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#121444 Craigslist removed personal ads from their sites

Posted by funwmen on 13 May 2018 - 09:17 PM

There is a new site that has pretty much replaced craigslist for hook-ups here in the states and looks like they are adding other countries and cities daily.  It is https://doublelist.com and am sure its only a matter of time before Thailand is included.  

#119879 December Chiang Mai Report - and a First Time

Posted by funwmen on 01 March 2018 - 10:48 AM

December Chiang Mai Report - 5th day


Woke up to rain on my 5th day and was determined that I was not going to let it stop me from exploring.  By the time I am ready it has stopped for part of the morning at least so I head for the Nimman area again and find the other Ristr8o coffee shop down the soi to start my day and it again does not disappoint.  The attached bakery has some nice treats that were good also.  


As soon as I arrived it started to rain again so I just kicked back and people watched for a while enjoying my coffee and pastry.  Lots of VERY good looking Thai men to watch LOL.  After about an hour the rain stopped again and I walked around the area again for a few more hours heading toward the Old City until early afternoon.


I decided that I was craving Khao Soi again so I called an Uber and headed to Khao Soi Mae Sai.  If you have not visited this place make sure to put it on your list, it was well worth the trip.  I had the chicken KS and decided that it was not enough so I had a 2nd helping of the pork…. OH I SO MISS THE FOOD!  It was only 100 bht for both including tip!


By now the rain got a bit harder I decided to change plans and go to the Art in Paradise 3D museum. The 3D paintings in this exhibit were fun with the mobile app and they bring out your inner kid to play and imagine.  After a few hours of people watching the rain was still pouring, you could barely see across the street. I decided to pick a few obscure spots across the city and take an Uber ride to just see the city and was a great way to spend time and was super cheap compared to Uber at home.


Early evening I decided to return to Classic House Massage.  When I arrive I find that the guy I had on the 1st day would be gone the rest of the week, bummer!  The manager seems to remember me and immediately says I have guy for you and hurries off to retrieve him.


He returns with a very cute early 20’s muscle boy.  We head upstairs and I take a quick shower and ready to go.  When he starts I realize that I did not make sure he was told by the manager the type of massage I prefer as his technique is definitely a very heavy sports massage.  I now tried in vain to explain what I was looking for, but he did not speak much english and did not understand.


Although this is not the relaxing massage I was looking forward to he does know what he is doing and does mix in a bit of sensual touch on my ass and balls, though the pain was a bit distracting.  At some point he had removed his underwear and is also rubbing what seemed to be a very good sized soft cock against me, just far enough away from my hands so I can’t touch, definitely a tease.  


When he is done with my backside I turn over and he has a big smile asking, enjoy?  I say yes and reach for his cock.  What I find next was totally unexpected.  His cock is an average 5.5” or so but has HUGE girth and still semi soft with a nice helmet, DAMN, I am loving all this uncut cock this week LOL!  


I continue to play a bit while he starts on my front side but he never really gets fully hard.  Again he is a bit rough but his technique is very good and is also very good at teasing my cock and balls along the way so I am now hard as a rock.  When he finishes up my front he says I top?  I reply with a no, thank you just hand or blowjob.


He seems disappointed and starts a semi respectable handjob but think that maybe it was not what he was really looking for either.  I decide after a bit that I am going to have to finish this up myself again and point to my balls for him to massage.  This part he understands and proceeds to give them a good massage but again a lot rougher than I am used to, however I am really getting into it by this point.


His back is to me and he continues to lean in as I am getting closer and even though I warn him a few times that I cum a lot.  I don’t think he understood and does not move back.  When I cum it totally takes him by surprise and he gets covered and also gets some in his mouth.  I am sure is not his first taste, but as he turns he does not look happy about it at all.  Obviously I got another str8 boy, this part still confuses me.


He grabs his towel and out the door he goes and figure I guess we are done.  I look at the clock and we were only 1.5 hours in and only slightly annoyed about it, I had a good massage and a bit of fun along the way.  A quick shower and down to pay.  The boy is nowhere to be seen so I figure that he is really not happy if he is not showing up for the tip.  The massage was 1200 bht and I leave the minimum 1000 bht tip due to ending early.  


In all a very good massage, and feel it was my fault for not confirming with the manager what type of massage I wanted AND also to let him know that my preference is a gay guy, something that I will always remember to do in the future!  Later in the evening I am kinda feeling bad about the minimum tip as I loosen up walking a bit my back felt great from the unexpected sports massage.


It was still raining relatively hard out and decide to end my day back at the Maya mall food court for dinner and it was as good as it was the last time.  After dinner I decided to head to the rooftop bar of Maya.  Due to the rain it was not too busy and luckily they were running a special buy 1 get one.  The view of the city was nice and was able to sit out for a bit and relax as the rain finally stopped at least until I was ready to head back to the condo.


