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Memories of Mr #2

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Posted 31 July 2018 - 05:19 AM


Let me tell you a story about a guy.  It was a few years ago. I was exploring Pattaya and wandered into Xboys.  It was when they had 2 bars in operation, one across from the other. The bars entertainment rivaled those you would find in Bangkok.  I focused on 3 guys that drew the greatest response from the audience and they seem to be in competition with each other. If one of them got a tip the other 2 would pour it on until they got a tip as well.   My attention was focused on #2. That was not his number but I would guess it was his popularity ranking in the bar. He had model looks but an average endowment. #1 in popularity had looks and an impressive tool between his legs.  Mr. #2, what he lacked in dick size, he made up for in looks, confidence and that certain something.Attached File  xboys1.jpg   9.44KB   2 downloads


Over time I watched #2.  I thought I he didn’t notice but he did.  On my return the following year, as I walked into the bar, he nodded his head as if to acknowledge me.  I smiled and took my seat. Once again he was offed by a guy heavy, youthful, fem westerner who seem to never close his wallet.


The next night, I was wondering if I would see #2, I did and I then decided that he was a one night only type of guy.  Either by his choice or by the customers. On this night I sat alone and sipped on my beer. (I am not a fan of beer but I drink it when in Thailand).  I saw #2 walking past me and before I realized it, he was sitting next to me. His bear leg pressed against mine. He looked at me, placed his hand on the side of my face to pull me in for what I thought was to be a kiss but it turned out to be a whisper with his lips so close that with every word his lips touched my ear sending shivers down my spine.  The host appeared, I agreed to his drink and soon he had a beer in hand and we soon tapped bottles in a quiet toast.


He pulled my hand to his firm leg, just below the opening of his shorts.  “You like me?” He asked. I then realized just how good his english is. I said nothing and just smiled.  “You drunk?” He asked. I told him no but he didn’t believe me. I think it had to do with my contact lenses being worn all day and my taking allergy medication.  My balance is thrown off a little when my allergy affects my inner ear.


Up close Mr. #2 looked even better and my body felt a certain chemistry next to his body.  I asked him how much does he ask for a tip? 7,000 Baht he whispered. Immediately I no longer had any chemistry with him.  I think he was able to read my chemistry and dropped the request to 5000 baht. His drink was done, the hosed appeared to ask if I would buy him another drink and I declined.  Then I was asked if I would off him. I declined and tipped him 100. He was gone as magically as he appeared when he sat next to me.


Early the next year I returned to Pattaya.  I was entering Xboys 2, the sister bar across from the main bar.  As I entered the host told me that my friend was there. Soon #2 was next to me treating me like an old friend.  I remember thinking that he was now a big fish in a little pond working in this smaller bar.  Anyway, my old friend is now joking and laughing and asking me again if I was drunk. Soon I was asking him again how much he would accept for a tip?  1,500 he told me. I agreed and once the show was over we got on his motorbike and we were on our way to View Talay 5C. He asked my direction to get there and when I told him he had to make a u-turn once we reached Jomtien Complex, he told me I was drunk and he stopped to get direction ignoring my direction.  Well we got to my condo and once in the room I showered but he declined. I won’t go into what we did but I can say I had better. I told him I wanted us to come together. He lied and told me he came already and asked me, “Don’t you remember?” I told him he didn’t come but he assured me he did. I let it go…  We got dressed, I gave him his tip, he asked for a little more, I was tempted to play his game and say I already gave him extra but I just told him no because he didn’t come and didn’t deserve extra. With that he left. I hopped on line and soon had a romeo guy over to finish what Mr #2 Started.Attached File  xboys2.jpg   11.59KB   2 downloads


Later, Mr. #2 would always seek me out when I was in his bar just to personally say hello and angle for me to buy him a drink and offer me another chance at his hot body.  I still found him attractive but that one night told me more about him than he realized. Now every part of me is telling me to keep my distance.


When Prisma bar opened, I found Mr. #2 there.  He looks hot in shorts and hotter in black jeans.  As I was walking into Boyz Town, Mr #2 was next to me asking me if I remembered him?  I told him I could never forget him. He asked me to enter his bar, I thought it over and in doing so he attempted to reassured me that the drinks were not expensive by telling me the cost of a beer..


I told him maybe later but I never did take him up on his offer.  Attached File  prisma.jpg   18.25KB   2 downloads


I hope I never waste my time with him again, but I still think of Mr. #2.  I him walk the stage in his underwear. Walk the stage in the nude, perform in a sex show and lay across my bed, legs spread, dick standing at attention, him laying back supported by his elbows and softly telling me that I can suck it if I want…  But the thing I remember about him when I think about him, is him in his black jeans, climbing onto the back of a motorbike with 2 other gogo guys, his small, perfect ass perfectly situated on the seat, his lean arm muscles lightly flexing as he gripped the bar behind his seat, his head slightly turned to smile at me as the ride off.  Ahhh, Mr. #2...

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Posted 31 July 2018 - 11:28 AM

He must be something if after that kind of experience you still are in ' oh and ahhh " mode when thinking about him.


Not that I'm surprised, we all know that at times looks and performance are not going hand in hand. Look at bright side -at end of day he left you with some pleasant feeling about him as we can see above.

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