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If you prefer long-time off's what are the current odds.....

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#1 topjohn5



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Posted 05 March 2018 - 05:46 AM

It seems there are always certain boys who prefer not to or can't do long-time off's. Also, I realize some receive an incentive from the bars to do only short-times and then return to the bar for another off.

I have heard that boys are not doing as many long-time off's now. Is that, in your opinion, true? Is there a difference between Bangkok and Pattaya in this regard?

I very much prefer long-time but will do if needed a short-time now and again. I have no problem getting long-time using apps but I'm interested about the bar boys in this case.

P.S. I only off gay boys (assuming I can tell, lol and I try to off only bottoms but do off versatile boys if I'm sure they will cooperate.

#2 vinapu



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Posted 05 March 2018 - 09:20 AM

I'm firmly in long time camp and even with affinity for older, straight acting and looking boys rarely have I problem of getting boys for long time. At times they may seek permission from girlfriend or book leaving time at say , 6 a.m. because they need to walk daughter to a school  


Even if odd boy refuses there's always his bar friend of equal quality who will do. And they tend to stick to their side of bargain, rarely trying excuses to leave early although it happens from time to time.


I don't think gay bottoms would be different.

Only difference I see between two cities is that BKK  boys request and expect higher tip.


Others may have different experiences  

#3 Travellerdave



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Posted 05 March 2018 - 12:52 PM

My experience during a recent three week trip to Pattaya confirms the view of Vinapu above. I offed boys from a Gogo and GR, but more from the Complex gay bars, where I usually left with a boy after midnight when they are looking for long time.

#4 Boy69



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Posted 05 March 2018 - 01:10 PM

If you mean more than one night with the same boy ;Bar boys tend not to do many long-time off unless the fee is very high or in case there is a good chemistry between you two.
Last year a lovely boy suggested to me long term for all my 4 weeks in Thailand on reasonable fee but his bar made difficulties for him and many potential clients demanded his services through Hornet so he evantually left with a big quarrel. Needless to say that there wasn't a good chemistry between us and also he was caprice by nature.
If you take boy from a bar you will have to pay off fee for all period that he's staying with you in my humble opinion it's better to find a boy through the apps that willing to do long term with agreed price without the pressure from the bar, as said you can take the boy from the bar but you can't take bar from the boy .

#5 spoon



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Posted 05 March 2018 - 03:48 PM

Usually they dont do long time due to other commitment rather than wanting to go back to bars, especially if u took the boy rather late. Some willing to do it as long as they can go back early. Some only willing to do longtime if they like that customer. Some do long time because they like your room or bed. Some dont do long time because need to go back to family/wife/gf. Or have day job so want ample rest. Its worth to repeat your request if initially they dont agre to long time but u went ahead with short time at your hotel, as they might change their mind. Your tips offer might also influence whether they want to stay over or not.

#6 abang1961



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Posted 05 March 2018 - 11:12 PM

If you guys ever bumped into me in Thailand and you are my "type", I will be the one that does the indecent proposal.

During my Oct 2018 trip to PAttaya, I was the one who proposed to have a holiday romance with a Dutch.we had a good 2 days together before I left home.

So the next time if you see me luring around in PAttaya..You won't me surprise to hear Take me, Take me...

#7 z909



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Posted 06 March 2018 - 01:54 AM

Generally I prefer long time, at least once I'm over the jet lag at the start of the trip.  


However, some of the boys don't get up until late, so taking all this into account, eventually I'm happy with a mix of short time & long time.  



1   If finding your boy with a phone app, just negotiate it all up front.   If he says no, move onto another one.


2   In the gogo bars, since I prefer to keep the mamasans out of the process, I don't get to know if he will do long time until he's sat next to me.    Obviously I've invested in a boy drink at this point & if he ticks all the other boxes & we get on, I'll generally take him short time, if he really will not do long time.  


3  Turning up later in the evening seems better for long time.    Some of the cute boys like to get 2 or more customers in an evening during high season.   Obviously if you're offing someone at 22:30, he has less chance of doing that. Although you might be his second customer.   I have seen boys leave with a customer & return 45 minutes later. 


4 To avoid getting boys promising long time & actually giving you short time, tell them "Tonight I do long time.   Long time tip is 2000, short time tip is 500".    You will never need to pay 500, as the ones who have no intention of doing long time back out at this point.

#8 Vessey



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Posted 06 March 2018 - 06:00 PM

To complicate things there can occasionally also be long short-times and short long-times.


Long short times are, for me at least when someone agrees to meet you during the day, and stays with you maybe three or four hours, maybe sex only the once (but long and protracted), then watch TV, go eat, have massage together - but all at the agreed ST fee (albeit a generous one),


The short long-times, again for me at least, is where I have taken a boy at maybe 8pm or 9pm, kept him with me all night to go bars and eat, maybe even somewhere like Nab later, and then gone back to the room for sex, but then they leave afterwards rather than stay and sleep the night (again the long-time fee is, by prior agreement, tailored down to reflect that). [the fact that I snore for England may have something to do with that choice of course]


Now in both those scenarios the boys I have done that with have been repeats rather than first timers.



Then there is the interupted long-time, the lad is basically staying with you the full day or days, but wants a couple of hours, usually early evening, to go and meet up with friends - or whatever. Probably to see another client for ST I suspect, but also allows me to go and do exactly the same. Works well, everybody happy and no loss of face!



Buy hey, its our holiday, our money and (with negotiation) our call.

#9 kokopelli



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Posted 06 March 2018 - 06:19 PM

Then there is the "old woman's dance", short and sweet, the way I prefer it.

#10 ChristianPFC



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Posted 09 March 2018 - 06:26 PM

When I first came to Thailand in 2009, I was looking for long time, but that has changed over the years. Having lived alone for 10 years, I will not compromise on anything (sleep-wake pattern, temperature, light in room). Nowadays I don't discuss ST or LT (I don't talk about tip and expectations either), just see how it goes, and only if the boy asks to stay over night, and I'm in the mood, I let him stay. Last case I had everything was fine with the boy, but I had an appointment with Farang friend for disco later, so I had to send the boy away (in disco I would look for free encounters, so inviting a boy whom I offed in a bar to join disco would be counter-productive).

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