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Welcome to Gay Thailand. We are your home for all the information you need to know about Thailand, the gay scene in Thailand and the way to have an amazing trip in the Land of Smiles. Thailand can be a totally different experience than any place you have been in the past. In Thailand, gay men are not only welcomed but they are embraced, and in general the Thai people will make you feel their home is your home. In order to have a good experience in Thailand, you need to follow a few guidelines. GayThailand.com is here to help you make the Land of Smiles a yearly destination that is unforgettable!

The GayThailand team wants to welcome you to our website. Whether you are a Thai, foreign, expat or soon to be visitor you are welcome here. The GayThailand site was designed by and currently run by a team of gay writers, designers and programmers from around the world.

This is a gay community designed by the gay community, and we want to be free from all forms on intolerance. It doesn't matter if you are thin or fat, smooth or hairy, tall or short; you'll find people like you here.

We are 100 percent gay owned and operated! We all love Gay Thailand and love talking about sex, bars, clubs or the current political climate.

So, welcome to the party, Gay Thailand style!

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