A nice ending to another great day in CM!

#119727 December Chiang Mai Report - and a First Time

Posted by funwmen on 24 February 2018 - 06:56 AM

December Chiang Mai Report - 4th day


I start my day walking around the Nimman area and find some other good coffee shops and a small pastry, nothing really stands out to report other than it was better than average.  Not really seeing much to eat I head to the Kad Suan Kaew mall and get there just after opening and explore a bit.  I rarely get a chance to just browse so that was fun.


I make it to the basement food court and head to the back where I read that the food selection was more local.  I find a good selection of items and find another new favorite.  I had been seeing these hard boiled eggs everywhere, but didn’t understand until now that they were curry infused, seriously yummy!!  Get some more Khao Soi and it makes the perfect lunch.


I walk around the area a bit more and decide to walk back toward the condo, still with a few hours to burn before meeting my 2nd local for some fun and forgot till I checked my notes while writing this up that I did visit one other massage shop.  Due to all the walking my feet were tired and I stopped at a foot massage place next to the Chiang Mai Hill hotel just down from the street from Prestige, I didn’t write the name down though.


I see the sign outside and they are running a special for a 90 minute foot massage for 200 bht, and think perfect as it is now getting pretty warm for me at this point.  I enter and was greeted with a smile by a nice looking stocky Thai man in his late 20’s (I think anyway LOL).  He says, she busy I do you K?  Trying not to laugh and thinking to myself, if only, but say yes thank you.  My mind has been in the gutter from the time I landed here with all of these good looking men!


He takes me down to the far end away from the only other customer and gives me a wonderful foot and leg massage.  Thinking to myself, if I had a foot fetish this would be the guy.  When I thought we were done, he says wait and tells me to turn around and pulls out this tiny kids chair to sit on.


Interesting, but OK… he then proceeds to give me a nice back, neck and scalp massage.  Then things turn a bit more sensual as he reaches up under my shirt to continue the back massage down to my ass crack and pulling at the top of my swim jock and then and reaches around to play with my nipples on and off.  That was about the extent of it, but was nice and gets me going a bit for what is to come a bit later.


I then go to pay and leave him a 100 bht tip which he seems happy with.  He then says with a large smile, you come back I do oil massage private.  I smile back and thank him again and leave.  I still found it interesting that I kept getting so much unexpected attention!  Not really sure if he means happy massage and did not ask, but I think I should have been more bold and explored that one a bit more as he was totally my type!


Now back to the condo to prepare for what would hopefully be another great encounter with my 2nd local guy I had been chatting with and was not disappointed!   Surprisingly, he is able to find the place without issue and am greeted at the door with a beautiful smile.


He looks just like his picture, only he looks like he is now trying to grow a scruffy beard and looks very cute.  He says he is 32, but again I am just giving up at this point trying to judge age as he doesn’t look it.  He seemed a bit more shy and we go up to the bedroom.  Along the way I quickly remember to shut the drapes this time LOL!


We then start kissing, groping and slowly undressing taking our time to explore each others bodys and I finally have him undressed and he is just beautiful!!  Guy next door build about 5’ 8”, smooth and a very respectable and really thick 5.5-6” uncut cock.  I feel like I am 16 again instead 52, and exploring all this for the first time!


I remind him that I need to go slow and loosen up a bit and thank god he understands english pretty well as I am a still bit worried by the thickness of his cock even though its not totally rock hard … it’s more pliable so I am thinking this may work out well.  He says, no problem and we continue with the foreplay for quite some time.  He is a great kisser and seems to love licking and sucking on my pecs.


We then get into a 69 and seem to both be loving that and then he goes further and starts rimming me while do my best to give him a blowjob.  Since he is shorter than I am it was not working very well and he decides to just have me turn over so he can proceed. Well, now his shyness is gone completely as he becomes considerably more agressive and his scruffy beard feels absolutely incredible on my ass!  Another thing that I need to remember for future reference as I always shave!


This goes on for quite some time in several different positions, but only on the bed and I then get to turn my attention to his cock for a while.  I feel that I know my way around giving a good blowjob, but am having to try really hard not to scrape his cock with my teeth due to the thickness but we both were enjoying it.


I decide that it’s now or never and ask him to loosen me up with his fingers and lube and then SLOWLY try to fuck me.  He is very receptive to this now and says I do good… and do good he did!  He immediately finds my prostate with 1 finger and then 2 and after a while 3, and because he takes his time it really didn’t hurt at all.


