baht for it:


He hands it to me. It was a gift pack for monks. We enter an aircon room with a monk seated on an elevated platform:


We all remove our shoes, get some orbs filled with water, kneel before the monk, give him our gifts and get blessed by him. Some kneeling, some prayers said by all (I didn’t know what to say so I just mumbled along). BurBoy had his hand in my hand the whole time this was happening. It was surprisingly intimate, and again, very calming, and respectful, and just what I needed. The monk sprays us with water, and the whole experience was like getting blessed with holy water in catholic churches.

When the blessing was done, BurBoy instructs me to take the orbs with water with us out of the room. He then tells me to water the plants with it (picture not me):


Water was used to bless us, and now the water is used to water the plants. Water that was used to sustain our souls, is also used to sustain the plants. I leave the temple, thankful that I am here in Bangkok, for the first time on my birthday.

7 PM: Trouble back home, Part Deux

We get back to the condo and we take a couple of hours of much needed sleep. I get woken up again by the sound of my cellphone ringing. It was by the BF. It was 5 PM Thai time so it was 3 AM where there BF is. This is odd. The BF is usually asleep by now, as he is not usually a party animal. I leave the bedroom and close the door. I sit on the couch and answer the call.

ME: Hey what’s up? Is everything OK?
BF: Nothing much. I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. It’s your birthday now here in California.
ME: Thanks. But is everything OK? Why did you call?
BF: I can call you on your birthday right. You’re still my BF.
ME: Yeah but you never call when I am in Bangkok. Now I get two from you this trip.
BF: Everything is OK. I just went to the club with our friends. We all miss you.
ME: Is <best girlfriend's name> still mad at me?
BF: She is and she isn't. We had a long talk about things. We… might need to talk about things when you get back.
ME: What about? I want to know.
BF: It’s OK. Just enjoy your vacation. I don’t want to disturb you. I just wanted to say Happy Birthday.
ME: Are you sure everything is OK?

This went on for a while like this. The BF was not giving me any clues as to what was wrong. After we hang up my head gets filled with worry again. Should I cut my trip short?

I ponder on this for a bit till I get a message from Mark311088 telling me to get off my butt and meet him and paulsf and samebb at Soi Twilight. I was not in the mood for social interaction at the moment, but figure the company will be what I will need right now. I wake up BurBoy and we get dressed to head out. Songkran at this point was in full tilt mayhem, and we got pretty wet from our walk from Silom Soi 3 to Twilight. It super hot today so the water was a welcome burst of coolness to counter the otherwise unbearably hot day.

We get to Twilight and I see Mark311088, paulsf, and samebb and some working boys already seated at Maxxi’s. It was Mark311088’s first Songkran so he was having a blast. The twilight boys were blasting a constant stream of water our way. Mark311088 Samebb and BurBoy were getting into the water fights, as paulsf watched in glee. I was just out of it, not having fun. Everyone was trying to cheer me up on my birthday but my mind was elsewhere. I didn’t want to ruin everyone’s fun so I just sat there quietly. Everyone kept asking me if I was OK and I always said yes. I wasn’t. I was thinking of going home.

BurBoy’s friend joins our table at Maxxi’s, and he had a big grocery bag with him. It was dinner time, BurBoy said, so we had to go. One of the Fresh Boy boys who was flirting with Mark311088 gave me a big kiss on the lips, and asked if I was going into Fresh Boy that night. I said probably not, because we had dinner plans, and then we had to go to GCircuit after. He frowned a little bit but smiled quickly and hugged me again, before I was carried away by BurBoy and Mark311088 to our dinner. I thank samebb and paulsf for being patient with my grumpiness.

(paulsf told me afterwards that the Fresh Boy boys were going to sing me a happy birthday and give me cake if I was at the bar that night. Oh well, there’s always next year.)

8 PM: Blowing out my candles

At 8 PM the water skirmishes have died down a little bit, but we all still got wet before we could make it to our restaurant, Mango Tree on Soi Tantawan. There was water everywhere, and we get to the restaurant wet, but since it was Songkran, the restaurant was prepared to accept wet customers. We get seated at a table in the outside courtyard, to help with drying out our clothes. We get our orders in, and I notice BurBoy’s friend take the shopping bag he brought with him and he turned it over to one of the waiters while talking to them in Thai.

So there were now three twenty-somethings in my table. Mark311088 was being pretty understanding and slowly but surely getting me out of my funk by making jokes and talking about silly and funny stuff. BurBoy was by my side, hand always in mine, and giving me kisses and talking to me softly. We get our food and have an excellent meal, as per usual with Mango Tree. We finish and BurBoy’s friend signals to the waiters that it was time.

It was time for my birthday cake:


It was chocolate cake, my favorite. The boys sang me the birthday song, with other customers looking on with amusement. I was kind of embarrassed, but happy, in a way that I wasn’t just minutes before. Mark311088 of course knew the words to the birthday song, and BurBoy and his friend tried to sing along as well. My birthdays are always interesting in Bangkok, and this certainly was not exception. I made a silent wish and blew out the candles. My wish was everything to just be ok.

I asked BurBoy how much it cost him to get me the cake. He didn’t want to say. I asked his friend, and after some coaxing the friend finally said that BurBoy paid 900 baht. There was also a nice bottle of red wine that came with the cake. BurBoy really did not want me to know how much that bottle of wine cost him. He said he wanted to drink the wine later with just me, alone, together. I felt really special getting this much care and attention from him. Paying 900 baht for the cake and some untold bahts for the red wine must have set BurBoy back. I felt special just being able to share this moment with Mark311088 as well. I felt so much better.

After dinner we were going to go to the first night of the GCircuit party. We decided to go to our condo first so BurBoy and I can get out of our wet clothes and change to our party clothes. We will then tuktuk our way to Mark311088’s hotel so he can change as well. On our way to the condo, we get doused with more water. Soaking wet on our way to our condo, BurBoy and I strip down to get out of all the wetness, towel dry, and then put on a clean set of clothes, underwear and socks, while Mark311088 waited in the living room.

We get our tuktuk to go to Mark311088’s hotel. Getting the tuktuk was probably the biggest mistake we made today. In the tuktuk, not enclosed, and exposed to everything, we were susceptible to anyone’s Songkran skirmishes. We had a few close calls as we barreled through Ratchadamri Rd. As we made our way to Ratchaprarop Soi 8, where the Tango Hotel was, it was clear that we weren’t going to survive the trip unscathed. Since the Soi was primarily a residential one, there were a lot of Songkran parties on it, with lots of people armed with buckets of water, who were ready to welcome us in the celebration. And we were, one huge cold bucket of water after another, and we were totally soaking wet after that.

I looked at Mark311088 and BurBoy. We were all laughing our asses off. We didn’t care that we were wet. We were having the time of our lives.

11 PM: Doing the Circuit

We get to Tango Hotel, Mark311088’s hotel, which was very close to CentralWorld, where the GCircuit party was. BurBoy and I try our best to dry our clothes, while Mark311088 changed. We did our best, but it was clear we just had to bear with the wetness. Mark311088 finishes getting ready so we start heading over to CentralWorld. We decide to take a taxi this time, even if it was walkable, so as not to incur anymore of Songkran’s wet wrath. We get to the location and meander through the mostly shuttered CentralWorld, and get up to GMM Love House were the party was. We get our tickets and settle in the party.

We get our starter drinks and then go in the main dance hall, and see that the party was well underway:


Mark311088 had a friend joining us. The two of them go way back. Let’s call this friend Fuji. He’s a tall, 20-someting Asian from a nearby country. We meet him in the middle of the dance floor and get introduced. Fuji seemed out of sorts at first. He was friendly but kind of distracted. We danced for a little bit, but then Fuji whispers something to Mark311088, and then leaves us. Mark311088 says he will follow Fuji out and tells us to wait for them in the dance floor. BurBoy just continue dancing, make out in between, and admire the boys. After a while we worry about our friends, so we decide to leave the main hall to get them.

Mark311088 says through text message that he was just taking a smoke break and for us to meet them close to the entrance. It took us a while to make our way to the entrance, as the whole lobby was filled with impossibly perfect muscular shirtless boys. We see Mark311088 outside the bathroom, waiting for Fuji. I ask him if everything was ok. He tells me the truth. Fuji was not feeling well due to taking 1 ecstasy pill before we got there, and was not reacting to it well. I asked if it was his first time taking ecstacy. Mark311088 says he thinks so. Fuji emerges and I suggested we get him a water. BurBoy gets two waters with our 1 drink coupon and gives Fuji the water bottle.

We hangout in the lobby for a bit, both to help Fuji calm his nerves and also to ogle at the perfection before us. Everytime I go to these circuit parties I promise myself that I will have abs like everyone else. Every time I fail. But I enjoy myself anyway. After a while Fuji tells us that he was just going back to his hotel room to rest. He should not have taken the ecstasy pill, or maybe he just should have taken half of it. We bid Fuji goodbye as we head back to the main dance hall. We will hang out with him again later in the week.

So, me, and my two best buds, were alone again, just the three of us, and we make the most of the party. We dance the night away. We admire the spectacle before us, and we thank our lucky stars that we get to do this together.


We didn’t stay long. We wanted to pace ourselves. There were two other nights of this to go to. We call a cab to get us back to Silom. Mark311088 joins us and we decide to check out Twilight again for a nightcap.

1 AM: Water Renews

We weren’t done with the night, so we decide to get the taxi to drop us off at Soi Twilight. We wanted to see if our friends paulsf and samebb were still there. We get there around 1:30 AM and see that Hot Male and Banana Bar were already shuttering their doors, and none of our friends were there. We all start walking on Surawong towards our condo. On the way, we stop by some street vendors and get some banana pancakes and mango with sticky rice. While we wait, we see some drunk gogo boys that I recognize from the various bars on Twilight, unoffed or done with offs, dancing in the street, in skimpy wet clothing, some with water hoses in hand. They were still in Songkran mode, but were not getting anyone wet. It was kind of hot seeing them let loose outside of work.

We get our street food and start walking again. We cut through Soi Tantawan to get to Silom from Surawong. We cross to get to Soi 3, and we stop by the 7-11 next to the condo. And there we proceed to buy almost everything on the shelf. Chocolates, potato chips, dimsum buns, microbiotics, protein drinks, gum shaped like hamburgers, waters, the works. We weren’t drunk, but we were hungry. I think we spent 400+ baht worth of snacks at the 7-11. We get back to our condo and spread out our bounty. We share everything, as only good friends do.

This was a simple end to my whirlwind birthday, and I wouldn’t want to spend it with any other people in the world at the moment. I thanked both of them for taking care of me today. We stuff our faces with food. We plan the rest of our holidays, and we enjoy the night and the circumstance. For one final touch, Mark311088 takes the mango and sticky rice and puts my birthday candles on it, for a last birthday blowing out the candles:


As we joke around and laugh about the day that just ended, it was interesting to me that me, an American, Mark311088, a British guy, and BurBoy, a Myanmar Bangkokian, would be able to meet at a city like this, and hit it off like we were the bestest of friends. I believe that this is the magic of Thailand. All three of us wouldn’t have met any other way. I said before that Thailand has worn out its welcome with me, but this trip, it has shown me a different side of it that was more interesting, more sustainable, and ultimately more satisfying.

At 3:30 AM, Mark311088 decides that he will just go home, instead of sleeping on our couch. He said he might meet up with this hottie and hung Issan boy he met last night, who was a massage boy and who was free for my friend. I was envious, but only slightly. I get to sleep in the arms of BurBoy tonight, so I think I’ll be ok. We all hug it out and bid Mark311088 goodbye. I will hang out with him for another 4 days this week, having hung out with him 5 days prior. I never really planned for my holiday to turn out like this, but I’m glad it did.

When our friend leaves, BurBoy and I go in the shower to prepare for the last act of the night. BurBoy loves his showers with me. And its water again, ever present all day, on my birthday, now closing out the night for me as well. Water was just everywhere today, and everyone was having so much fun with it. Maybe that’s why they love Songkran here so much. It's great to have fun with water, but water also cleanses, and renews, and nourishes. Today was a constant baptism for me, a salvation found through getting wet. And now, as the water washes through our bodies, so do my troubles and worries.

BurBoy kisses me. I close my eyes. The water still streaming down on us. Everything is going to be OK.

#105124 Bangkok/Yangon/Bagan/Mandalay Trip Report: Playing With Fire

Posted by numazu on 08 March 2017 - 11:39 AM

Day 74: The Five Days That May Have Finally Stopped me from Going Back to Bangkok


I’m typing this right now on my flight back to California. I’m kind of bummed that I didn’t get bumped up to first class, even if I was at the top of the list of people eligible for upgrades. I guess United Economy Plus will have to do for now. The middle-aged couple who sat next to me were fun though.  We recounted our respective holidays to each other. When they found out I was gay they got excited, and asked me about what gay-specific activities I did. I told them as much as I could without scaring them with the more risqué parts of my vacation. They seemed to love my sanitized stories so much that they paid for my $7.99 rum and coke that United was selling. A great ending to an amazing and quick holiday.


