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France and Germany


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I do remember before where the head of immigration said that a photo copy of ypur passport and of the visa is sufficient. I have a new scan and print of my relevant passport page before I go and when the hotel scan the passport I ask them if they can print me a copy of the visa. Some good advice here http://www.richardba...le-in-thailand/

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Yet you seem to be the one with the problem here but nice try troll, goodbye

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Immigration and police have also been hitting Sukhumvit quite hard too, all to do with visa overstays from what I have been reading, government having a massive crackdown on overstays now.

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From what I see paborn made a valid point and your response was to post shit like that and attack members of this board? Goes to show that maybe you are the one lacking intelligence. You don't half love yourself Terry, judging on what you just posted don't let the door hit your arse on the way out. Oh and by the way, the members of this board that I have had the pleasure of meeting are definitely not geriatrics and going by the conversations are all intelligent people. I for one will not miss ever seeing anything you post again. Haha here's a thought, why don't you use that vast intelligence of yours to start up your own board and just make it for the young and the like minded people that share your views?