I reach up and put the condom on his beautiful cock sliding it on with my mouth which he seemed to love as it keeps getting thicker but still not rock hard … oh this is going to be interesting I think to myself.  I then lean on my back so I can watch his face and he starts to enter my hole.  Trying to relax a much as I can, he is having a challenge getting it in, but finally hits the spot and immediately stops as he sees the surprise on my face.


This was a bit more than I had bargained for, I had seen a picture of his cock, but it certainly did not do the thickness any justus!  I tell him to keep going, just go slow and he smiles and continues very gently as he starts to kiss me.  Well that gets me going and before long his balls are hitting my ass.


This takes a bit longer for me to get used to and he was very understanding!  After I think that I am prepared I tell him to go ahead and go faster, but he just keeps going slowly for a bit finding the right position to hit my prostate and then slowly starts to go faster and faster.  We end up in several positions and I am totally enjoying the body contact, though my prostate is still not cooperating damn it!  At least he knows what he is doing!


Oh well, I was still having a lot of fun and decide that I am going to cum while I have a cock pounding away at me even if I have to take matters into my own hands… He sees me start to do this and says NO!  He then reaches for the lube and starts giving me a wonderful handjob while fucking me… FINALLY a good hand job LOL!


It doesn’t take long before I am over the edge and shoot a good size load everywhere and he seems to like seeing that as he has a huge smile and starts laughing a bit.  As I am cumming I am clamping down on his cock and he starts fucking harder and cums as well and then collapses on me with a nice kiss with his cock still in me and then slowly pulls out.


We then just cuddle for a while and chat which was very nice.  We decide that we are both hungry, take a quick shower together where I get to pay some more attention to this cute guy and then out we go for the evening.


I told him that I really wanted some good pad thai and he says he knows a good place.  We head to the night market right by Maya and along the way hit the 7-11 for beer just to make sure.


He was RIGHT, this little lady made the best pad thai I have ever had & wish I wrote down the name of her spot!  WOW I so miss the food in Chiang Mai!!  After dinner we walk the night market and I receive another lesson in how and what to look for in the quality.  Back to the condo we have a nice makeout before leaving.  Very nice ending to the day!

#119468 December Chiang Mai Report - and a First Time

Posted by funwmen on 10 February 2018 - 09:38 AM

December Chiang Mai Report - 3rd day


I started my 3rd day back in the Old city at Blue Diamond Restaurant for breakfast.  This is another great find if you have not been.  They have a very nice breakfast menu and a huge assortment of vegetarian and vegan items also.  This vacation has almost become more of a foodie tour for me instead of curiosity about the culture, nomads, expats and of course sex LOL.  I have not had 1 bad meal so far!


After breakfast I explored the Old City a bit more with some more temple hopping and came upon the Wat Sri Suphan silver temple.  I really liked this older temple much better than the more commercial ones I have been to so far.  Mostly locals while I visited and was a very peaceful place to go early afternoon.  After I walked around a bit more and had some more street food, Khao Soi is so far my favorite dish I have tried.  Make sure to try it while you are there, I saw it everywhere around the city.


After lunch I decided to visit Common Massage.  This is a nice clean place and everyone was friendly, but felt a bit rushed in the beginning as I don’t think the manager or boys speak much english.  When I entered the manager greets me with a nice smile and I ask for a 2 hour massage and he hands me a sheet and says only 90.  I am thinking OK I swear I saw longer ones on their website but oh well.  I pointed to the body scrub, oil and cream massage thinking this should be interesting.  I then asked for Ken as I saw a review on this forum somewhere and received a deer caught in the headlights look.  


Not available, I say?  No here, come you choose, and I was quickly taken to the back with a lineup of smiling boys.  If you like twinks this is the place for you!  A bit taken back that I am suppose to just pick from a lineup like I am in a police station, I turn to the manager and ask who is the oldest and receive another blank confused look LOL.  I think the boys all understood that one, but thinking I am looking for the opposite and a boy in the middle PROUDLY SAYS I 18 with a large smile, and I am sure he was thinking he is it.  Then a boy on the end says I 21, but sure doesn’t look it because he is only about 5’ 3”, if that.


How am I supposed to pick, they are all beautiful!  After yesterday’s events with the incredibly hot 40 year old that had the body of a twink I am reminded that I really need to keep an open mind here.  I am terrible at being able to judge age in Thailand, everyone looks SO YOUNG!  I point to the 21 year old on the end and immediately cringe thinking that I am being rude by pointing at this kid, but he now has a huge smile like he just won something and the others looked very confused and sad.  Such a strange unexpected experience!


He comes over and grabs my hand and we climb to the 3rd floor to a good size room with a tall massage table in the middle that is wider than normal, still with only a pillow though.  He points out the door and says shower, hands me a towel turns on some music and does not move.  I am thinking OK this is odd so I just go with the flow, undress in front of him and head for the shower, making sure I have my wallet with me just in case.