I spent the last five days in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, basically drinking margaritas, eating tacos, and hitting the beach.  The five days have been a blur. It was spent mostly with 6 of my good friends and my BF hanging out, taking advantage of the sun and beach and sea, the food and culture and shopping, the drinking and gay nightlife and fun. Like Myanmar, I did not know what Puerto Vallarta was about, except that it was in Mexico and there was a lot beach and sun. I was surprised that there was a lot gay businesses in this little city, as well as a lot of gay activities to fill the time. There’s easily 20+ gay bars, dance clubs, saunas and strip clubs, as well as gay-dominated gay resorts and gay parts of the beach. With all these options, the fie days weren't enough.


I’m not about to tell you guys all the details about my time with my friends. But I can say that it was fun, there was a birthday party for two of my friends, we all got stinking drunk every night, some of us got sunburned, bad, and all the other things you expect in a long weekend in a resort town with 7 good friends. My BF was only there for three of the nights that were over the weekend. We did couples things, had fun at the hotel room, and we all got caught up with our friends, who now live far from us. He left last Sunday to be back to work on Monday. I stayed two more nights with 3 of the friends who could stay longer.  I now have some alone time to do more “single guy” activities. My friends know about my open relationship. So we decided to check out the gay strip club Wet Dreams.


I’ve always thought that Bangkok’s sex industry was unique. The city has brothels that were one-stop-shops: you can have a drink, sit down and watch a show, and get boys to sleep with you for a fee. There was nowhere else like it in the world that has that kind of complete service. Puerto Vallarta certainly did not have all of this, so I went into the strip club keen on just having a good time with my friends, and perv on the nice looking Latino boys in the club.


Four of us had a delicious Mexican dinner and then some drinks or 3 at the always busy gay bar Mr. Flamingo. The drinks were approximately $5 each, more expensive than what you get in Bangkok, but still cheaper than what we are used to paying back home. We were all well lubricated when we hit Wet Dreams the gay strip club. No cover charge at the door, just a lone doorman greeting everyone who came in. We enter and the place was a little bit busy. Lots of patrons tonight, and there was a smattering of super-hot Latino boys in a variety of clothing: from tight pants, to sexy shorts, to tiny briefs. Some patrons had a drink on their hand, but some did not, so it was clear that you did not need drinks to hangout in this place.


My one friend, who had been here before, had told us what to expect in this club earlier over dinner. He said that the boys live on tips, so expect the boys to be aggressive. They will approach you without any invitation from you. You are not obligated to tip them if they come to you, as long as you don’t touch them. They will probably touch you and grind on you to entice you to touch them. Once you do touch them, you must tip them, minimum 20 pesos ($1). You can touch them all over, and most of the time they will guide your hand to their preferred way to be touched.


We get to sit in the back where the benches by the wall were, situated around the stripper pole. It seems that most of the patrons wanted to stand and drink and interact with other patrons and the boys who circulate around the club. We sit down and look around. Most of the boys were young, semi-muscular guys. Some of them were super muscular guys who would belong in Tawan. There were two boys at the stripper pole in front of us, just dancing and showing their wares. Both were tall, hunky, muscular and young Latino guys. They knew what they had, and were not afraid to show it off. Both were sporting huge bulges hiding in their shorts. My friend motions over to a waiter and we get asked our drink orders. My friend buys all of us a round of drinks, and soon we were enjoying our drinks and looking at boys.


I like the social aspect of this bar. Patrons were milling about, not only admiring the boys, but also talking to fellow customers who they fancy, or just being friendly. The boys, flitting from one customer to another, were by design very social as well, as they are in search of tips. There is more involvement and intermingling, and everyone was having a good time. Quite a contrast to Bangkok bars where the customers are usually passive observers of the show onstage, or the boys onstage advertising their wares. This was more my speed, and part of the reason why I prefer social settings to more passive media such as Hornet. What use is sitting alone in your room, stuck on Hornet in your iPad, trolling for your next thrill. Come hear the music play, and hang out with 80 of your best friends for the night, and 20 of the hottest boys Vallarta can offer.


As soon as we get comfortable, the boys see us as fresh meat and head over our direction. One boy, medium height, muscular torso, and only wearing baggy shorts, but was had the front open to reveal sexy underwear, was grinding on my friend closest to the stripper pole. My friend was feigning disinterest but I knew he was loving it. My other friend next to him pulled the stripper over to him and put a 20-peso bill in the garter of his briefs. The stripper quickly guides my friend’s hand with the money and puts it in his underwear to get my friend to feel his cock. My friend was smitten. The stripper draws in closer and my friend gets a good grope of his other assets.


My experienced friend gets busy quickly and finds a boy he likes. The boy was a stunner. He was tall, had fine hair on his chest, and had super giant pecs, biceps, ass and thighs. And a giant bulge hiding in his skimpy shorts. The knew what he had. He knew how he can get the most money from patrons. My friend was loving it. He starts with 20 pesos, then puts in another 20. As soon as the giant guy leaves to signal to my friend that he has had 20 pesos worth of gropes in, my friend would put in 20 pesos again. Giant guy, knowing that he had something good going with my friend, stops and talks to my friend. I wonder what they were talking about.


I was enjoying seeing the interaction between my friends and the boys. I look around and admire the boys from afar, not really interested in groping a boy just yet. And then I see him. He was this young, white Hispanic guy. He has a striking nose on his face, very cute and handsome at the same time. He was wearing tight pants that hugged his muscular legs. But his shirtless body was insane: he had 8-pack abs, giant biceps, and a well-defined back. He was all smiles and getting a lot of attention from the patrons just by standing there. Occasionally, a patron would go to him and get a feel of his granite torso and he would get the money and the customer would leave. He can just make a living just standing here,looking pretty,  with guys feeling up his torso.


He sees me looking at him, and poses and flexes for my benefit. Man, this guy was jacked. And that face was amazingly cute and boyish. I smile, and raise my martini in his direction. He heads to my direction and puts his hand on my face. He draws me close and whispers something in my ear. He tells me his name. Let’s call him MexBoy. “You like me?” I put a hand on his giant chest and say “Si!” He laughs, and then puts my hand in his underwear. I get a feel of his semi-hard uncut cock. I feel the pubic hair and the smooth balls. I get hard instantly. I reflexively take out my hand to get money out of my pocket. I find 20 pesos and I stuff it in his briefs. “Thank you, amigo,” he says. I continue to feel him up. I didn’t want him to go. I put in another 50 pesos and he stays a little longer.


He asks me “Buy me drink?” I say sure. He motions to the waiter, tells him his order, and the waiter says “110 pesos” to me. I pay and 5 minutes later he takes the drink over to us. MexBoy stays with me while drinking, and he and I talk. He sets his drink on the ledge behind me. He hugs me close and he lets me kiss his neck and smell his boyness. I take a big whiff. A mixture of fruity perfume and his own scent. Heavenly. The feel of my hands around his back, while I hug and hold him close, was amazing. I forget I was in public with my friends for a second. He takes a sip of his drink occasionally, and he asks me some questions about my holiday and myself. His English was passable enough to make it interesting. He would smile and laugh once in a while. His voice was boyish and musical. An amazing combination.


After 15 minutes of hanging out, he asks me “Private show?” I ask him what that entailed. He then explains that we go in a private booth in the back, and I can do whatever I wanted with him. He motioned to his crotch and ass, meaning that I could blow and rim him. He smiles and I hesitate for a moment. He pulls me close and kisses me deep, for 5 seconds. He pulls back and looks at my eyes and smiles, trying to gauge my reaction to the kiss. He was trying to make a sale. He was winning. I ask “How much for the show?” He says 500 pesos ($25). I look around and some of my friend were busy with either other boys or in conversations with each other or other patrons. I tell them I was going to do a private show. They encourage me to do it and in 5 minutes the waiter escorts me and MexBoy to the back.


On the way to the booths I see signs saying “10 minute Private Show for 500 pesos”. OK, I only have 10 minutes. We enter this booth with a couch, a side table, an egg timer and a swinging door. MexBoy sits me down the couch and closes the door. He immediately disrobes, displaying his magnificent body. The sight of his body alone was worth the $25. Everything about his 22-year-old boy was flawless. And the beautiful cock was swinging back and forth. My god this was amazing. He sits on my lap and then puts my hand on his torso. He grinds on me, gives me a slow dance on my lap, and then kisses me. While he does this, he gets hard, showing a respectably sized uncut Latin cock. I stroke it and he moans in pleasure.


We do this for a while. He grinds, flexes, kisses me and poses. I appreciate all the attention and perfection before me. What seems like 30 minutes passed by and I tell him, in Spanish, that I thought it was over 10 minutes now and he didn’t turn on the egg timer. He was floored that I could speak some Spanish. Those high school lessons came in handy (as well as growing up in California). He waves his hand, signaling that he didn’t care about the time. I get up and sit him down the couch. I take the encounter further and lift his giant thighs to rim him. It was as amazing as I imagine it would be. I suck him, barely taking all of him on my mouth.


He stands up and sits me back down. He sits his bare ass on my crotch. He grinds for a while. He then opens the front of my shorts and pulls my briefs down to reveal my hard-on. He strokes me for a while, and then bends over to kiss my cock, and then take it whole in his mouth for a second. That drove me insane. Definitely no condom with oral with him. He strokes me and he strokes and he strokes. I stop him and tell him I didn’t want to cum. He smiles and stops and kisses me instead. He then explains in English that it was not good to fuck in the booth because people may need to use it any minute. But he did say that he was available to go to my hotel room.


I didn’t think that was an option with him, or anyone in the strip club. I ask him when he was free to go with me. He said tomorrow is good, because he had to be at his bar till 3 AM tonight. I ask how much. He said $100 for a whole day. He then tried to sell it. He said he can stay in my hotel, we can go to lunch or dinner, we can go shopping, be my tour guide, we can drink and hangout, all for $100 a day. I was immediately sold. That was like a long-time tip for some higher end boys in Bangkok anyway. And I can tell you from experience that those boys weren’t as sensual and as much a sexual dynamite like this boy. We exchange numbers on WhatsApp. We put clothes back on. He opens the door and takes me by the hand to take me back to my friends.


MexBoy hangs out with me the whole time after, without asking for tips, till my friends and I were done with the club. My friends and I finally go back to the hotel, and MexBoy had to stay behind. My friends and I exchange stories about the night. It was fun, lots of laughter, as we stumble back into our hotel and our rooms. I couldn’t do all this with my BF in town. But now he was gone, I could enjoy that private show. I sleep alone pretty soundly that night.


What do I do the next day? I call MexBoy and he shows up in my hotel room after my brunch with friends. We hang out, alone in my hotel room having sex and being sweet to each other. I text my friends that I had to skip out beach day today because I needed to work, but really I just wanted alone time with MexBoy.  I meet my friends for dinner and drinks, telling MexBoy to come back to the room once I was done with my friends. I spent 4 hours with my friends before calling it an early night. MexBoy comes back and we continue our time together. Latinos are, generally, sensual creatures, and this boy was no exception. I could not get enough of him, and it seemed like he couldn’t get enough of me either. He stays the night, and leaves first thing in the morning. I give him a crisp $100 bill, and $10 for good measure. Money well spent. That was amazing.


I took a lot of photos of this 22-year-old muscular Mexican hottie. I thought about showing some photos of him on this thread. Of course I couldn’t post a photo of him fully naked and erect. That’s against board rules. I could show him in undies with a big bulge, but I guess I must blur his face, because I am not allowed on this forum to show faces of prostitutes. I could just do that, but decided against it. It is not fun to show photos on this thread anymore. It’s not fun to post anything about my trip report anymore. I find it strange that some of the threads here devolve into a circular firing squad, with members just in each other’s throat. I am amazed by the discussion about my controversial showing of faces of alleged prostitutes in a public setting. Lots of opinions flying around. It just did not feel fun for me anymore.


I have a Bangkok trip coming up over Songkran week. One of the things that I liked about Songkran last year was hanging out in Soi Twilight and seeing all the boys from Bangkok Massage and Hot Male beer bar and Scorpion bar and the other bars in the Soi, having fun in Songkran with water guns, and pails of water, just throwing water everywhere and to anyone that happens to go in the Soi. I took a lot of amazing photos last year of this spectacle. I was going to do it again this year (if Songkran is not subdued by mourners), but I realize that I can’t post photos of the boys doing this, because some of them are gogo boys, so I have to blur their faces. That’s not fun anymore. I am just not going to do that, and that’s why I will probably not do a trip report of that week as well.


So, I am at a crossroads at the moment. As much enamored as I am with Bangkok and its sex tourism industry, it only takes me three-and-a-half hours from California to get to Puerto Vallarta and get the same thing, for the same amount money. The boys are different, and probably more suited to my tastes. If MexBoy is any indication of what I can expect from Latino boys, it will be a more sensual and explosive time. I feel that the Bangkok boys are relatively more reserved. And it takes me 20+ hours just to get to Bangkok, and factor in the time difference and jetlag, and one wonders why I would want to go back to Bangkok ever again, when Mexico is just there for the relatively easy taking.


