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December Chiang Mai Report - and a First Time

31 January 2018 - 07:40 AM

I have been a lurker here since the fall of last year planning this trip and want to thank everyone that posted about their advice and experiences, all of the suggestions were spot on!  I thought I should return the favor so here is a bit about my visit and descent into decadence.


I visited Chiang Mai during Christmas for 8 days and had an absolute blast.  The sights, sounds, the food, and the AWESOME people I met during my stay were everything I expected and much more.  It was very easy and inexpensive to get around the city and I primarily used Uber and Grab.  I stayed at The Prestige near Maya Mall and the staff were extremely nice and I had ZERO issues having a guests over for fun on multiple occasions with no surprise joiner fees when I checked out.


I had great luck meeting several locals using Planetromeo about a month or so in advance, and one tourist on Hornet.  I was very surprised that I received so much attention from the non-money boys being in my early 50’s.  I am in OK shape with a bit of a belly and decent looking, but nothing compared to the 30 - 40 year old Thai guys that I met during my stay … they were absolutely beautiful men to look at, but more than their appearance they were extremely nice guys which made it even more of a turn on and have kept in contact with both since my visit via Line.


I am a total top, but decided that this trip I was going to explore being bottom the entire time and try to experience more of what I thought I had been missing, all of the encounters were good to excellent.  All were very patient and very passionate with lots of foreplay.  I did not have one hurried encounter, just the way I like it only this time I was on the receiving end of things.  


I advised all that I met in advance that bottom was something I had only tried a few times in my youth and they were all very understanding and were very excited to show me the way, and show me the way they did in multiple positions and places around the condo that I had never thought of using as a top and will now!  Aren’t new learning experiences for old dogs like most of us great?   


I can’t remember who told me years ago that Thai men have smaller than average cocks but they obviously had never visited the country as I found that most of my encounters were average to well above that and WOW, I just love the look and feel of uncut cock!  Maybe it was beginners luck, but if so what great luck I had!


I never did make it up to Adam’s Apple and wish that I would have taken the time see the shows.  I did visited 3 massage shops and had very good to excellent massages, however the hand jobs were just so so compared to the men I met online and one not at all.  The first and best of these experiences is detailed below.


The first day was very long day of sightseeing outside the city at a few National Parks, day markets and open air restaurants.  The best place (tourist wise) was the Kings Gardens as I got back to the city, just stunning at dusk!  I visited Classic House Massage that evening for my first ever happy ending massage to end the perfect day out.  People say you always remember your first good or bad and I totally agree with that statement. WOW this guy knew what he was doing and was the best massage I have ever received, and I have had a lot of regular massages due to a motorcycle accident I had in my late 20’s.  


I was a bit nervous as I had never entertained the idea of paying for sex before and think the manager could tell, but he was quite patient helping me try to pick the right guy.  I told him that I generally prefer older men in their 30’s - 50’s (less drama here in the states in my experience with hookups), and that I wanted 2 hours with the focus to be mostly on a great swedish style massage, but would not mind some fun at the end.  Most of the pictures he was showing me were a bit too twinky for me.  He then states, NO PROBLEM, I have guy for you and you have GREAT MASSAGE … I am now thinking to myself, OK what the hell have I got myself into here but decide I am NOT GOING to chicken out after traveling this far!  


He then promptly scurrys off to retrieve the guy as I think he senses my hesitation and brings back this late 20-something completely smooth muscle dude about 6 feet tall in nothing but a skimpy pair of boxer briefs several sizes too small that he must have borrowed from one of the skinny twinks in the photos, and also looking to be packing something pretty nice.  I am now thinking to myself WTF just go with the flow this is going to be fun.  Looking back now, I have no idea why I was so uptight about this!  A short shower and ready to go…


This guy was a total pro with EXCELLENT massage skills and within minutes I was totally in the zone of knowing this massage was going to be a great one.  This was also the first time that I tried an oil massage and was loving the new experience of that as well.  I would say about 30 or so minutes into the massage it takes an interesting turn and becomes way more sensual with lots of touching areas I have never experienced during a massage .. it was a total turn-on and he knew exactly what buttons to push!  


After a long while massaging and teasing me he has me turn over, I notice that he had removed the boxer briefs at some point and HOLY SHIT, he is hard as a rock and his cock had to be a minimum of 8.5 inches, a beautiful helmet covering part of the head, and quite thick!  Did I mention that I LOVE uncut cock before??  


He says, I keep massage and you touch … well I don’t have to be told twice with an invitation like that!  And the massage continues just as good on the front only way more fun now that I am able to play with this beautiful guy’s cock along the way.  Then suddenly I realize something, DAMNIT … HOW THE FUCK am I supposed to enjoy a regular massage after this experience!!  Just the thought of this makes me hard!


Now after the best massage I have ever had along with playing with this beautiful cock, he now starts to play with my cock a bit more and says I top you now?  Not really expecting that I was brought straight back to reality looking at that huge cock that I can barely wrap my hand around and thinking could I really take that, it could be fun to at least try right?  Then I look at all the oil everywhere and realize there is zero possibility that this is going to happen safely with a condom and say sorry no, just hand job.


So he proceeds on and I am then very surprised as this guy has some serious massage skill how awkward he seems to be with a hand job.  REALLY, what just happened here??  Then I remember some of the stories on this forum … WOW it just hits me that this guy is probably STR8, another new experience but not a bad one!  I finally start getting bored with how bad he is at this part and tell him to massage my balls and ass and take matters into my own hand, then all the sudden everything is back to massage mode and heading right back into the zone.  


This guy needs to go to school to become a urologist, within seconds he zones in on my prostate while still massaging my balls and within a short time I am ready CUM and warn him a few times.  But he does not move and I shoot a massive load everywhere, on both of us, which catches him by surprise how much there is and we both start laughing.  I always shoot allot and hard when edging, but I was even a bit surprised by how much.


We start to clean up and ask if the 2 hours up and he says no and sits up against the wall pats his chest for me to lean up against those beautiful pecs and he starts massaging my head, neck and shoulders.  Again I am totally taken back at what a pro this guy is, I give this str8 guy a cum shower and he doesn’t miss a beat.  


After we are done I shower alone, bummer was hoping to extend that a bit more and then go to pay.  The cost was 1200 bht for the massage and 1000 bht minimum tip.  Really the only thing that I can remotely complain about is the hard mat and pillow.  I am used to a regular massage table, not a mat on the floor, but that is so minor and in the days following I never see a proper western style massage table at the other 2 places either.


I know that there will be someone that is going to be pissed about this after reading some of the comments on here, but I l gave him an additional 1000 bht tip and he was very happy with that!  It was worth EVERY BAHT and still less than I have paid in states for a great massage without the happy ending and tip!  I have not CUM THAT HARD in years and after that experience there was NO WAY I was leaving there without tipping extremely well!  So that was my 1st happy ending massage and will always remember it fondly …


So there was my first day, probably TMI for some.  Feedback is welcome, I will write about the other places visited, massages and the local Thai guys if you all would like to hear about it.