Just an observation here, be super careful as all the floors are painted and quite slick with wet feet at least on the 3rd floor.  After the shower I return to the room to find him in nothing but a skimpy towel that barely hides his hardon … oh yes, I really need to keep an open mind while visiting Thailand LOL!  He then pats the bed for me to hop on.  I am thinking to myself, no need to be reserved at this point he has already seen everything and he is already hard, I remove the towel and hop on.


He then hops on top of me and moves up so his cock is resting in-between my crack and starts applying the salt scrub.  OK, now I see why the bed is so wide, I am liking this!  This boy was not shy, thats for sure and hoping to myself that I found a gay boy this time!  Another new experience as I have never had a scrub before and it was a wonderful feeling along with what seemed to be a respectable sized cock rubbing on me the entire time.  After he is done with the top half of my body he flips around and starts on my ass, legs and feet.


When he is done with my back side, he says over, but does not move so I am trying to turn over in between his legs …. I then get a good look at this boy as I really was not paying attention when I returned from the shower due to my eyes not being adjusted to the now dark room and being caught off guard several times.  I really needed to slow down and take in the scenery!  Now that my eyes have adjusted I see that he is very smooth, nice swimmers build with a the beginnings of a 6 pack and a nice little treasure trail of hair from his navel to his still hard cock.  Oh yes, he is uncut (I am so enjoying this in Thailand!) and guessing about 5.5” with some good sized balls.


He then proceeds just like he did on my backside with our cocks together rubbing away.  When he gets further down, he then flips around and starts in on the bottom half of my body.  The feeling of the salt on my cock and balls was a bit rough, but was certainly enjoying all this attention and he was gentile about it.  At this point I have a great view of this boys beautiful ass and decide to explore that along with his cock and balls from the back.  He gives me a bit of  room to allow me to play and seems to be enjoying that as much as I am.


He then says done we shower.  OH yeah, liking this more and more!!  We head for the shower and he gently washes me down until all the scrub is off making sure that every inch of my body was clean.  I then try to do the same for him and he says it ok, I do, and he quickly showers off not that he had a bunch on him to begin with, but that would have been nice.


We then slip and slide on the slick floor down the hall and return to the massage table.  We both hop on and he starts a wonderful oil massage on my backside.  The perfect medium heavy smooth strokes just like he has read my mind!  I immediately go to the massage zone and as I expected his cock is right on my ass crack rubbing away.  This is a nice surprise to have the sensual part mixed in right from the start!


As he moves down this time he does not flip around and pays a lot of attention on my glutes and crack and then my hole.  Danm, this kid is definatly not shy!  He puts one finger in, then another after a bit and then I tighten up a bit when he tries 3.  He immediately notices and goes back to one for a pretty good, but short prostate massage.  Do these boys get training on this or what?  Chatting with some bottom encounters here in the states I have been told they rarely have a top that knows what a prostate is, let alone how to find it with a finger or their cock!  As a top, I find that is the fun part driving them to the edge and back!


After a bit he finishes up my legs and feet and says turn, again with him still over me LOL.  He then starts to oil up my chest and our cocks together and get another surprise as he leans down to give me a great kiss!  This goes on for a bit while he is grinding our cocks together and think this must be similar to what I have read about the soapy massages, but didn’t find any info about them at the gay shops in Chiang Mai.  He then starts to go down paying attention to my pecs with his mouth and tongue and then down to my cock for the start of a nice blow job but stops to keep teasing me GRRRR!


He then starts back with a great massage, still rubbing his cock on me the whole time then down more and then with more attention on my cock, balls and hole again.  Flipps around to start on my legs and now my cock is rubbing in between his beautiful ass … It takes every amount of self control that I have not to grab his hips and guide my cock straight for that beautiful boys hole!  Not really in the zone anymore as I am so turned on at this point!


He then turns around with a huge smile and says I top now? … HMMM, same challenge as the first time with all this FUCKING OIL EVERYWHERE and say no, sorry just a hand or blow job.  On another note, do they not teach these boys about oil and condoms??  I did not even think about taking a quick shower in between as someone suggested in one of the the comments, I will not forget that part again for sure!  


Looking somewhat disappointed he starts stroking slowly and teasing me more and more, but unfortunately just like my 1st happy massage, he is not really good at this part.  I have to give him credit though, he was very good at the slow stroking and teasing part, but that is not going to make me cum.  I try to teach him a bit how to do a proper hand job, but we are just not able to communicate well enough.


