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#127853 Boys and their friends

Posted by abidismaili on 19 November 2018 - 02:09 AM

I don't differentiate between LT and ST, I also don't discuss sex or tips in the bar...I just take off and see where the night takes us!

BTW for clarity my Thai BF is usually with me too, the off can sometimes be for me, sometimes for him, sometimes for both... it all depends on chemistry

But if you don't discuss it the boy can be under the impression he will be taken to your hotel and after sex be back in the bar one hour later. In stead he finds himself dragged from bar to bar and only then the hotel and then being paid off with 2000 baht because money wasn't discussed, so he can't complain ? I don't understand boys dont discuss their price first. Because after the fact it's too late to complain.

#127840 Literature

Posted by abidismaili on 18 November 2018 - 11:02 PM

Thanks to this thread I am looking for some gay Thailand books and I see a 'Twilight Soi' book from a guy named Stapleton. Looks promising. It is fairly recently. 


On Amazon.de you can read the introduction. I wonder how true it all is. He writes "any tourist entering X-size has a high chance of being robbed".  The book is from 2011. Sounds trustworthy? I never had issues in that bar. But maybe in 2011 this was the case?

#127835 Literature

Posted by abidismaili on 18 November 2018 - 09:29 PM

The author must wonder why suddenly his book sells so good on Amazon. I doubt he sells much in a week and now in one day a few. If he is a member he will know the reason.

#127748 Taking boys on a trip outside Thailand, steely stares of disapproval

Posted by abidismaili on 17 November 2018 - 02:52 PM

Sometimes board members mention taking boys to cities outside of Thailand as a treat for them/us.  How do you guys deal with the negative reactions, cold stares from the locals and especially the tourists?  I often sometimes feel uncomfortable out and about with a boy in even in Thailand. No one assumes he’s my son/grandson.

I’ve had boys hint at and ask me to take them to various SE Asian destinations and it’s sometimes tempting. But I’m not so sure how uncomfortable we might be made to feel.

Do others have positive trip experiences?


Never ever experienced anything bad or strange stares. I have taken a boy to Cambodia (Siem Reap), Singapore, Japan (Tokyo) and Russia (Moscow). The number of options is limited because for most countries Thai need a visa, so I picked countries for which they don't need it.


Only in the last country (Russia) I was a bit worried. So I told him to not act too feminine and during the Moscow trip I also said "when people ask we will say you are the brother of my wife and you wanted to see Moscow". I also took care for the Moscow trip we had one room with 2 beds. Just to be sure.  But for the other 3 countries we walked hand in hand and no strange stares at all (maybe also because I am in my 40s and many Asians say I look younger, so it is maybe less weird then if a 75 year old would do it). Also nothing strange in Moscow but there we didn't show it, just as a pre-caution.

#127707 How crowded is Boyztown and Sunee currently?

Posted by abidismaili on 17 November 2018 - 07:34 AM

Yes. Please someone go into a gogo bar (preferably a few, so we have more data points) and report average number of customers. I was alone in October. Which indeed is very uncomfortable.

I hope this thread leads to a good picture about the true difference between high and low season. If high season means you have on average 3 custokers in a gogo bar compared with 1 in low season, then it feels for me like not that much different with low season. But if high season has on average like 10 or more then it starts to feel very different. And then most likely choice of boys also much higher. And better.

#127450 Expected tips for companionship

Posted by abidismaili on 12 November 2018 - 01:09 AM

I was in Pattaya last October and 1000 baht I paid short time, almost never a discussion.

Some boys I paid more. One Cambodia boy took very very good care of me (way above what you can reasonably expect), he got 4000 baht (it was long time by the way, initial agreed price was 2000)


When I take a boy in a Pattaya gogo bar to my seet for a drink and chat (and kissing and feeling) I tipped about 300 baht after say 15 minutes sitting with him and kissing him and feeling him etc.


When I take a boy to sit with me in a beer bar I tend to tip 100 to 200 baht.


For oil massage without happy ending I tend to tip around 300 baht. With happy ending 1000 baht (in Pattaya).


For foot massage I tend to tip around 100 baht

#127384 Just the tip

Posted by abidismaili on 10 November 2018 - 09:38 PM

Lose our erections?? Damn right, the end of this century is some 80 years away... I'm not really worried.


But the time is not that far away when Thailand's moneyboys will ask 4000 baht for a session. Maybe already somewhere in the next decade if their economies keep growing. It is then economically not profitable anymore to travel that far for sex with the boys of your dreams (considering all others costs will also have risen: hotel, food, etc)

#127364 Please help me

Posted by abidismaili on 10 November 2018 - 03:15 PM

Asking money by money boys is a part of their job it's a hit and miss for them they are asking money from all the falangs they know eventually they found some stupid ones who send them money.


You call these farang stupid, but what if the boys he helps really need it, and they are convinced its no scam, are these farangs then also stupid by helping them? Not all requests for money are a scam I am sure.


Like it is also not all a lie when they say they like you and are handsome. If the boy you take to your room pulls of his pants and underwear and he is already erect (meraning he was erect walking with you into your hotel room) it looks to me he is looking forward to it. There are boys who really like older men (say 40 year olds) and there are boys who really need help. It isn't stupid to help them then if you can afford it. Just be carefull not to get attached emotionally to too many of them because you will be broke soon.

#127230 Please help me

Posted by abidismaili on 06 November 2018 - 11:52 AM

I must say I easy feel sorry for the boys.  When I first started going to Thailand (4 years ago) I gave in easily if the story sounded believable to me (I not looked just at story but at body language, etc, and if it made me believe them and feel sorry for them I tended to give in).


