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Posted 17 October 2010 - 07:20 AM

From Khun Bao Bao:
There are probably already a million blogs about travel, and easily thousands about what has become my favorite destination Ė Thailand Ė but as Iím just as vain as most other writers and not nearly as thick-skinned as some this seems a safer place to post some of my experiences in the Land of Smiles than a public member forum. Here I can do my own moderating and delete what Iíd normally grind my molars down a bit further about on a forum. Besides, there are those who are interested in my observations and stories and this will allow them to check in at their leisure as their time allows.

Am I an expert on Thailand, this land Iíve grown so fond of? Not by a country mile, so save your comments. Iíve made a bakerís dozen trips there over the past seven years, and each time I learn a smidgeon more about some sliver of the culture or people or some place I've visited, and this will be a place where I can share... but itís by no means a reference. If you want that, try doing a Google for something more authoritative.

My experiences may be of use to you, but the anecdotal nature of them will probably put them more into the category of entertainment, since I rarely reference sources. If you find it an enjoyable read, Iíll be pleased enough. If it inspires some sharing of ideas and opinions in a constructive manner, thatís a bonus.

At some point Iíll assemble these entries along with other pieces into book form and who knows, perhaps even find someone interested in publishing it besides a ďvanity pressĒ house.


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