Now I am thinking how do these guys/boys have such good skill with massage AND how to immediately find your prostate and not know how to give a proper hand job, really?  Oh well, I ask if he will give me a blow job and he does not seem keen on that so I point to my balls and he gets that part at least.  I then take matters into my own hands again and to my surprise he does not massage my balls, he starts licking and sucking on them in stride… OK this is looking up now!


This goes on for a bit and then he decides that he is going to start playing with my ass again and immediately finds my prostate while still sucking on my balls one by one.  We both seem to be getting into this quite nicely now and I am ready to shoot!  I end up shooting a huge load again that surprises us both, though this time not on the boy just all over my chest, face and hair and he says WOW COOL.  Well I guess he does know some english and is probably not str8 if he thinks it’s cool … He then grabs tissue to try to clean me up to no avail.  What is it with all the thin toilet paper to try and clean up, I need a towel!


I get up and grab my towel and he says no, and hands me his for some reason.  We then head for the shower again and this is quick, but he did let me explore his body a bit this time along with a nice short makeout session.  Overall, a very good massage and good fun, If I remember correctly we did go for the full time but at this point I was not paying attention, if not it was OK with me.  I really liked that he was not shy as I was feeling a bit bad when I pointed at him in the beginning like I was going to corrupt this kid LOL.


Dressed and down to pay, it was 1200 bht with a minimum tip of 800 bht.  The manager asks, good massage and reply YES, THANK YOU!  I end up leaving him 1500 bht for a tip and he seemed very happy with that and leave.  I wish I would have had time to return here, I would have taken more time, however I probably would have chosen the same boy again anyway!


I then head over to Maya Mall to the food court as I am starving at this point.  The food selection for a mall was AWESOME!  As I am browsing to see what I want I am not seeing any beer or wine anywhere and am determined not to repeat last nights error and hit the grocery store next to the food court.  I am not sure you are suppose to do this, but I did it anyway and grabbed a large Chang beer.  Then some very yummy seafood, a new spicy soup I had not seen yet and rice, it was all extremely good and very cheap for the quality!


I then ended the night walking around Nimman a bit and back to the hotel/condo rooftop bar to relax with a glass of wine with a nice view of the city after another GREAT day in Chiang Mai!

#119282 December Chiang Mai Report - and a First Time

Posted by funwmen on 03 February 2018 - 07:00 AM

December Chiang Mai Report - 2nd day


Thanks for the positive feedback and and glad that you enjoyed my descent into decadance on the first day, and just keeps getting better!  I start my 2nd day trying to get to a Segway tour and find out quickly that Uber can’t find this DAMN condo/hotel!  I learn very quickly that if you decide to stay at The Prestige walk to the main road in front of 71 Export and the drivers will not be circling trying to find a Soi that does not exist …


After finally getting my Uber I make it to the Segway tour in Old City and am relieved that I am not too late.  I have always wanted to try one of these out and had a complete blast!  I am so bummed that my Christmas wish did not come true when I did not have one if these under the tree … I must have been bad LOL!


After the Segway I walked around the Old City a bit and found my way to Bubble’s Massage.  Now I already knew that this massage shop did not offer any “extras” in my research, I just wanted to relax a bit and escape the heat and the cost seemed reasonable.  I found it funny that all the Thai’s around me were bundled up and were complaining it was cold and I was roasting due to not being used to so much humidity.  Amazing, there was already 2 feet of snow at home in front of my house and below freezing.


Bubble’s is a clean shop, though I found it a bit strange there was an older lady in the lobby doing alterations and welcoming customers for a gay oriented business … but hey on vacation and need to keep an open mind just not what I am used to seeing.  The guy comes down to greet me and he is very handsome, great smile, possibly mid 30’s with a nice stocky average build, YUM.  God help me, at this point I feel like a horny teenager again, there are so many great looking Thai men walking around this city to look at!!


We go upstairs and there is not a shower available this time, luckily I have not been out in the heat that long so feel it’s ok.  Explain that I wanted a medium swedish style massage and he seemed to understand, though not sure.  The room has several beds with curtains in between.  The beds are higher this time like a western massage table, but still just a pillow.  I did miss the regular massage tables during my stay in Thailand as I could not seem to find a comfortable position at any of the shops I visited.  Had a pretty good massage for the most part and the cost was 800 bht for the 2 hours and no requirement for a tip.  No happy ending, which I expected and he remained fully clothed.


Now onto the tip part, I only left him 100 bht tip which he seemed OK with.  He did do a pretty good massage, however being early afternoon he was the only one there and his attention to his cell phone and chatting with the lady from downstairs intermittently totally irritated me so it was not as relaxing as I had hoped.  As soon as I started getting into the zone I was brought back by the pinging of his Planetromeo app that he was replying to, or the lady from downstairs asking him questions.  Even though the massage was decent I did not return during my stay because of this.