But I have become wiser now that I have more experience.


Because if you give in to a boy you will get more and more requests from him.  And from others also! First it becomes once every 3 months you get a request for help from him, then slowly once every 2 months you get a message if you can send some money via Western Union and before you know it he needs help once every month.


So now I am in a phase to mostly say "No" even if I believe them and it breaks my hearth sometimes. But if I give in to every boy who needs help I will be broke soon. That is a lesson I learned.


I can not help everyone. And the lesson I learned is that when I pick only a few boys for help their requests multiply soon if you give in to each of them. So they tend to make abuse of your generosity by over-asking. So only in rare cases now I tend to give in and I make clear it is one time only.


But I pay them good price and tips for services rendered. I treat them with respect. But I have thus reduced the help money.

#126913 There are other bars!

Posted by abidismaili on 29 October 2018 - 11:47 AM

a474a has written some nice reviews of Golden Cock ( my old haunt ) has anyway been to Super A or New Nature Boys recently?


Because of this forum I went to Golden Cock last Saturday for the first time ever. There were only 3 boys, one looked in his late thirties or even fourties. The other two weren't excactly my type either.  I guess I have to come back in high season to understand what is so attractive in that bar. I left the bar soon.


One other tip from this forum, Zy Massage, turned out to be successfull. Beautiful twinks.

#122891 What do the Arabs do ?

Posted by abidismaili on 07 July 2018 - 04:55 PM


I assume that abidismali's outburst is satirical, mocking the ignorance and prejudices of illiterate red-necks. It certainly made me laugh. He's right; while we opponents of racism have such people as opponents, we cannot fail to win.


Very telling you are unable to give any counter arguments to my facts.

1) You truly think Arab countries would allow millions of non-Muslim immigrants in who can then build churches and temples?

2) Give one example where a nature disaster in a non-Muslim country gave rise to aid giving by a Muslim country's population

3) Most Arabs do not have any respect for other cultures and religions

4) My quote about what Muslim children say to Dutch kids is also fact based.

5) It is also fact based they not see our tolerance as a kind of goodness of where Western culture is better, but they think Allah makes us blind, so they can islamize Europe. They only think we do all of this for them because of Allah making us too blind to see their true goal and not because of some intrinsic goodness in us and our culture. 

#122884 What do the Arabs do ?

Posted by abidismaili on 07 July 2018 - 12:53 PM

Vicious  and cheap comment from Gaybutton.... sadly characteristic of someone obsessed by Arabs in Sunee. Comments about Afro-Americans and Jews are rightly considered inappropriate but somehow, anti-Arab prejudice seems acceptable for some.


Maybe because a lot of Arabs are among the most prejeduced people on Earth? They look down on any non-Muslim. You are worth nothing to them. They are first and foremost Muslim in their minds eye.


Also a trend in Western countries is that if some Earthquake happens in a country we send money to help. Arabs will only send money if that country is a Muslim country.


They have zero respect for other cultures and religions. If you want to know what will happen to a society when their faith becomes a majority look at any Muslim majority country in the Middle east. 


Also we have many Muslim immigrants in Europe who live on wellfare, who are free to build mosques etc. You think they are gratefull for the freedom they have here and for the financial support we give them? No, they think secretly that Allah makes us blind and that is why we do it. Many even openly say "we will take over" (their children say that in schools to Dutch kids, so you know where they have this from: from what they hear at home).  They think Allah makes us blind in allowing them in. I know what is being said in many Muslim households in Europe behind closed doors.


You think Arab countries would welcome non-Muslim immigrants in the numbers in which we accept immigrants? You think they would allow them to build Bhuddist temples and Christian churches in their countries?


This mindset is not a tiny minority among Arabs. It is the majority.  Prejeduce is not prejeduce when it is true.

#122630 Bangkok Trip Report 2018: I Get Really Greedy Edition

Posted by abidismaili on 30 June 2018 - 11:12 PM

Very nice post about that index, but it isn't correct for my situation. If you only do short time, so not overnight, the index reduces immensely: then in stead of doing 7 * 1000 for California, you need to do 7 * 250. And gone is already a large part of the gain.


Also you say a boy is about 2000 baht ($50). Not true if you use bars. You have off fee, you have at least two drinks to pay. Say in total 2000 + 500 + 500 (and then I use the cheapest bars) = 3000 baht for a boy, not 2000. But factor in that to find your boy for the night you maybe went to other bar first to talk to boy there first that is another few hundred bahts. So I wouldn't be surprised that scooting for a boy in bars brings the total to 4000 baht short time (unless the first boy you talk with in the first bar is always the one you choose).


So in my case it would still be profitable to go to Bangkok, but the index would be far lower than 5.54.

#121877 Fun still can be had in Sunee

Posted by abidismaili on 03 June 2018 - 08:56 PM

Tourists have discovered other gay places around the world, some offering much the same as Sunnee


Please give some examples where else in the world you can go to gogo- and beer bars and off cute twinky guys?

#121874 Soi Twilight Visit on June 1

Posted by abidismaili on 03 June 2018 - 06:53 PM

Well, are they sitting for hours for work?  If so, is that not what a security guard does? 


If you think for one sec that a non-sex massage person makes more than 300 baht tip for a massage, I have some ocean front property in Arizona I want to sell you. 


Ok fair enough.  I just think with so many massage places and so many people employed there (some clearly above their primee age 18-25) you would think many only have massages and have no clients wanting happy endings from them.