The trip report is the same. Why would I continue to post if I must develop a “thick skin?” Instead of changing myself, why not just stop posting online? I like being sensitive sometimes. It enables me to express myself more freely in life and in my writing. And why heavily edit my already completed report? I need to take the extra time to blur faces in my night in Fake Club, for example, where BurBoy and I met a few boys from Dream Boy, one of whom was flirting with BurBoy hard, and more sloppily as he got more drinks in him. The blurring of faces and editing of text is time consuming, so I may not just do it.  Not to mention that I am taking a chance just talking about Mexican Boys on the GayThailand forum. It might devolve into that Taipei thread. So much sniping at each other in that one. It’s exhausting.


The standards in which I was asked to follow is cut-and-dry. I saw my error and I corrected it before the editing time, and apologized for it. But what I see on other threads on this board is kind of confusing to me. Does this board have a problem with showing prostitute’s faces to protect their privacy? Clearly not, judging from the countless threads of sexual exploits with photos of boy with faces shown. Maybe the standard is that its not allowed to post photos without the consent of the boys? But there is a whole section devoted to Hornet reviews of boys, with photo of their faces in their unblurred glory, and there was no consent asked in sharing those photos and profiles, at least as far as i know.


Maybe the standard is that those Hornet boys are known to be prostitutes and are getting reviewed by posters here, and the difference with my mistake is that I am showing boys that I can only guess as prostitutes, in a public setting. But what about when posters show just random Hornet photos, urging members to try those boys’ services. There is no guarantee that they are prostitutes, and yet the posters oftentimes insinuate that they are. What about those photos belonging to fake profiles that use photos of boys that are not prostitutes, where’s the outcry in that? They don’t know their photos are getting perved on in this board. I estimate that a quarter of the profiles in gay apps are fake, and those profiles use photos of hot boys they find on Instagram or Facebook. Catfish is a real thing after all. All these standards, for me, are confusing and hard to keep up with. I guess in the end, it depends on the poster and what standard is imposed on them. Cest la vie.


So my April trip may be my last to Bangkok for a while. It is a huge world out there. My Mexico trip reminded me of that fact. And poor BurBoy. I may just have to end it with him sooner rather than later. The siren song of other boys, in other countries, is just too strong to overcome. I am not going to change who I am for just one amazing boy, or a few posters on this forum. I will continue to be myself, now, privately of course, as to not ruffle any more feathers. I’ll have to keep my boring stories to myself. Maybe in time I’ll share them again. But right now, you can catch me on the next flight to Mexico.



P.S. I’d like to thank those who have expressed encouragement towards me, publicly in this thread, and (way more of you) privately, through your private messages. You guys are right, there are more of you guys who read and like this drivel more than those who hate it. There are a few of those who have given me some hate, even very vicious, unnecessary, out-of-nowhere hatred. Thanks for writing me as well. You took the trouble to hate me and write about it, so I guess I am grateful for the effort and attention.  

#111051 On my way...

Posted by ggobkk on 30 June 2017 - 10:12 PM

Tours / an Off / explore relationships / home


Looking over my notes – I’ve decided to summarize a lot of what went on during my last two full days in Bangkok…at least half of my waking time was caught up with touring or riding in a vehicle to a tour site, and then walking when there.  I decided it is best if I only reference where I went.


Wednesday morning, Van is up at 5, his waking wakes me as we needed to disentangle the bedding from ourselves so he could get up.  He tells me he will go in at 6 so that we can have tea together, which he prepares.  He asks what I will be seeing today and asks me to say hello to Mac for him.  Van departs for work, I take another shower and clean myself up.


Siam Roads Mac is on time at 7am.  We have breakfast in the hotel’s buffet.  He is a good eater and I encourage him.  The driver is waiting and we depart for Ayutthaya before 8am.  I bring the hat Mac told me I’d need.  Mac has prepared some written information on what we will be seeing.  It is helpful and distracts me from the driver negotiation morning traffic in Bangkok.


Spend most of the day in and around Ayutthaya, visit several sites, museum, etc.  Back to the hotel by 5pm.   Arrange to meet tomorrow morning for a tour to see how Ayutthaya influenced Bangkok.


Van has texted that with his late start at work this morning, he can’t get to the hotel until close to 9pm.  I take a quick shower to wash off the dust and sweat of the day.  Around 7, I head over to Hot Male 2, it’s been in the back of my mind to off Nit since the night I passed on the opportunity and went to Jupiter.


The arrangements took all of five minutes, spent more time being sociable with the co-workers and the staff at HM2 and Hot Male bar.  Nit was delighted to get an off this early and off we went.


Nit is enticing, very young, a slight element of femininity in his way of wrapping himself around those he is walking with and no hesitation (at least in the Twilight environs) of deep kissing.  He also has a killer smile.


At the hotel, after dropping off identification, we adjourn to the room, which impresses Nit by its size, we drop our clothes, cuddle on the sofa, take a shower together, and…


Nit is frisky in bed, shows that he’s experienced but still new, when we are nearly finished, he releases a geyser of cum.  Definitely a benefit to having an early evening off.


We clean each other up as we wash down in the shower.  I thank him, he gives me a deep, deep kiss.  We leave together.  Back in Twilight, he offers to sit with me while I get some food at Maxi’s.  I tell him to take a break.  He does.


I enjoy my burger, beer, and fries at Maxi’s.  IMHO Maxi’s has the best French fries in the neighborhood.  That’s not saying much but it’s something.


Back to the hotel, have new towels delivered, Van arrives.  He has a plan for us and I let him have his way and do his thing…we do not leave the room.


Up and almost away


Van up at 6 this morning, makes tea for us.  Off to work.  I catch the news which is focused on the apartment tower fire in London. Tragic. My usual breakfast in the buffet but add some cereal.


Mac arrives at 9, we start with a visit to Wat Po, a circumference of the Grand Palace, the Amulet market (amazing), a National Museum visit, a tour of the National Theatre, and venture into the National Dance school, where the students are preparing for graduation performances.  Head to Chinatown for a late lunch, but it’s so hot and crowded, that we head back to Silom Complex and have lunch on the lower level at Jeffer’s.


Back at the hotel, Mac and I talk about a range of things and I listen as he talks about how he’s doing on his career.  He is still studying to learn more about other destinations so he can give tours in in a variety of locations/ areas.  He reminds me that I was his first client, he was a student then filling in for another guide who had become ill.  Then, I’d admired his energy and the research he’d do to make things understandable to the client.  I appreciated his willingness to change plans to meet the challenges of weather and/or his clients.


Good back then, he continues to improve.  We talked about possible tours for my next visit.  A note: he is aware of his past clients as well as one’s he’s with.  Last fall, I was in Pattaya with Van.  Mac saw this, was in Pattaya giving a tour, and made time to find me to just say hello. 


I say goodbye, pack, and Van arrives at 5pm – he took a half day off from work as he knows I’ll be leaving at 3am.


We head out to MBK for bowling (something we do each visit) but decide to get some food at Siam Paragon’s food court instead, we get there just as what seems to be all of Bangkok converges there for food.  Fun choices and decisions.  Then, we have to find a table.  We do - near to the foot of the escalator where a veritable river of humanity flows down into the food court.


Back to Surawong, hang out at Hot Male bar, Nit comes over, meets Van, gives me a kiss. Van knows me, has encouraged others to be with me, is not surprised, and we enjoy the scene.  One of the waiters / bar boys tells me all about my liaison with Nit last night – more elaborate in the retelling than as I remember it, and says, “you have a good heart”.  Nice compliment, good for the reputation, and I immediately tell myself “you over tipped”.


I visit Hot Male upstairs, say goodbye to the regulars, the mamasans, the waiters I know, Peter and Boy (give each a 100 baht).  Leave.  Van has waited downstairs as he doesn’t want to get into a conversation in the club about his going back while I’m with him.


Back to the hotel, more conversation about his going back to be a gogo boy – which he doesn’t like, but he has to send money home and he only gets enough from work to live day to day


It’s after midnight, we take a quick shower, Van wants to shave me so I’ll be ready to leave at 3.  I let him, not bad, fairly sure he needs to improve these skills.  We then adjourn to bed where he is more skilled.


Alarm at 2:30am.  While I clean up, Van makes tea.  Double check the room, nothing unpacked.  I give Van the hat I bought to tour, looks good on him.  One photo. 


Check out…note, either Van or I had cracked the seal on a bottle of water that wasn’t one of the free water, 100-baht charge.  Not a big deal, but a 400% mark up from 7-11.


Security guard has a taxi for me, one last goodbye to Van.  Taxi driver starts to bargain about going to the airport, I just say “500 baht”.  He has some English and we talk about California, I like my State, but he has a better impression of it than I do.


Airport, driver finds me a cart, I head in, see the ANA check-in, huge line at 3:45am!  No line for Star Alliance Gold. Yea!  At 3:50, ANA staff bow to all of us waiting, and check us in.  My luggage (now two bags) gets stickers that say “HOT”.  Then on to security and immigration.  At this hour, everything is quick.  ANA lounge for breakfast and some last internet.  Two “miss you” messages from Van.  We are destined to be distant friends with benefits. 


Fly to Tokyo, short lay over, then on to San Francisco.  In line for entry immigration when the computers go down…that’s a first for SFO on my travels.  Finally, the line moves, talk to the TSA agent about visiting Thailand which will be her next trip.  Find, the luggage from the flight has arrived but it’s all jumbled together…grumble, grumble…out of the terminal, onto BART.  Home…


END of REPORT, but 


Some thanks: PaulSF, Numazu, and Vinapu (who’s name I tend to mis-spell when I type too quickly), without your encouragement in the Forum and in PMs, I’d not have written a report.  You guys reminded me of how much others’ reports helped me when I was starting back to Thailand after decades of being away and paying back with a report is a way to acknowledge and appreciate that.


Scooby, thanks, for bringing back/keeping order in the Forum and making it a friendly place.


Thanks, Moses for the support you give to the SiamRoads guides. 


And, thanks to you who have been reading my ramblings.


So long, farewell, until next time…

#122198 Art of Thai adventures -report of June 2018 trip

Posted by vinapu on 15 June 2018 - 12:45 AM

Day 4


Kiss is a restaurant on 2nd Road often recommended so today I decided to give them a try , hopped in baht bus and few minutes late I was there, not much traffic in the morning but as I saw I later days it is really popular and deservedly so. Breakfast for 90 baht is good deal, even with rounding price to 100 which I did.


Today is  bit of historical day for me as for  first time I’m planning  to  sleep in Jomtien Complex.  My choice was The Venue, junior suite proved well furnished with regular table, sofa suitable for night games as I discovered later, room very spacious , everything was working but part I liked the most were two additional towels in the cupboard. It seems they are proactive in preparing room for guests entertaining more than one boy , either in sequence of together.


I walked around the Complex , very quiet mid-day but for me it’s still new territory as other than massages in Fah and now defunct Derby Massage  I never entertained myself there.


Spotted nice looking boy in Soda massage so went for 1 hr, 300 baht session. Nothing wrong and nothing memorable , just regular massage with hanky-panky as second half so 1000 baht tip well earned. A bit of lazing in the afternoon since it was raining but in the evening I went to Tukcom where I was supposed to meet with biguyby and Christian PFC at 7.30 for a dinner and some bar hopping.


We aimed at often recommended Salt and Pepper restaurant only to find it closed which was kind of shock as both gentlemen claimed they saw it opened in last few days. But things are getting closed in Pattaya all the time so we settled for one of French restaurants beside Tukcom. While looking for suitable replacement  I noticed that crowd formerly dining in now closed Ting Tong Red is having their meal in one of  restaurants in the same row. One of dinners was williewillie so we had brief handshake and promised to see each other  on another day.


Three of us had a great  meal  in great company , lively conversation, in short great start to a great evening. Nourished we decided to do some sightseeing beginning  with Kawaii bar. I was never fan of it as boys are too skinny and looking too young , there were only 6 or 7 of them. Drunk Thai sitting in the audience looked more interesting to me than boys on display and my customary departing tip went to mamas an , also skinny and diminutive and at least pretty faced.


Few day later news hit that Kawaii closed for good which is not surprising me but can imagine that some fans of twinks may mourn it’s passing.


Next step was A Bomb and it was eye popper for me at least – I was it that bar many times , offed few boys from there but today’s selection was by far best  I ever saw.  Out of 8  or 10 boys on the stage almost all were offable material and to add to a pleasure quite a few of them showed an interest in me smiling broadly, blinking eyes and trying to draw attention to themselves. I liked particularly number 19 and 222 but as I said almost all were prime material, manly,  muscular but not hunky and their underwear  looked well filled in.