Still with a few hours to kill before meeting the 1st local guy I had been chatting with on Planetromeo I headed to the Nimman area and found Ristr8to coffee lab.  This place can challenge the best coffee I have had anywhere in the states, and yes the last few years I have become quite a coffee snob!  I ordered an Irish coffee with whiskey and rum and another tube coffee with bourbon, Irish cream and rum …. OH WOW, I so miss the coffee shops in Chiang Mai!!


Back to the condo, cleaned up to be prepared for what I hoped would be a good fuck for the first time since I was younger and was not disappointed!  The guy messages me on Line that he is out front and lost, damn condo, so I go down to find him.  He is out on the main road in front of the long term rentals they offer.  He looks just like his picture, only a bit skinnier and shorter than I was picturing in my head.


He greets me with a beautiful smile and we head for the condo.  He says he is 40, but sure does not look like it to me … I think to myself, what are these men eating over here to preserve themselves so well, I have to be doing something wrong!  As soon the elevator doors close he pretty much pins me to the back wall, grabs my cock through my jeans and starts kissing me.  Well this is starting way better than expected!


The doors open and we shock an older chinese woman and she giggles a bit as we exit. What has gotten into me??  We head down the hall to the room and he continues with the constant attention unfazed by what just happened.  When we enter I was barely able to lock the door and clothes start flying everywhere, immediately and we don’t make it past the kitchen!


More kissing and groping and I have to stop for a moment to just look at this beautiful man!  He is mostly smooth, very skinny with a RIPPED swimmers build, 8 pack abs, BEAUTIFUL darker complexion and I later find out at dinner he is ½ Thai and ½ Chinese.   He has a beautiful uncut (here we go again LOL) cock that is about 7 inches, thinner than average with plenty of foreskin to play with, and some nice sized balls, oh heaven!!  I am thinking to myself this is the perfect beginner size cock!  We start at it again and eventually get to suck that beautiful cock and he also returns the favor after a bit of fun.  


He then spins me around bending me over the counter quickly and starts rimming me like there is no tomorrow, WOW.  We then make it to the couch and he has me on my back kissing more then down to sucking my pecs and the cock again.  He then lifts my legs, bends me in half and starts tongue fucking me once again and I am getting more turned on by the second.  He then replaces his tongue with his finger, then another, then his tongue for a bit more.  By this time I am now bent over the coffee table totally enjoying the attention.


I then realize something … OH WOW, the curtains are wide open for anyone to watch our little show, thank god we are on 7th floor!  I pause and point that out and we just start laughing as we close the drapes and head upstairs to the bedroom.  It doesn’t take long before we are back at it full steam on the bed, desk, chair and floor … WOW, if I knew that Thai men would be this passionate I would have visited sooner!


As soon as we think I am loosened up enough he pushes me on the bed again on my back, my favorite position as a top, he must be reading my mind, condom and lube in a flash and we are ready to give it a go.  He slowly enters a bit and waits for me to get used to it.  It didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I had remembered but still was not very comfortable.  Easing in more and more and then feel his balls on my ass and then slowly starts to fuck.  From experience of being a top, I can tell immediately he knows exactly what he is doing and it doesn’t take him long to find the right position to start hitting my prostate.


Unfortunately my prostate is not sensitive, but I can tell that it is bringing up the pressure in my cock and am loving the body contact and damn, this guy is a great kisser!  As soon as I am no longer in pain I tell him to go for it, however he would like and go at it we did, in several positions and places around the bedroom.


He fucked like a pro for I am guessing at least 30 minutes, at this point I am getting uncomfortable but still having fun and thinking that I am not going to be able to take this much longer when he says, I ready and pulls off the condom and shoots his load all over the front of me.  Awesome large load and then another surprise, he is not done.  He then starts sucking my cock, then up to scoop up some cum with his tongue for another great kiss to share his load.


He starts going back down, sucking on my nipples and playing with my belly button swirling some of the cum inbetween and then goes back down on my cock.  This time however his technique has changed and it has to be one of the top 5 best blow jobs I have had.  As I get closer I forewarn him that I cum a lot like he did and that seems to make him even more eager so it doesn’t take long for me to shoot.  


He doesn't miss a drop and continues to go at it for a bit longer until I am way too sensitive to continue and then comes up for another kiss to share our rewards!  In all we just spent the last several hours going at it and collapse for a bit to cuddle.  WOW, how lucky I am feeling at this point, a TRUE TOP for my first long fuck session that doesn't lose interest after cumming!  


Admiring this beautiful man beside me I am thinking to myself that I really needed to re-evaluate my position on what what turns me on as I have not really been attracted to twink/swimmer built men in the past, I generally melt for a stockier guy. This is probably due to my experiences here in the states where most of the ripped hot men I have been with were terrible in bed and had attitude and that is an instant turn off for me.


