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Hollywood's sexual underground

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Posted 05 August 2018 - 10:03 PM

From National Public Radio



Scotty Bowers, pictured here in his Marine uniform, ran a gas station in post-WWII Hollywood that provided a unique service for many movie stars of the era.

Greenwich Entertainment


We are constantly rewriting our collective history, but few of us can do it with as much devilish glee as Scotty Bowers. Now 95, the onetime Hollywood hustler spent decades during Tinseltown's golden era providing sexual services to the biggest names in town, including Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, George Cukor and Rex Harrison. He'd rent out a trailer in the back of a gas station on Hollywood Boulevard for $20 per session and also make house calls, sometimes matching the celebrity with his tricks, often jumping into bed with them himself. And Scotty never spilled the beans on any of his clients, until they'd almost all died off and he felt free to publish his salacious tell-all memoir in 2012, forever altering our relationship to the stars.


Well, Scotty's got nothing to lose anymore, and director Matt Tyrnauer knows it, which must by why now is the time for Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood. The documentary sets fire to the red curtain of modesty we've draped around our celluloid idols for so long. Some will be skeptical of such hard-to-prove claims about long-dead celebrities, which can have a JFK-conspiracy-theory tint to them, although for what it's worth, a lot of folks (including Gore Vidal) have vouched for their accuracy. But today, the hardest part of Scotty's story to swallow might be that he was somehow able to practice decades of discretion. You watch him on camera, going off on wild tales about setting Hepburn up with 150 women, and you can't believe this guy was capable of keeping all his clients' needs in his head—never writing down a word—for so long. He just enjoys the gossip too much. Picture him tossing off this nugget about Grant and his "roommate" Randolph Scott in as casual a tone as you can imagine: "I've been with them individually, and both of them, what you'd call a three-way, and I also brought another buddy so there were four of us, you know, two and two."


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