Next step was XBoys where show was about to start.  In comparison to 2 days ago few changes , few new routines, shower show with only one performer this time who happened to be  my long time off from September.  He recognized me,  smiled and later approached to collect his tip. Boys are known for  a good memory and he remembered not only my face but also that we slept together and name of hotel. He  was also top in today’s  f***k show even if other top was in the bar and we had him sitting with us for  a while.


So got another tip from me for  that part. I’m not big fun  f public sex but always tip special show performers if only to appreciate their devotion to the job.

Mercifully sound was not as deafening as I recall from precious trips. So lesson  for those bored with shows is to try a visit again as  is   both performers  and numbers are changing , as we saw even in span of 2 days.


After visiting three bars together   biguyby and Christian decided to call night off  but I , being on short vacations decided to carry on and went , as tittle of that thread says  to take Art from BBB to my new digs in The Venue. Invitation smilingly accepted with a little concern about the starting drizzle but we managed to reach hotel on his motorbike dry.


Show at The Venue was on the last numbers so we decided so see what was on offer , ordered 2 beers and 4 arrived to my surprise. It turned out at that time was 2 for 1 offer, so we had something to take upstairs with us. Bonus for Art was his  long not seen friend who was in the audience  with his permanent farang boyfriend so they had brief reunion.


In the room routine the same like last 2 nights including me teasing him about long time and him saying ‘ no, no,  no , I want to sleep”  , but nevertheless great and adorable guy with excellent massage skills body , well equipped and good conversationalist as well. True shining star of this trip.


It was past 2 a.m. when he left but Complex was still busy and noisy with some party so I went to see what is going on.  Party with live music at Question Mark couple dozen of patrons still there so I joined in having moment of enlightenment  that  it’s time to test usage of that spare towels in the cupboard.


Several bar boys around , nobody standing out so I asked twinky boy who   brought me my beer  if he wants a drink and he  turned out to be thirsty. No doubt Guardian Ange got involved because as soon as he sat down and had a sip he asked me gentlemanly  question  “ are you sleeping alone?” . It  took no time for me to answer “ no, with you”.  So it turned out rest of my night ( not much left as it was almost 3 a.m. ) was Cambodian affair.


Well not much of affair really as we both were quite exhausted and felled asleep pretty soon after  embracing each other but very pleasant sleep it was . I cleared with him before we left  if  1200 tip will be acceptable as it was all Thai currency I had on me at the moment after quite busy evening as we see above.    And this is how day 4 was finished.

#121235 Latest trip - Pattaya April 2018

Posted by Nasherich on 02 May 2018 - 07:27 PM

I arrived in Pattaya around 8am in the morning and Baan Souy was kind enough to allow me to shower and sleep for a little in an empty room whilst mine was being prepared.

It's a couple of years since I've stayed here, with the Agate being my usual haunt of late, mainly for cost reasons, but for quality of service and facilities, I think Baan Souy wins hands down. (The Agate has changed somewhat in nature too, with guests appearing to be less comfortable with the gay scene so I don't think I'll stay there again.)

After a shower, sleep and breakfast, I went off for some chiropody, coffee and finally a two hour oil massage at TBMI.

Suitably relaxed, I checked on activity on Grindr and Hornet. Plenty going on but I've got quite a harsh filtering mechanism, so things don't get out of hand. Grindr was quickly dispensed with due to the lack of notifications unless you either pay or have the app (on Android) open all the time - this renders it useless in my opinion.

Hornet, however, works well and is free. Within 15 minutes, I had arranged for a visit from a local Thai guy, and 15 minutes after that he was in my room. Very cute, I must say. A little sucking and he was hard as a rock but sadly it needed constant attention to remain so. Perhaps he was nervous? I did my best to put him at ease but it was clear he wasn't going to be able to do very much with it. Nonetheless, he was very much into ancillary activities and we both enjoyed each others company and and a happy conclusion was achieved. A 7/10 for effort and overall satisfaction and value for no money.

Later I visited Sunee plaza. Not a lot going on, with many bars closed (even more than usual) because of Songkran. I was enticed to join a Lao guy at Eden bar for a drink. Not really my type, but he was very hands on and affectionate and eager to chat.

I popped into Winner boys but only three guys on stage so I decided to go back to Jomtien for the rest of the evening instead.

I sat with a Cambodian guy and we chatted at some length . I considered offing but decided against it at the end as I was still tired from lack of sleep on the flight coming over. After returning to the hotel, he messaged me on Line to see if I felt like company. A nice gesture but I declined gracefully.

The next morning I spent swimming and relaxing, and then retired to my room for a siesta.

Going through some Hornet messages from the previous day I came across an offer of a BJ (not a money boy, apparently) and another less specific suggestion from another guy who seemed super cute. I made contact with the second to start with. He was based in Jomtien complex but despite knowing where my hotel is, seemed unwilling to travel that far without me accompanying him. It all seemed too ridiculous to me and I lost interest.

And so I decided it was rude not to accept the offer from BJ man. And so 30 minutes later, I was joined by the guy, slightly older and fatter than the flattering photos suggested but hey I'm not complaining. Once I'd calmed him down and encouraged him to take things slow, he was very accomplished - an 8/10 from me. Just as he was leaving, he mentioned he had left his wallet behind and could I give him some money. He needed 160B. Very reasonable. I thought, and so parted with 200B, an absolute bargain!

Day 3 I felt I would like a massage, a proper massage, and if something transpired, all to the good. I tried the place in Second Road called Supreme Massage. An hour and a half of a very good massage, but not a hint of anything else. So not disappointed but not surprised either!

An evening visit to QM found myself sharing drink and conversation with a fairly newly arrived Thai lad from Udon Thani - very handsome. All was good but I felt something not quite right in the digestion department so I decided to make tracks back to the hotel, alone. Fortunately it developed into nothing serious so an opportunity wasted.

Day 4 I decided to take up the offer of a free massage and fun from a Hornet guy. With very little effort, he arranged to come to the hotel and turned up on time. Again slightly more overweight than expected. He declined a shower even though he was a bit sweaty but he was clean and smelt quite fresh. The massage wasn't bad, a bit short perhaps which could not be said of his cock - a very well proportioned thick member. His skin was incredibly cold to the touch. Nonetheless the sex part of our meeting was very good. He showered before leaving, and I asked him if he would like me to pay for the massage oil. Not at all, he replied, so another excellent free encounter.

Later on, I ventured into Fah Massage, initially only for a foot massage. But as time wore on, I was persuaded to have an oil massage following it. My usual guy isn't there at the moment, but I was mightily impressed by the replacement. Truly sensuous and enthusiastic in all things. So my 100% success rate at Fah remains unbroken.

I walked round to QM bar and found the guy I spoke to last night. Not believing that I could sustain a round 3 on the same day, an arrangement was made for him to visit me at Baan Souy the following day and we would go to the cinema in the evening. Things are looking promising!

The next day QM boy contacted me and asked if he could bring his close friend - they had both only been in Pattaya for a few weeks. I couldn't see any reason why not, so they both turned up and enjoyed the delights of Baan Souy's swimming pool and restaurant.

The friend quickly struck up an alliance with another guest leaving original QM boy to me. So everyone was happy. The evening trip to the cinema and an Isaan restaurant went well and so did activities in the bedroom later. The only slight disappointment was the presence of a mook but I'm not going to let that spoil things.

He decided not to stay overnight, I think because his friend only did short time too and they seem to have a close affinity. I guess they'll work out later that they might have to choose their own paths to earn the best money.

The following day I invited them both over again. And this time, he told me he wanted to stay over. We enjoyed the day together and then he went home late afternoon to change and re-sculpt his hair before returning in the evening. On arrival, he tells me a friend has arrived unexpectedly from Bangkok so it starts to not be clear how things will pan out.

We go to the outside eating area near Kiss Jomtien and have the grilled fish (always fresh and delicious), followed by a walk along the beach, ice cream at Surf Kitchen and finally return to QM. No sign of the friend so we sit and have a drink. Still no sign but he wants to wait so I opt to go for a foot massage. He seems very keen to know where I'm going as he doesn't want me to "boom boom". Kind of sounds he's still interested. An hour or so later I return, but still no friend, so we leave together and return to the hotel.

We get into bed but he seems somewhat disinterested and then tells me he'll be leaving at 4am to go and help a relative set up their market stall, which he does every day apparently. This has never been mentioned before and certainly doesn't match my description of staying the night - I do like morning sex.

I tell him if that's the case, he should leave now as otherwise he'll wake me in the early hours. He doesn't seem too happy with the suggestion but I'm not in a mood to be messed around. Perhaps with the thought of a lesser (or even no fee), he then decides he had better perform before he goes. We have sex, not the best, partly because I'm midly irritated, but hey. He then leaves with a short time fee.

I think I might draw a line under this developing relationship and move on!

So the next day, I got back to a guy on Hornet and invited him over on a stormy day. Very cute guy, spoiled only by smoker's breath which curtailed my desire for kissing. Nonetheless very enthusiastic and showed me a position to fuck him I've not tried before (to be fair, I've had a sheltered life).

Upon leaving, it turns out he needed help with the rent, but if I helped him today, I could have a repeat session tomorrow for free!

I took pity on his rent situation but I don't think I'll take up the free offer on account of the smoking.

The following day I was contemplating a massage as the weather was rain, rain, rain all day. Although my preferred place for a proper massage is the TBMI in Jomtien, I thought I'd go somewhere else for a change. I strolled past the various shops around Tukcom but the boredom on the faces of the guys wasn't conducive to my custom. Royal House, which I haven't been to for a couple of years, looked deserted. So I went back to second road and opted for 90 minutes at Chivarome. A very good massage it has to be said, with the offer of happy ending, which I declined as there was no build up to it so I wasn't really in the mood.

Walking down the road to the beach/ top of Walking Street, I noticed a shop near the corner of second road with some cute massage guys outside so I might try that before I leave. There's also a couple of guys at a smaller shop opposite Sea Massage who always flirt when I go past so I might give I've them a go in the interests of research of course.

Having showered and rested, I went out for a drink and went past a bar I don't normally bother with. I spied a Thai guy who I felt quite attracted to (quite a bit older than he looked at 38 apparently) so I stopped, bought some drinks and chatted with him in a mixture of Thai and English for a couple of hours. After the bar closed, we went back to my hotel.

A slightly rougher session than I was expecting ensued, with some boundaries constantly being tested and resisted (sex without condom, for instance) but full marks for enthusiasm, technique and pleasure. He left after we were both satiated. I didn't offer any money nor was any asked for.

The following day the guy I "drew the line under" earlier contacted me again. It was his last day in Pattaya before I leave as he's going back to see his family. I decided to treat him to another cinema visit, and he came back to my room after food having made clear this time he couldn't stay for breakfast. I valued him being upfront. He does seem a genuinely nice guy, perhaps a little naive but then he's relatively new to the scene here. We had a nice time until around 2am when he left.

I was quite glad as it turns out, because my stomach took a turn for the worse. So the latter part of the night and first half of the following day were concentrated on dealing with that! I'd hate to have someone around in the room!

Sadly my adventures dried up here for a bit as it took three days and some antibiotics to clear up the food poisoning completely - unprecedented in my personal experience - including one of my two nights in Bangkok. Although I wasn't unable to do anything, I just did not feel well or confident enough to enjoy the more pleasurable activities. It's a shame because the guy I really like at Art Massage next to the hotel was free and an oil massage with him would have been awesome.

My last day in Bangkok saw my health improve, so after one night at the excellent Raya Surawong, I decamped to the Malaysia hotel for the afternoon and evening before my late night flight.

Instead of heading to Babylon as usual, I decided on a change and went to Sanctuary by A as it has had favourable reviews here of late. They're not wrong! It's a lovely place, with beautiful rooms and showers and some very handsome masseurs.

The only unfortunate thing was that there is some renovation going on next door so the piece and tranquility was spoilt by loud nasal sounding power tools. We swapped rooms before the massage started, but sadly the workers decided to move around too. It really was annoying and I found it had a detrimental effect on my response to the massage. That was first class by the way. Around three quarters of the way through, the workers had a tea break or went home - hooray. My masseur indulged in some very sensuous body to body which had me going in no time. Absolutely full marks to him and I add my recommendations to those of others on this forum. Just maybe wait a couple of days until the builders have left if that sort of noise irritates you.

And so my trip ends. Despite a downturn in the weather and an annoying bout of food poisoning, it's been another highly pleasurable trip with some first class encounters and so I return home a happy man!

#103903 Bangkok/Yangon/Bagan/Mandalay Trip Report: Playing With Fire

Posted by numazu on 11 February 2017 - 11:30 AM

Day 6.0: Up in the Air


After my September trip I knew that I was going to go to Myanmar, but I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do there. I had a vague idea what was there. It couldn’t be that different from Thailand right? Temples, good food, and great people. Can’t be too worried about details in September. But by mid-November when I actually had the time to sit down and plan my trip, I had to hash out the specifics. I did my research, trolled for information online, both on GT (including z909’s great thread) with my own crowdsourcing thread, and general advice online, and found a few things I was interested in.