We then realize that we are both starving, hop up to take a nice shower together which leads to more kissing, groping and fun and then out the door for food and some great conversation.  I wanted to check out Steak Bar at the locals night market down the street near the University.  I was a bit uncomfortable at first when we start walking, as he wants to hold hands and think OK, I am just going to follow his lead, he lives here and knows the culture better than I do.  No one seems to even notice and the only place that has ever happened to me was in the Castro!


If you have never been to Steak Bar I would suggest that you seek this place out!  It has to be one of the best steaks I have had since Morton’s earlier in the year visiting Las Vegas and everything is extremely well priced.  We also ordered 2 other pasta dishes to share that were very good as well.  The chef’s presentation was absolutely beautiful and you can tell he really loves what he does.  The only downside was they do not serve wine or beer so if you like that with dinner like I do, pop into the 7-11 right around the corner on the way.


After, we walk off dinner seeing the sights of the night market and he is instructing me how to buy and what not to.  I didn’t check bags so I did not purchase much, but did get a few nice fake Ray Bans as I crushed mine on the plane.  We checked out several places until he found just the right ones for me and honestly, I can’t tell they are fake and if I remember correctly they were 300 bht for both.


We then head back to the condo for our goodbyes for the evening.  I nice makeout session at the side of the building while he gets everything on his motorcycle … OH THIS MAN just keeps pushing the right buttons, this is no scooter but a very nice bullet bike and it makes him look even sexier climbing on!  Thinking to myself I wonder if he would let me fuck that beautiful ass as he rides off!!  Luckily I was able to see him again later in the week for a repeat before leaving.


Well end of day 2 and things keep looking better, why the hell did I wait so long to visit this wonderful country??

#119237 December Chiang Mai Report - and a First Time

Posted by funwmen on 01 February 2018 - 09:04 AM

Thanks guys ... I am glad that I did not immediately piss off someone with my western tipping practices.  I am not rich by any means and had to save up for this trip but I also work a service based job and when I receive great service, I try to pass along the word to others and also tip well.  I will do my best to keep writing about the week.  It’s been fun remembering and will be nice to go back and read it a few years from now … I am totally coming back to Thailand this December, maybe try my luck with Bangkok this time??


#119217 December Chiang Mai Report - and a First Time

Posted by funwmen on 31 January 2018 - 07:40 AM

I have been a lurker here since the fall of last year planning this trip and want to thank everyone that posted about their advice and experiences, all of the suggestions were spot on!  I thought I should return the favor so here is a bit about my visit and descent into decadence.


I visited Chiang Mai during Christmas for 8 days and had an absolute blast.  The sights, sounds, the food, and the AWESOME people I met during my stay were everything I expected and much more.  It was very easy and inexpensive to get around the city and I primarily used Uber and Grab.  I stayed at The Prestige near Maya Mall and the staff were extremely nice and I had ZERO issues having a guests over for fun on multiple occasions with no surprise joiner fees when I checked out.


I had great luck meeting several locals using Planetromeo about a month or so in advance, and one tourist on Hornet.  I was very surprised that I received so much attention from the non-money boys being in my early 50’s.  I am in OK shape with a bit of a belly and decent looking, but nothing compared to the 30 - 40 year old Thai guys that I met during my stay … they were absolutely beautiful men to look at, but more than their appearance they were extremely nice guys which made it even more of a turn on and have kept in contact with both since my visit via Line.


I am a total top, but decided that this trip I was going to explore being bottom the entire time and try to experience more of what I thought I had been missing, all of the encounters were good to excellent.  All were very patient and very passionate with lots of foreplay.  I did not have one hurried encounter, just the way I like it only this time I was on the receiving end of things.  


I advised all that I met in advance that bottom was something I had only tried a few times in my youth and they were all very understanding and were very excited to show me the way, and show me the way they did in multiple positions and places around the condo that I had never thought of using as a top and will now!  Aren’t new learning experiences for old dogs like most of us great?   


I can’t remember who told me years ago that Thai men have smaller than average cocks but they obviously had never visited the country as I found that most of my encounters were average to well above that and WOW, I just love the look and feel of uncut cock!  Maybe it was beginners luck, but if so what great luck I had!


I never did make it up to Adam’s Apple and wish that I would have taken the time see the shows.  I did visited 3 massage shops and had very good to excellent massages, however the hand jobs were just so so compared to the men I met online and one not at all.  The first and best of these experiences is detailed below.