By mid-November, I put in “Bagan” in Google and found the usual TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet entries about the area. But shifting to the Image search yielded very intriguing photos of hot-air balloons floating on top of ancient temples. That looked fucking cool. I dig deeper and find out there were three hot air balloon companies that fly the Bagan temple hot air balloons. I try to book reservations for the dates I thought I was going to be in the area.


I try “Balloons Over Bagan” first and they have a booking system in their website. They are all booked up solid in the holiday dates in December and January. I then try “Golden Eagle Ballooning” and they were booked up solid too. I go to “Oriental Ballooning” last and see that they do not have an online booking service. Was I just shit out of luck? I try the proactive approach. I Facebook Message all three, asking if they had spots available for the date range I thought I was going to be there. I even put in dates that coincided with the White Party. While parties are nice, hot air balloon rides are just hands-down way cooler.


The companies reply to my message right away. Points to them for being professional and on point. Balloons and Golden Eagle were all booked up through second week of January. Oriental Ballooning, however, had two spots available in their premium balloon for December 29. I pounce on it, tell them that I will take both spots. They email me a link to pay for it online. I put in my Visa and it went through without a hitch. I got a confirmation email 24 hours later, confirming my spot. With this confirmed, I build my vacation around it, plan Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan. Its nice to have an anchor event to base your vacation on.


It wasn’t cheap. It cost me $380 a person for the tickets. But again, with my motto: life is too short, I didn’t even think twice about it. This is one of those “bucket list” events that you just cant pass up when it is presented to you. Economics worked out on my end, and when it was time to pay my credit card bill last month, I didn’t even think about it.  I am blessed to be able to do these sorts of things and not worry about the future. Having a BF that pays half the bills, mortgage etc surely helps a lot.


So here we are, alarm wakes us up at the butt crack of (before) dawn, at 4:30 AM. BurBoy springs into action, gets out of bed and goes to the bathroom to pee. I boil some water and make coffee that was free with the room. I hear the shower turn on and I knew I needed to join in the showering. It was a quick soap down, all business, but BurBoy was excited and was a chatterbox. It was as exciting for him to do the balloon ride as it was for me. This was gonna be fun.


While toweling dry and in between sips of coffee, BurBoy surprises me with something. He takes two white t-shirts, neatly folded in a plastic bag, and presents both to me. Both medium sizes, and had the word “Mandalay” in them, and one had a photo of Mandalay Palace, the other of U Bein bridge. He probably bought them during his stay in Mandalay. He points to the shirts and says “For you. Take one please.” I thank him and pick the palace one. He wears the other. He planned us to be wearing matching shirts on our tour today. How sweet. And its great that we wear the same size shirts.


We get to the front of the hotel lobby at exactly 5:20 AM. I called Oriental Ballooning yesterday to confirm our pick up today. They asked me for my hotel and room number and kept my cellphone number in case they needed to call me. There were three other guests waiting with us at this hour. After 10 minutes an empty van drives in the compound. The person in the passenger seat gets off and calls two names, mine and BurBoy’s. We head over the van and confirm it was us. We get in and sit on the front row. The others who were waiting asked the Oriental Ballooning guy something. I guess they were waiting on other ballooning vans.


We drive through the dark roads of Bagan and we pick up a party of four at the Bagan River View Hotel. And then we all are driven for about 15 minutes as we make our way to the balloon launch site. We get there and there was a small breakfast spread waiting for us. We get seated with another couple and we get asked what kind of drinks we wanted. We both wanted coffee. We get our coffee and our breads and pastries as well:




While we wait, the baskets get prepped, which was cool to watch:




After 15 minutes, and making small talk with the nice European couple in our table (with BurBoy able to talk as well), we get our safety orientation. The pilots for every balloon flying with Oriental was there. They rattled of names of the riders assigned to them, and then after that they go through the standard safety information while riding. Pretty straightforward, and they walked through the whole process from blowing up the balloons, to where to sit, how to brace yourself when taking off, what to look for while in mid-air, and then how to brace for landing:




After the safety orientation, we were advised to go to the toilets for some last minute relief, while the balloons are prepped. After taking photos, BurBoy and I head over to the port-a-potties but saw there was a line. BurBoy disappears into the bushes and pees there. After he was done, he points to the bushes and says “Pee pee here OK.” I do what I am told. We get back to the launch site and see that we were well on our way:








There were 12 total people on our basket, plus the pilot. It was a smaller basket, and everyone had a “window” seat. The other companies had cheaper options for a balloon with a bigger basket, with 20 or more riders, but not every spot was a window seat. I take this one last photo, which was a cool shot of all three companies ready to take off. Balloons over Bagan have the maroon ballons, and Golden Eagle had the yellow ones. We were in the green ones:




We of course get a shit ton of photos taken. We haven’t even taken off yet. We get one last one together when we were  just off the ground. And then we were off. It was exhilarating slowly float up like that. We take our first photos just off the ground:




And we catch our first glimpses of what we came for to see, the temples:




As we get to 1000 ft, we catch up with the sun, rising on the far horizon:




We see more temples, and the mighty Irrawady River:




There was not bad place to be in this smaller basket balloon. We were spinning slowly as we were in the air, so you eventually get to see what everyone sees in the basket. And while the temples were the main attraction, it is really the combination of the temples, the vegetation and rivers of Bagan, and the 19 balloons that were up and running that morning, that completes the experience:







Our pilot, Richard, was very knowledgeable and entertaining. He knew a lot about the history of the place, the names of the temples, and trivia about hot-air balloons. Our party was very inquisitive, and Richard was game to answer all questions. He said he was English, and does this almost year-round. He spends 6 months here in Myanmar, flying balloons, over the first and last months of the year, and spends the other half in Africa, also flying balloons. That was the life.


After 45 minutes of floating, we start our descent. We fly over a small town, mostly supporting the agricultural industry:




We get our warnings of bracing ourselves to land, and landed without incident. As we wait to disembark, the “umbrella” of the balloon up above was lifted up, to let the hot air out the balloon:




We get directed to the champagne tables, where will we toast to the successful flight and to get our certificates. We sit down on the stools as the other riders gather around. When everyone was there, there was champagne and some fruit to share with everyone. The pilots gather and toast to our success:






Richard distributes our certificates, each one bearing our name. It was a nice souvenir to keep for a very memorable day.


I took a lot of photos but only managed these two for my boy series. Boywatching #4:






It was truly a remarkable couple of hours for us. BurBoy was excited and happy and smiling the whole time. I got a ton of photos to share back home. And of course, it was a unique way to see the temples in one go without having to visit them one-by-one. I’d say it was worth the money to do this. And it was a good introduction to the actual temple visits later today.


Temples, and boys, and more temples, next.

#103091 Bangkok/Yangon/Bagan/Mandalay Trip Report: Playing With Fire

Posted by numazu on 23 January 2017 - 12:10 AM

Day 2: Trains and Buddhas


I was really really exhausted from the flights and the jetlag, because I slept 9 hours straight, without waking up in the middle of the night, as is usual for me when jet-lagged. The alarm woke both of us at 6 AM. We had a full-day tour of Yangon today at 8 AM, so we wanted to get a good shower and breakfast in before heading it to get to know Myanmar’s biggest city.


When pressed for time, I don’t leave touring to chance, and I always want to see as much of the city as I can because god knows when I’ll be back here. Since I am here in the middle of high season, the country was crawling with tourists, and if I left my tour to chance and booked it when I got to Yangon I may be S.O.L. So I go on viator.com, the tours and activities booking company, to see if there were good full-day Myanmar tours. Doing a search yielded some promising ones but not a lot had reviews. I found this that had one good review: https://www.viator.c.../d5412-19985P23


I paid for two people (me and BurBoy) and booked it for today. I had BurBoy call the tour agency yesterday to confirm the tour.


We have a quick shower, sadly without cumming, but with some horseplay and stroking and kissing at least.  We start getting dressed and I ask him what clothes should I put on. I knew we were going to the pagodas today and wanted to be respectful. BurBoy told me to just wear shorts (he knew I preferred it) and he will bring my longyi with us so if needed I can put it on. He puts on pants and we head over to breakfast.


I liked the authentic Myanmar food last night, but I am always partial to a well-stocked international breakfast buffet. I was not sure that breakfast was part of my stay but when we got to the Emporia restaurant I was assured that it was part of it. We get to our table and get asked for our drink orders (coffee and orange juice). The restaurant had a very modern décor with a nice “pagoda” in the middle.


We peruse the offerings and see the usual western meats (bacon – hard and soft, sausage, chicken). An omelet station:




a healthy smattering of surprisingly yummy pastries:




and a lot of Asian options like congee, fried rice, and some Burmese curries:




We dive into the feast and tell BurBoy that we will need all the energy we can get for the tour ahead. He asks me where we would be going on the tour. I whip out my phone to read him the tour description. He gets excited with the list.


We finish breakfast and head over to the lobby to wait for our tour guide. We meet out tour guide Kyaw (pronounced Jaw). He welcomes us to Myanmar. BurBoy corrects him by talking to him in Burmese. They talk for a bit and then Kyaw switched back to English to tell us what our itinerary for today. It sounded full and ambitious but he assures us that it is all doable. We get into a somewhat older but clean and reliable car. BurBoy and I get in the back. While we ride to our first destination, Kyaw tells us, in English, about Yangon, its British past, its current incarnation (population, losing Capital status, surrounding poor towns etc). Fairly informative. BurBoy interjects in Myanmar at times for clarification. We drive to the outskirts of Yangon, presumably because we were going to go back into Yangon in style:


Stopover 1: Yangon Circular Train


This was a treat for me. I love doing things that the locals only do (and a few tourists like me). This circular train was Yangon’s version of the BTS, and fairly cheap at 200 kyat a person for the shorter ride (18 cents). It is popular with low-income locals and because of its circular, 45.9 km route, it can go to the furthest reaches of the poorer towns that dot the landscape outside of Yangon:


IMG_1784 2.JPG


We enter a non-descript building where I encounter some Myanmar signs:




Kyaw buys us the tickets and keeps the ticket stubs, in case a ticket inspector asks for them in the train. I wonder how the computerized ticketing works here:




We get to the tracks to wait for the train. We see a lonely boy waiting for the train with us:




Pretty soon the train comes and fellow passengers, some in various hues of longyi, catch it with us on their way to work:




I giggle like a schoolgirl somewhat excited about getting on the train. BurBoy giggles with me as he directs me to a spot at the end of one car. There were no seats available and it was rush hour:




The train looked old, though Kyaw assured me that it was safe and it was only a few years old. No aircon, but there were vents on the ceilings to indicate it is possible to get aircon. It was cool this morning so the air was not really needed. The train begins to move and I cling to a post. Kyaw proceeds to give me an intro on the uses of the train. He says that it is heavily used by low-income people and it starts early morning at 4 AM and ends at night around 11 PM. He tells us that sometimes he uses it when he has extra time to commute. Though usually he has a car at his disposal when touring.


The train does not run too fast, at around 10 miles an hour. Some of the train doors are open so one can leave the train that way, if one has a deathwish:




It was nice to look at the locals who take the train, mostly in longyi. Especially the cute boys.  Boywatching #1:








There was some commerce in the train, mostly for food:




Our destination was back in central Yangon, where our car was waiting. We get out of the train and as we pass by some of the other train lines, Kyaw tells us about the other regional trains we can catch here at the Yangon Central Station. We stop to admire the hybrid architecture of the train station (nice and needs some repair):




and Kyaw gives us a history lesson about the building (built by the British, destroyed by the Japanese, rebuilt by the Burmese). We get back on the car and head over to our next serene stopover:


Stopover 2: The Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha Meditation Center


Probably not in a million years would I plan to visit a meditation center (too hippyish, too eastern, too 70s), I am actually glad we went here. More information at: http://www.buddhanet.net/m_centre.htm. Founded by a venerable monk (Most Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw), this meditation center accepts foreign meditators, as well as monks, nuns and locals:




We first go to the bookstore and we watch a 15-minute video about the venerable monk, the center, and about meditation. This piqued my interest. I often wondered if meditation would do wonders for my western lifestyle. There is some stress at work, but not too bad. My BF, however, has a high-stress job, and probably would gain a lot if he could do some good meditation. The woman who ran the bookstore talked to me a little bit and we talked about Germany, of all places.


We get to a small “temple” next and see a wax likeness of the deceased venerable monk:




BurBoy stops and prays for a while, before joining me and Kyaw as he shares stories about the monk. At that point a docent goes to us and talks to Kyaw a little bit (presumably to ask what country I come from), before switching to crystal clear English to talk about the center. He painstakingly describes some of the teachings, pointing to some of the wall calligraphy:




Fascinating stuff. BurBoy reads the writings as well. As the docent moves on, BurBoy points to the writing: “Avoid evil. Do good. Cleanse your mind.” He whispers to me “No evil na. No gogo boy na.” He then smiles widely and laughs. A joke of course. We pass by a meditation hall, and the tour guide points out where the leader of the meditation will sit, and the various things found in the hall:




We go by the various residences in the center. There is a clear separation between males and females, and then separation within between the venerated and regular monks, lay people, foreigners, locals, young and old. We pass by some nice quarters for the more venerated and see that the aircon has a beehive growing out of it. I would think bees are highly disruptive to meditation:




In all seriousness, the visit to the meditation center was an unexpectedly cool one. I know many people go travel thousands of miles to meditate at this world-reknowned center, so it was nice to know that this existed, and would be something I would be interested in doing in the future. The question is, with whom? My over-stressed BF, or my BurBoy? BurBoy takes my hand and squeezes it. He whispers to me “Next time we go here OK.” I say of course. I guess that’s settled.


Stopover 3: Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple


One more stopover before lunch. One of the Yangon icons, the Chaukhtatgyi Reclining Buddha, is really impressive.  Its 217 feet long, so I guessing the whole temple was built around it. To me, the most impressive feature of the Buddha was not its size, but its face, with its serene expression, long eye lashes, blue eye-shadow and ruby red lips:




At the entrance both Kyaw and BurBoy tell me to take off my slippers before entering. This was my first temple in the country, and so the first barefoot experience. As we get to the entrance we see that there were vendors that were selling tributes for the Buddha. You get to choose the streamer that contains the specific wish you want:


FullSizeRender 8.jpg


BurBoy chooses his streamers (he wishes for money and love - awww), and gets some flowers and hands the vendor 1000 kyat. We get to the main area and BurBoy prays his wishes to the Buddha. Kyaw tells me some of the history, facts, and other things about the Buddha and temple. We get to a Buddha mural/diorama, showing the life and story of the Buddha, and Kyaw and BurBoy take turns explaining to me about the Buddha. The concerted effort is very nice, and made me interested in knowing more:


IMG_7388 2.JPG


We get to the feet of the Buddha, and get this very ornate “Soles of the Buddha”:




Kyaw explains and shows me this graphic for reference:




There was a lot of arts and crafts in the temple, including some for thrones for smaller buddhas:




There were a lot of thrones and a lot of artisans prepping them. Here is a collage of photos showing the process to make a throne:




A lot of other arts and crafts in the temple area, all to add to the impressive displays inside:




A lot of other things inside to talk about, but let me just say that walking the halls of the temple with BurBoy had a soothing and calming effect on me. Whenever BurBoy sees something of interest, he tells me what it meant to him. It was nice to get to know BurBoy in terms of the temple. Buddhism is fairly intertwined with his country, and therefore with him, and I am getting to know both him and his religion.


At the end of our tour at this temple BurBoy notices a bird dying on a plastic money box:




He looks at the dying bird, quite empathizing with its plight. He talks to Kyaw about what we can do about the bird. Kyaw, in Burmese, probably told him that we could not do anything, and to just leave the bird to its misery. BurBoy takes my hand as he points to the bird with a look of concern. I squeeze his hand and tell him “The bird is fine. It is in a temple. It will be fine.” He smiles at my logic. Silly farang.


Next up, lunch, with a bunch of young men, next.

#100107 Bangkok/Phnom Penh/Siem Reap Trip Report: The More Things Change, the More Th...

Posted by numazu on 22 November 2016 - 08:51 PM

Day 11: A Burmese Goodbye


“What do you want to do?” I ask him. “Nothing na,” he exclaims. “Why nothing? It’s only 1 AM,” I was wondering. “You fly away tomorrow na. Cannot be many drink tonight. We need sleep many.” “But it’s my last night. I want to enjoy my last night in Bangkok.” He looks at me intently, “You come here many. Many last night I think. Now you need sleep many.” “Are you sure? We can go to G.O.D. and dance till 5 AM.” “I no want. I want hug you and sleep na.”


I’m sure with many customer and boy relationships, when it comes to decisions, money wins, and, for the most part, the customer is always right. With BurBoy, I wasn’t always right, because I wasn’t a customer. I was his boyfriend, at least I have been for the past 6 days. And like a concerned boyfriend, he was worried about my flight tomorrow. He thinks I need to be well rested to survive the flight. He knows I am a light sleeper, having spent many nights with me. He knows how exhausted I seemed when he sees me just coming from my flight from Farang Land™ because of jet lag. And he knows I have to work the very next day I get home. So as with any boyfriend who is sending his darling off to a trans-pacific flight, he wants me to have as much rest as possible.


It was a Monday night, and the streets are not as busy as it was this past weekend. We walk slowly back to Crowne Plaza. The air smelled like it was about to rain. We go to our almost required visit to the 7-11 on Rama IV close to the hotel and got some snacks and drinks. For all the last nights in Thailand I have witnessed these past 11 trips, this one doesn’t seem at all sad for some reason.


“You come Thailand December? You want come see me?” “Yes, I want to see you. I think I want to go to Myanmar with you.” “Yes, I will go Myanmar October. Maybe work, I no sure.” “If I go visit you in Myanmar will you not work?” “Yes no work no problem. I want see you. We can be boyfriend again.” We get back to the hotel and take off our clothes and lounge in our underwear and get comfortable. We sit on the bed and open up the modest snacks and drinks that we love sharing with each other. It’s always the little things.


He then tells me about Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan. About the thousands of temples that litter the landscape, about the cities that are still mostly rural but growing more urban by the minute, and about the ever changing definition of government and democracy. He shows me YouTube videos of Aung San Suu Kyii, and what she meant to him and to his country. He shows me news articles of the Karen conflict, and the constant spectre of internal strife looming on the region. He shows me his favorite movie stars, tv shows, and his favorite singing contest (Myanmar Idol? I can’t remember).


For a guy who has lived in Thailand more years than he has in his own native land, he still has a deep connection with Myanmar. I can see it in his eyes. The passion, the longing, and the desire to live in that country again. Seeing this made me realize that I really want to see Myanmar through his eyes, and feel that it is one of those things that you cant really pass up if it was offered to you. Wheels start turning in my head. Whatever happens, I will be back in December, with him, in Myanmar.


It was close to 3 by the time we decide to call it a night. I didn’t get the rest BurBoy wanted me to get anyway, but talking to him about Myanmar was sure a better way to spend the rest of the night. We don’t shower, as sex didn’t seem to be in the menu tonight. And that was fine by me.


The alarm was set at 8AM. I reluctantly get up to pee, and get back to bed to see BurBoy, unwilling to wake up:




I give him a big kiss and a hug and let him sleep while I pack. I make some coffee with the instant stuff and the electric water kettle that came with the room. While packing I see BurBoy waking up. He gets up to pee and he packs as well. “Shower na?” he asks. I finish what I was doing and we do our ritual shower together. Some horseplay was involved, as usual with us, but nothing overly sexual happened.


We get dressed for breakfast, which was just next door at the Crowne Plaza lounge, which came complimentary with the room. Usually I pay 600 baht for lounge access but this trip it was just given to me. We head over to the lounge and see that there were only two other people in the lounge, with the breakfast buffet:




We sit close to the buffet and a very cute waiter goes to us and asks for our room number. I give it to him and we get asked for our drink orders. I ask for a coffee and orange juice and BurBoy asks for a coffee and a glass of warm milk. We head over to the buffet and help ourselves. The buffet here at the lounge wasn’t as extensive as the main buffet on the 23rd floor, but it was enough. There were some western meats, cheeses, breads, some Asian options like congee and sushi, and an omelet station.


I ask BurBoy about his plans for the next few weeks. He tells me he will spend some time with his parents in Bangkok before deciding on going back to Myanmar. He will try to get some decent job in Myanmar, with some help from relatives and friends, and with some seed money from his months with his generous farang, he can most likely get a motorbike and some rent money for a few months, or he can live with an Aunt who lived close to Yangon. And since his hometown was close to Yangon, it was natural for him to go try to give Yangon a shot first.


I can feel the excitement in his voice. He is looking forward to his new future. He was making OK money working at a restaurant in Bangkok, but he feels that he needed Myanmar to be his future. He is sad to leave his family in Bangkok, so he has a reason to come back if Myanmar doesn’t pan out.


I ask him how long he will be in Bangkok. He says probably 2 or 3 weeks. He wants to stay with his parents for a while, after being away from them living with his former farang for months and months. I ask him if he was OK with money. He said he was fine. To pass the time he said he was probably going to try to hit the gym because there was a mall close to his parents place. I ask him how much was the fee. He said it was 1600 baht a month.


I wanted to know the baht amount because I was trying to come up with an excuse to give him a little bit of money. I haven’t given him huge sums before, usually just enough for taxi ride back to his room, or pay him back for some of the money he spent during our time together. I wanted to give him something, without it making it seem like a customer-boy thing. I worry about these things.


We get back to the room and we finish packing. When we do we sit down on the bed and try to say our formal goodbyes. I reach in my wallet and give him 2000 baht. “For gym and taxi.” He refuses, says I have paid enough this trip. I insisted “I want you to have many six-pack when I see you in Myanmar in December.” He laughs, and tells me he just liked me because he had a six-pack. “I no like you, I love you.” I kiss him and I put the 2000 baht in his pocket. He relents. He hugs me and he promises that he will see me in Yangon, if I decide to go.


He takes my roller bag and his backpack and proceeds to the door. I take my own backpack and do a final check around the room. We head over to the elevator and get to the 23rd floor. I check out (0 baht, paid with points) and ask the counter to get me a taxi to Suvarnabhumi. We take the elevator to the ground level and my taxi was already waiting for me.


BurBoy was not the “say goodbye at the airport” kind of guy. Maybe he hated airports as much as I did. At the curb he puts my luggage in the open trunk of the taxi, and then turns to me to hug me and kiss me. No shame, no regard for anyone there, as usual for him. “Line me many ok.” I nod. I get in the taxi. The concierge tells the driver to go to Suvarnabhumi. I look back to BurBoy and I see him standing there, smiling, waiting for us to drive away. I wave one hand up to say goodbye. The taxi speeds away onto Rama IV. And just like that, Burboy was gone.


As the taxi speeds through Bangkok’s ever busy roadways, I take stock of what has happened in the past 10 days. In the face of change and disruption I was able to be true to myself and got a good mix of butterfly and the boyfriend experience that I both crave. But more than that, my time with Cambodia Boy and BurBoy has taught me something. It's a lesson I learn every time I go here. I may have spent some money on those boys, but I feel that I always end up at the better side of the bargain every single time. They have shared with me very intimate parts of themselves, both their bodies and their souls. And the love, oh the love, there was a lot of it, and all of it was good. You can’t really put a price on that.


I get to my airline counter and get through immigration with minimal problems thanks to an upgrade. I get to my gate and wait to board. I check my phone and see some messages from Burboy. I got the usual love and cutesy emojis, but now with a photo of him with his mom, all smiles. I will miss him for sure, and my love for him has changed to something deeper and more sincere this trip. I know I will be back soon enough.


Without missing a beat, I then text my boyfriend, telling him I am coming home. No matter the amount of hijinks that has happened this trip, no matter how intense or how life changing it seemed to be, I will always come home to him. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

#92237 Man hunting in Bangkok - report of trip of June 2016

Posted by vinapu on 15 June 2016 - 10:41 AM

Day 1


After returning from trip in December, perhaps best of all my 12 trips to Thailand ,  it did not take long before inspired by Xiluzer and Cathay Pacific’s  deep discount promotion on one frosty late January evening  I booked  my next one  and 4 months later  after long but quite bearable flight I landed   for 13th  time in Bangkok.


It was morning arrival which I prefer to late evening ones, immigration lines weren’t long but what surprised me, this being Sunday morning,  was very crowded airport train. But there is no indignity I can’t  stomach to be close to Silom’s hunting grounds.


For a change this time I decided to settle mainly in one hotel and acting on tip about Expedia members only early morning discount  from again , Xiluzer , I secured  8 days in Raya impressed by their standards last time. But being me,  I can’t stay 8 days in the same room so I split my stay between 4 nights in cheapest room and another 4  in very spacious “ executive “ or whatever they call it.


Only problem with Raya is that usually they don’t let in before 2 p.m. but I dumped my suitcase in the lobby and went for a two hour stroll through vicinity including Lumpini park.

Of course shortly I spotted very handsome men walking in front of me so for pure esthetic reason I just followed him and when at some point he turned his head back who he was? Sokchai, my favorite masseur from Bonny’s. I promised to visit him some day for session of mutilation. He is regular at Lumpini gym as it was not first neither last time I saw him there.


I settled in the room finally , rested a bit and in the late afternoon I marched to Senso hoping I will see one of my favorites there Jack or M. Reverse bingo since neither one was there, Jack supposedly on vacations   and M gone for good I was told. Only few boys there and place is no cheap but I have only good memories from Senso so I picked up new boy, Goon for no rush , usual 1.5 hr session. And it was good choice with very thorough massage which enlivened me after sitting so many hours on the plane.


1500 for the house and the same for the boy, not a cheap option but worth every penny for me.


On my way back I passed by Playboy massage on Silom to find it closed for good which saddened me big time since I have good memories of their very adventurous  guys . Wiping my tears and meandering through Patpong’s stalls I passed by BBB Inn to find familiar face of Tao from Banana , no longer there , though.