The first day was very long day of sightseeing outside the city at a few National Parks, day markets and open air restaurants.  The best place (tourist wise) was the Kings Gardens as I got back to the city, just stunning at dusk!  I visited Classic House Massage that evening for my first ever happy ending massage to end the perfect day out.  People say you always remember your first good or bad and I totally agree with that statement. WOW this guy knew what he was doing and was the best massage I have ever received, and I have had a lot of regular massages due to a motorcycle accident I had in my late 20’s.  


I was a bit nervous as I had never entertained the idea of paying for sex before and think the manager could tell, but he was quite patient helping me try to pick the right guy.  I told him that I generally prefer older men in their 30’s - 50’s (less drama here in the states in my experience with hookups), and that I wanted 2 hours with the focus to be mostly on a great swedish style massage, but would not mind some fun at the end.  Most of the pictures he was showing me were a bit too twinky for me.  He then states, NO PROBLEM, I have guy for you and you have GREAT MASSAGE … I am now thinking to myself, OK what the hell have I got myself into here but decide I am NOT GOING to chicken out after traveling this far!  


He then promptly scurrys off to retrieve the guy as I think he senses my hesitation and brings back this late 20-something completely smooth muscle dude about 6 feet tall in nothing but a skimpy pair of boxer briefs several sizes too small that he must have borrowed from one of the skinny twinks in the photos, and also looking to be packing something pretty nice.  I am now thinking to myself WTF just go with the flow this is going to be fun.  Looking back now, I have no idea why I was so uptight about this!  A short shower and ready to go…


This guy was a total pro with EXCELLENT massage skills and within minutes I was totally in the zone of knowing this massage was going to be a great one.  This was also the first time that I tried an oil massage and was loving the new experience of that as well.  I would say about 30 or so minutes into the massage it takes an interesting turn and becomes way more sensual with lots of touching areas I have never experienced during a massage .. it was a total turn-on and he knew exactly what buttons to push!  


After a long while massaging and teasing me he has me turn over, I notice that he had removed the boxer briefs at some point and HOLY SHIT, he is hard as a rock and his cock had to be a minimum of 8.5 inches, a beautiful helmet covering part of the head, and quite thick!  Did I mention that I LOVE uncut cock before??  


He says, I keep massage and you touch … well I don’t have to be told twice with an invitation like that!  And the massage continues just as good on the front only way more fun now that I am able to play with this beautiful guy’s cock along the way.  Then suddenly I realize something, DAMNIT … HOW THE FUCK am I supposed to enjoy a regular massage after this experience!!  Just the thought of this makes me hard!


Now after the best massage I have ever had along with playing with this beautiful cock, he now starts to play with my cock a bit more and says I top you now?  Not really expecting that I was brought straight back to reality looking at that huge cock that I can barely wrap my hand around and thinking could I really take that, it could be fun to at least try right?  Then I look at all the oil everywhere and realize there is zero possibility that this is going to happen safely with a condom and say sorry no, just hand job.


So he proceeds on and I am then very surprised as this guy has some serious massage skill how awkward he seems to be with a hand job.  REALLY, what just happened here??  Then I remember some of the stories on this forum … WOW it just hits me that this guy is probably STR8, another new experience but not a bad one!  I finally start getting bored with how bad he is at this part and tell him to massage my balls and ass and take matters into my own hand, then all the sudden everything is back to massage mode and heading right back into the zone.  


This guy needs to go to school to become a urologist, within seconds he zones in on my prostate while still massaging my balls and within a short time I am ready CUM and warn him a few times.  But he does not move and I shoot a massive load everywhere, on both of us, which catches him by surprise how much there is and we both start laughing.  I always shoot allot and hard when edging, but I was even a bit surprised by how much.


We start to clean up and ask if the 2 hours up and he says no and sits up against the wall pats his chest for me to lean up against those beautiful pecs and he starts massaging my head, neck and shoulders.  Again I am totally taken back at what a pro this guy is, I give this str8 guy a cum shower and he doesn’t miss a beat.  


After we are done I shower alone, bummer was hoping to extend that a bit more and then go to pay.  The cost was 1200 bht for the massage and 1000 bht minimum tip.  Really the only thing that I can remotely complain about is the hard mat and pillow.  I am used to a regular massage table, not a mat on the floor, but that is so minor and in the days following I never see a proper western style massage table at the other 2 places either.


I know that there will be someone that is going to be pissed about this after reading some of the comments on here, but I l gave him an additional 1000 bht tip and he was very happy with that!  It was worth EVERY BAHT and still less than I have paid in states for a great massage without the happy ending and tip!  I have not CUM THAT HARD in years and after that experience there was NO WAY I was leaving there without tipping extremely well!  So that was my 1st happy ending massage and will always remember it fondly …


So there was my first day, probably TMI for some.  Feedback is welcome, I will write about the other places visited, massages and the local Thai guys if you all would like to hear about it.