He told me that at new location he  did not have as many customers so decided to work at BBB where he was moonlighting before. Booked him for after tomorrow for  a massage in the room in the middle of the night.


Then I  went to Oasis on Suriwong for my fix of chicken with cashew nuts, surprise , surprise.  


And from there to Tawan hoping all my favorites will be there. But shock, it looked as all of them took Sunday off and I found myself sitting in familiar bar but full of unfamiliar boys. It was not even very crowded and including me , only 5 farangs.  


Good part was that no boy paid any attention to me so I was left free to watch the show and contemplating lonely first night in BKK. Only familiar face , Soda #47, Lao boy , passed by few times not even looking at me and out of new boys , only #20, dark skinned hunk drew my attention but it was one way highway – he did not even look at me from the stage. This was not what I dreamed about my first night in Bangkok.


After #20 was called over by some fossil I was sure that after the show I need to look for my luck somewhere else. But hope springs eternal. After the show fossil decided to go home alone  abandoning  #20 with 200 baht tip boy looked at me and smiled. Second later he was sitting beside me. In meantime Soda, #47 planted himself on another side but tonight belonged to #20, #47 was promised off next night.


Shortly as midnight was drawing I made sure boy is interested in long time , we settled on tip expectancies and  soon world saw us marching along Suriwong. He is half Malay, half Thai, well built but not body builder. Full lips, perky and firm buttocks, quite a catch and named Alek .

Great company and fast starter – he wants to be my boyfriend, yeah, right.


I told him that I will off him again in 3 days. Breakfast at Raya together, nobody blinked an eye, yet. And so  day 1 was over. 

#87058 December 2015 adventures- Bangkok and Pattaya trip

Posted by vinapu on 18 December 2015 - 07:45 AM

After trip in May I did not plan another one this year  but got an inspiration from one of our members – Xiluzer and since very attractive fare came my way  I found myself landing  at 1. 50 in the morning at Swampy again.


This is my 12 trip and I never saw such a long line to immigration at BKK aiport. Fortunately they were well stuffed and line moved surprisingly fast. Down to the public taxi stand and in 20 odd minutes I was in Silom already. Both highway and streets completely deserted. Includin tip nad airport surcharge it cost me 360 + 70 baht for tolls.


Since night was supposed to be short one I  booked  cheapest room at Nantra Silom but they upgraded me at no charge to more spacious one, not that I resisted.

As always when arriving that late I had my customary stroll through Patpong , Suriwong , soi Twilight and soi 6 but no freelancers , no bar boys lingering somewhere, just empty streets.

Very early  breakfast at Foodland Patpong and few hours of sleep. In the morning another breakfast at the hotel – very , very basic one and I went for stroll to Lumpini Park hoping to catch glimpse of big lizards not to mention  sweaty boys pumping iron at the gym. And a bingo !

Who was there  right at front – Sokchai, my favorite masseur from Bonny Massage. Did not waste time weather talking – learned he will be at his work place  in 2 hours I made sure I was there. Great massage and afters including some fun in the shower- no other clients at the place that early. 800 for the house for 1.5 hr treatment  and 1500 for a boy.

After long absence I always feel undermassaged so next step was hop in BTS and trip to Banana to see if they are still in the old soi 11 place. Yes but I was told by the guy filling for the owner  that move is to be made any day. My regular  there  Tao was present so I requested 2 hr. course which they don’t offer, suggestion was made to take 2 time 1 hr. courses but at 650 / hr it seemed expensive so I offered 1000 for 2 hr to the shop and deal was sealed. Massaage by Tao is by some mile best of them all. He was trained at Wat Po and it shows, on top of this he is polite yet adventurous , good conversationalist but never lets my wandering hands to detract him from the task. Great body too and thanks God he stopped shaving  his pubes which was only thing I hold against him in the past.

Couldn’t go home easily as it was heavily raining  but after ½ waiting it finally stopped and I could walk to BTS Nana. Did not want to be late because at 9.00 I was supposed to meet  Xiluzer , my inspiration for a trip at Jupiter.

At thet hour bar was not crowded , boys as usual looking with #60 looking best but I remember warning that he is fond of rushing things and on demanding side so neither of us entertained option of offing him . Danger of bar hopping with Xiluzer is that we like exactly the same types but so far avoided fights over picking up the same man.

Then we went to Tawan, bar I ignored  for years  but now my favorite by the mile. We caught  some  show, # 14 which I offed 3 times in May was in one of numbers but hidden behind sunglasses , I did not spot him but surely he did. For  a first night  I hoped to off # 15, Boy , one of their smallest men but he was absent  for some time,  apparently went home to Laos.

But new star, young but pretty massive Bos # 23 caught my eye, waved him over, he agreed to the long time till 6.30 and shortly Xiluzer was marching home with his big  boy   and I in opposite direction with my newly found treasure. Great company for a first night – good sign for the whole trip as it showed at her end.

In the morning asked for taxi money which I don’t like  but on another hand I treat my boys with breakfast but he wanted to go home  right away so I gave him that bonus, need to be said, well deserved. And so day 1 was over

#122171 Art of Thai adventures -report of June 2018 trip

Posted by vinapu on 13 June 2018 - 06:23 PM

Day 2


Boy declined breakfast together offer so I went alone to Foodland Patpong for my regular treat of discounted breakfast at 65 baht , available between 5.30 and 9, after 9 price goes up to a whooping 81 baht.


Return to hotel , packed and off to Ekkamai as this trip I decided will me mainly Pattaya affair for me  with Bangkok as appendix only. Contrary to  what some may think reason was not a prices, indeed much cheaper in Pattaya but very good experience I had with few boys last September and was hoping to meet them again.


Pretty pleasant weather this year, it’s my 4th time there in beginning of Jun and by far weather was the best with manageable rain and not much heat,  in fact for few days  my cousins reported that they  had bigger heat at home than I in tropical Bangkok.

108 baht  for bus , twenty minutes waiting and I was on my way. In Pattaya to get to the hotel  I took one of those songtaews waiting at the bus station and for 50 baht shortly after I was dumped on beach road in the mouth of Boyztown. Sure there is cheaper option by just crossing the street and taking regular songtaew for 10 baht but I consider 50 reasonable offer.


I mentioned above  good experience with some boys and one of them was Kao, masseur at Copa, on approach whom I see?  Beaming Kao looking at beaming the me !


As it turned out he was first time on the job in one month as he has daytime bartnding job somewhere else but today , due to Vishaka Bucha ‘dry’ holiday he was free so decided to come to Copa, good job my beloved Guardian Angel !. 


I told him  to stay tuned as I needed to change money, took haircut on my way for 150 and shortly after massage fee of 400 was paid and fun started. Not a bad massage but what a body ! Of course he suggested repeat tomorrow just before I opened my mouth with the same suggestion. 1200 baht for my pleasure, kisses , smiles ,  ‘ see you tomorrow’ embraces. Happy , happy me and him.


Since it’s good practice not to eat before massage I felt pretty hungry so for a meal I went to one of my obligatory 4 food stops in Thailand – Alt Heidelberg  restaurant on the Beach Road around the corner.


( for investigative minds other 3 stops are Foodland and Madrid Tavern on Patpong and Oasis on Suriwong).


Alt Heidelberg could use some renovation since it appears excesively  to adhere to Alt / old in German / designation  but food is good, both farang and Thai and it’s good people watching spot too. After  nourishment I wanted to walk around but body reminded me about me being in Thailand barely 27 hours and jet lag started to kill me so returned to my room and don’t even remember how I fell  asleep, waking up at 9.45 pm.


Good timing to go to BoyzBoyzBoyz  thought  I , so after refreshing  and shaving ( in Thailand I always shave just before hitting bars  ) I entered what I consider best bar in the  hole country. One of mamasans recognized me and rushed with handshake, than Art standing on the scene beamed his broad smile which warmed me immensely as he is one of those I precisely come to Pattaya for.


Then one of boys Arab looking veteran there whom I never offed but always tip smiled and only missing grin was from Kaow who as I learned later from Art did not recognize me. It was Art who reminded him about his off with me last Sept.


I got good seat so could enjoy the show , quite new. In a break boys presented themselves and it was great assembly of male beauty, great indeed. In meantime  I was object of adoration of my neighbor , Chinese looking in his early  40ties who seem to like hair on my hand, leg and chest . Being in charitable mood I let him to play a little pretending I don’t see it but when his hand went up the leg his fun was aborted by  a gentle slap. May be I should  not to waste such occasion as he was quite good looking but I did not suffer indignity of long flight to see him but to have massage by Art.


So after BBoys  dynamic show ending with surprisingly meager tipping by the patrons, I slipped 100 baht into Kaow’s and one more boy  undies, waved art over , paid 500 off fee and marched him to Copa for reacquainting  session of great massage  and surprisingly interesting  conversation no to mention other exercises.


There was no doubt he remembered me very well and only dark spot of the evening was his flat refusal  to do long time, oh well. No means no. So after he left  I went to bed alone , my first lonely night in Thailand  for a long time. I mentioned  agreeable weather – I turned air conditioner off   for the night, rare trea and it was end of second day.

#119217 December Chiang Mai Report - and a First Time

Posted by funwmen on 31 January 2018 - 07:40 AM

I have been a lurker here since the fall of last year planning this trip and want to thank everyone that posted about their advice and experiences, all of the suggestions were spot on!  I thought I should return the favor so here is a bit about my visit and descent into decadence.


I visited Chiang Mai during Christmas for 8 days and had an absolute blast.  The sights, sounds, the food, and the AWESOME people I met during my stay were everything I expected and much more.  It was very easy and inexpensive to get around the city and I primarily used Uber and Grab.  I stayed at The Prestige near Maya Mall and the staff were extremely nice and I had ZERO issues having a guests over for fun on multiple occasions with no surprise joiner fees when I checked out.


I had great luck meeting several locals using Planetromeo about a month or so in advance, and one tourist on Hornet.  I was very surprised that I received so much attention from the non-money boys being in my early 50’s.  I am in OK shape with a bit of a belly and decent looking, but nothing compared to the 30 - 40 year old Thai guys that I met during my stay … they were absolutely beautiful men to look at, but more than their appearance they were extremely nice guys which made it even more of a turn on and have kept in contact with both since my visit via Line.


I am a total top, but decided that this trip I was going to explore being bottom the entire time and try to experience more of what I thought I had been missing, all of the encounters were good to excellent.  All were very patient and very passionate with lots of foreplay.  I did not have one hurried encounter, just the way I like it only this time I was on the receiving end of things.  


I advised all that I met in advance that bottom was something I had only tried a few times in my youth and they were all very understanding and were very excited to show me the way, and show me the way they did in multiple positions and places around the condo that I had never thought of using as a top and will now!  Aren’t new learning experiences for old dogs like most of us great?   


I can’t remember who told me years ago that Thai men have smaller than average cocks but they obviously had never visited the country as I found that most of my encounters were average to well above that and WOW, I just love the look and feel of uncut cock!  Maybe it was beginners luck, but if so what great luck I had!


I never did make it up to Adam’s Apple and wish that I would have taken the time see the shows.  I did visited 3 massage shops and had very good to excellent massages, however the hand jobs were just so so compared to the men I met online and one not at all.  The first and best of these experiences is detailed below.


The first day was very long day of sightseeing outside the city at a few National Parks, day markets and open air restaurants.  The best place (tourist wise) was the Kings Gardens as I got back to the city, just stunning at dusk!  I visited Classic House Massage that evening for my first ever happy ending massage to end the perfect day out.  People say you always remember your first good or bad and I totally agree with that statement. WOW this guy knew what he was doing and was the best massage I have ever received, and I have had a lot of regular massages due to a motorcycle accident I had in my late 20’s.  


I was a bit nervous as I had never entertained the idea of paying for sex before and think the manager could tell, but he was quite patient helping me try to pick the right guy.  I told him that I generally prefer older men in their 30’s - 50’s (less drama here in the states in my experience with hookups), and that I wanted 2 hours with the focus to be mostly on a great swedish style massage, but would not mind some fun at the end.  Most of the pictures he was showing me were a bit too twinky for me.  He then states, NO PROBLEM, I have guy for you and you have GREAT MASSAGE … I am now thinking to myself, OK what the hell have I got myself into here but decide I am NOT GOING to chicken out after traveling this far!  


He then promptly scurrys off to retrieve the guy as I think he senses my hesitation and brings back this late 20-something completely smooth muscle dude about 6 feet tall in nothing but a skimpy pair of boxer briefs several sizes too small that he must have borrowed from one of the skinny twinks in the photos, and also looking to be packing something pretty nice.  I am now thinking to myself WTF just go with the flow this is going to be fun.  Looking back now, I have no idea why I was so uptight about this!  A short shower and ready to go…


This guy was a total pro with EXCELLENT massage skills and within minutes I was totally in the zone of knowing this massage was going to be a great one.  This was also the first time that I tried an oil massage and was loving the new experience of that as well.  I would say about 30 or so minutes into the massage it takes an interesting turn and becomes way more sensual with lots of touching areas I have never experienced during a massage .. it was a total turn-on and he knew exactly what buttons to push!  


After a long while massaging and teasing me he has me turn over, I notice that he had removed the boxer briefs at some point and HOLY SHIT, he is hard as a rock and his cock had to be a minimum of 8.5 inches, a beautiful helmet covering part of the head, and quite thick!  Did I mention that I LOVE uncut cock before??  


He says, I keep massage and you touch … well I don’t have to be told twice with an invitation like that!  And the massage continues just as good on the front only way more fun now that I am able to play with this beautiful guy’s cock along the way.  Then suddenly I realize something, DAMNIT … HOW THE FUCK am I supposed to enjoy a regular massage after this experience!!  Just the thought of this makes me hard!


Now after the best massage I have ever had along with playing with this beautiful cock, he now starts to play with my cock a bit more and says I top you now?  Not really expecting that I was brought straight back to reality looking at that huge cock that I can barely wrap my hand around and thinking could I really take that, it could be fun to at least try right?  Then I look at all the oil everywhere and realize there is zero possibility that this is going to happen safely with a condom and say sorry no, just hand job.


So he proceeds on and I am then very surprised as this guy has some serious massage skill how awkward he seems to be with a hand job.  REALLY, what just happened here??  Then I remember some of the stories on this forum … WOW it just hits me that this guy is probably STR8, another new experience but not a bad one!  I finally start getting bored with how bad he is at this part and tell him to massage my balls and ass and take matters into my own hand, then all the sudden everything is back to massage mode and heading right back into the zone.  


This guy needs to go to school to become a urologist, within seconds he zones in on my prostate while still massaging my balls and within a short time I am ready CUM and warn him a few times.  But he does not move and I shoot a massive load everywhere, on both of us, which catches him by surprise how much there is and we both start laughing.  I always shoot allot and hard when edging, but I was even a bit surprised by how much.


We start to clean up and ask if the 2 hours up and he says no and sits up against the wall pats his chest for me to lean up against those beautiful pecs and he starts massaging my head, neck and shoulders.  Again I am totally taken back at what a pro this guy is, I give this str8 guy a cum shower and he doesn’t miss a beat.  


After we are done I shower alone, bummer was hoping to extend that a bit more and then go to pay.  The cost was 1200 bht for the massage and 1000 bht minimum tip.  Really the only thing that I can remotely complain about is the hard mat and pillow.  I am used to a regular massage table, not a mat on the floor, but that is so minor and in the days following I never see a proper western style massage table at the other 2 places either.


I know that there will be someone that is going to be pissed about this after reading some of the comments on here, but I l gave him an additional 1000 bht tip and he was very happy with that!  It was worth EVERY BAHT and still less than I have paid in states for a great massage without the happy ending and tip!  I have not CUM THAT HARD in years and after that experience there was NO WAY I was leaving there without tipping extremely well!  So that was my 1st happy ending massage and will always remember it fondly …


So there was my first day, probably TMI for some.  Feedback is welcome, I will write about the other places visited, massages and the local Thai guys if you all would like to hear about it.


#116885 Reporting on my first ever trip to Bankok

Posted by vinapu on 16 November 2017 - 12:29 AM



We did not know you for too long but we missed you already.We can't even wish you a Happy Birthday today


Rest in peace 

#102999 Bangkok/Yangon/Bagan/Mandalay Trip Report: Playing With Fire

Posted by numazu on 19 January 2017 - 10:05 PM

Day 1.4: Me love you Longyi


The day I arrive after a long and arduous flight from the USA to SE Asia is almost always a wasted day. Arriving in the middle of the day and wanting to do something at night, I usually take a 4-hour nap before dinner so I can have my first taste of the nightlife, usually in Bangkok. The disco naps that have me sleeping till 7 or 8 PM also serve as a jetlag minimizer: if I get enough sleep, I’ll adjust quicker. It seems to have worked in my 11 or so trips to the area.


This trip was different, of course. I find myself in Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar. As metropolitan and near-modern as it is and continues to be as it accepts more tourist money in its coffers, this is still Myanmar, and the lack of good nightlife, and really, the lack of gay nightlife, is still a glaring weak spot, at least for me. I was anticipating to be able to attend the one gay dance night they had held once a month, originally scheduled for Christmas Eve. But now they have rescheduled it for New Year’s Eve (understandably), so I will just have to be content with my night activities in the bedroom.


I thankfully had some decent sleep on the plane, but still, jetlag is a thing no matter how much sleep you get, so I was still pretty tired when BurBoy shook my hand to signal the start of my trip. He was smiling from ear-to-ear, and exclaimed “You in Myanmar now!” as if it was such an unbelievable thing. Indeed, having promised him I would be in Myanmar with him a long 3 and a half months earlier, when I said goodbye to him in Bangkok, I didn’t think I would get this to this point. Lots of texting, video chats, and planning and the three months seemed to crawl by. Finally I was here, and I was as surprised as he is at the moment.


I remind BurBoy that before we head over to Central Yangon, we had to go to the domestic terminal to see if we can get flight tickets from Mandalay to Bagan.  I will be arriving in Mandalay from Bangkok in 5 days, and we will need to be in Bagan that night, so a flight is needed. Another flight for BurBoy from Bagan to Yangon was also needed because BurBoy does not have a (valid) passport yet, and since he will be my companion to the White Party in a week’s time, he will have to take the bus to Bangkok.  Instead of taking a bus from Bagan, which is further north, to Bangkok, why not skip those 10 hours to Yangon and just hop on a plane from Bagan to Yangon, and just spend the 14+ hours on a bus to Bangkok. I can see how travel agents earned their keep back in the day.


There was a free airport shuttle van that can take people to other terminals. Yangon airport has three terminals. I arrived at the brand spanking new Terminal 1, very modern and not at all busy. Bangkok Airways and Air Asia were the main tenants. Terminal 2 was the old international terminal, and received other airlines that had flights to Yangon from various parts of Asia. We had to go to Terminal 3, the domestic terminal. BurBoy guides me to cross the driveway to get to the waiting shuttle. We load up our suitcases and he tells the driver, in Burmese, our destination. The driver fires up the van right away and we make our first stop to Terminal 2 to see if there any passengers, before heading to Terminal 3.


We get to the terminal and upon entering had to put our suitcases through security, even if we were just there to buy tickets. We spot the counter for Air KBZ:




the most prolific domestic airline, and quickly get helped by a disturbingly friendly older male receptionist. He first talks to me in English but BurBoy interrupts and talks to him in Burmese to tell him about our plans. They do a back and forth before the guy handed us over to the main ticket agent where she, the receptionist and BurBoy have a lively discussion. I recognize the words “Bagan”, Mandalay” and “Yangon” but not much else.  BurBoy asks me for dates and I write it down on a piece of paper on the counter. I put “AM” on the date where he will leave Bagan to get to Yangon, and “PM” on the date where we will head from Mandalay to Bagan.


A quick check of her schedules and we were informed that at our date they did not have any Mandalay to Bagan flights that were at our time frame. They did have a Bagan to Yangon flight for BurBoy though. He quickly takes his Myanmar ID card from his wallet and gives it to the ticket agent. BurBoy asks me “You have $50 for ticket?” And I retrieve a shiny, unmolested $50 bill from one of my wads of cash in one of three distinct places in my person and my backpack (one can never be too careful). I hand this over to the agent. The agent looks at the $50 bill and shows it to the lady sitting next to her and they have a lively discussion about it. Are they not used to getting $50 bills? BurBoy chuckles at the discussion and looks at me and sticks his tongue out.


She asks BurBoy a few questions and then prints out his confirmation on a piece of paper printed from a very old printer:




We thank the agent and the receptionist for helping us, and we head out the door to catch a cab. BurBoy finds one to his liking, talks to the driver and we take our suitcases and put them in the trunk and get in the back. We drive out of the airport and hit some rural surroundings for a while before hitting the busy streets of Yangon. There was traffic in the way, possibly due to rush hour because it was 5 PM:




It takes us about 40 minutes to get to the hotel, the Chatrium Royal Lake Yangon. If it was good enough for Hillary Clinton when she stayed here, it would definitely be good enough for us. It was $110 a night for the two nights we are staying. There were a good variety of both simple hotels for $20 a night, to the Strand Hotel, which was $500 a night, in Yangon, so I felt this was a good choice. It was a little bit outside the main downtown area where Shwedagon Pagoda and the markets were, but taxis were in abundance in Yangon so its not an issue. It was situated by the Kandawgyi Lake, and the Bogyoke and Kandawgyi Parks, so a walk to nature might be possible soon.


I check the temperature and it was 86 degrees (30 celsius) now, but it felt cooler when we got off the taxi in front of the hotel. It must be the cooler breeze from the lake. One of the handsome receptionists greets us and we quickly get escorted to one of the couches in the lobby. He asks for our passports (I give him mine, BurBoy gives him his Myanmar ID card). I take a quick photo of the Christmas display at the lobby. I’ve been busy this December, and did not have time to get into the Christmas spirit, so seeing this, 9000 miles away from home, it suddenly filled me with the holiday spirit I did not expect to find in a Buddhist country:




As we wait for check-in, BurBoy asks me what I wanted to do tonight. I preempt any ideas of a big night and tell him I am still jet-lagged and would want to rest as much as I can, given our big Yangon day tomorrow. He said we could at least check out the park and find restaurants by the lake. I thought that was an excellent idea to have Christmas Eve dinner by the lake.


The hunky receptionist serves some light and sweet iced tea to us as a welcome drink, as well as some cold moist towels to wipe away the Yangon humidity off of our faces. Pretty soon one of the lobby people gives me a check bin with the bill for the whole stay. I see both our names in the bill, good to know no one batted an eyelash when two men check-in to a one king-size bed room. I give her my credit card and 5 minutes later I sign the bill and we are off to our room. The hunky receptionist takes our bags and escorts us to our room. We needed the key card to operate the elevator.


We get to our room and it is fairly western and clean. A stock photo of the room:




BurBoy fishes out 500 kyat from his pocket and gives it to the hunky receptionist for helping. He bids us a nice stay and off he goes. I wonder if he was guessing what was going on between us. It never seemed to be a problem. I quickly unpack one of the suitcases and retrieve BurBoy’s presents from the homeland (just some American made shirts and a book). I tell him “Merry Christmas!” unsure of what that meant to him. He thanks me back and hugs me tightly. And thanks me some more by taking off his shirt and shorts. He is very naked in close quarters with me, and was never shy about showing me what he’s got. The holiday has begun!


He then unpacks some things in his suitcase and gives me my presents: a longyi and a pair of slippers. I thank him for the presents. It was items that were a must for every Myanmar guy in the country.  Of course you don’t have to wear a longyi or slippers while touring, but it does make things easier. It was very touching, and the slippers even were the right size for my feet. I ask him to teach me how to wear the longyi. I take off my shirt and shorts. He takes his own longyi from his suitcase and shows me how.  Sexy YouTube tutorial on how to tie a longyi:



My own tutorial from BurBoy was very sensual as well. He told me beforehand that he has not been to a gym in a month, so he won’t be as ripped as I am used to. Seeing his ripped abs and muscles I don’t know what he was talking about. Oh to be 23 years old and have that metabolism. And tying that longyi with that body was amazing. I take a few photos and show it to him. He was surprised that his abs popped out as it did in the longyi. I put my own longyi and after a few tries got the hang of tying it.


The longyi (pronounced lawn-gee), of course, is the traditional piece of clothing widely worn in Myanmar. It’s really just a cylindrical sheet of cloth and is worn usually without tying it into a knot. I felt that wearing a longyi while touring gave the tour an extra dimension, a chance to feel like a local while a tourist in their country. Not sure if I am brave enough to just wear underwear under the longyi, but we will shall see.


Here is a stock photo of a Myanmar boy in a longyi, so you get the idea:




In contrast, a Facebook page “Tourists Wearing Longyis” (https://www.facebook...sWearingLongyis), makes light-hearted fun of farang wearing the ubiquitous cloth. Will I be subject to the same (harmless) ridicule? Not sure that with my Generic Asian Face™ that I can pass for Burmese just yet. We shall see as this trip goes. One screenshot:


FullSizeRender 7.jpg


BurBoy approaches me and holds me. He kisses me and takes of my longyi. I take off his and we kiss. I suggested we take a shower and have fun there, and he takes off his skimpy briefs and I take off my boring ones. He takes the lead and turns on the shower to my preferred temperature. We enter the shower and I get my usual thorough soap down from him. I return the favor, if only to get a feel of the amazing body I have missed for three months. We kiss and stroke each other’s cocks. At 5’9 his height is more accessible to me (as opposed to my towering BF), and is ripe for kissing. We chuck wow until we come. We soap up some more till we are clean again. As far as tours go, the start of this one is one of the best so far.


So our night ahead, in the parks and lakes of Yangon, next.