Dating in Gay Thailand

When you first get to Thailand you will probably be enamored by all of the wonderfully attractive boys you can take home for a fee from the go-go and host bars that populate all of the major cities. Still, you do have a heart (we hope) and after a while you may be looking for something more long term.

There is nothing wrong with looking for love in Thailand and lots of Thai guys would love to have a western boyfriend. But, you will discover that Thai guys quite simply have a completely different set of customs when it comes to gay relationships than you may be used to in the west.

Respect Their Culture

It is very important that you dont try to impose your cultural attitudes on the guys. If thats what you want, stick to the rent boys, who will be glad to indulge your preferences for a fee.

When it comes to dating a Thai guy, always remember that you are in his country, which means you have to respect Thailands social mores, in public and in private.

The good news is that most of the customs will work to your advantage once you get used to them. There is a reason that millions of western gay men come to Thailand and why many of them choose to stay forever.

Socially On Top

Thai society is based on the idea of different social levels. As a westerner you will be considered to be the social superior of nearly any Thai you date. The reasons for this are many and varied, but one important reason is that even a modest salary by western standards is considered a fortune by the average Thai guy. Quite simply, you are probably richer than any man he has ever known.

Because of your higher social status many Thai guys will treat you with reverence. Interestingly, this may not translate into the bedroom. Some westerners assume that because their date is docile and submissive to them in public that they are a natural bottom. This is not always the case sometimes the most timid, deferential Thai boy can become a seriously aggressive top once you get under the sheets.

What it does mean is that most Thai guys will expect you to be the one to take them out on a date and they will expect you to pay for dinner.

Socially On Top

Another common mistake is to assume that because you are being treated as the social superior, that your date considers America or those from Europe or other western countries in general to be superior. That leads you to start talking about how much better your country is than Thailand.

Nothing you could do or say could be ruder. Instead, compliment your date on how great his country is. Your cock will thank you in the morning.

The Money Honey

What confuses many Western guys is that after several dates, your new friend may start asking you for small amounts of money. Lots of guys freak out at this point thinking they have started dating a gold digger.

Dont worry thats not the case. It is normal in Thai culture for someone to ask his social superiors for small favors. In this case, because they consider you so wealthy, it just seems natural for them to ask you for some money.

Its no different than a heterosexual woman expecting flowers or jewelry from time to time from her man.

Thai Boys Will Love Your Bad Self!

When you arrive in Thailand you will suddenly feel like more of a stud than you ever have in your life. Don't be surprised if your score rate suddenly doubles or triples.

Right off the bat, Thai guys who hang out in gay establishments that cater to Westerners are there because they find Western guys to be hotter than their countrymen. Some of them may even have a fetish for hot American boys. This makes it much easier for you to rock on with your cock on!

A Golden Gay!

The other great thing about Thailand is that the gay boys dont put a premium on youth. In fact, many of them find older men more attractive. In other words, you wont have to compete against 21 year old gym bunnies, even if you are in your 40s, 50s or 60s. If anything they will be worried about competing against you.

If you were still in the closet when you were in your 20s, this is your chance to be the beau of the ball!

Gay? Straight? Whatever!

Those of us in the west come from cultures with a deep history of Christian values. These values made people very guilty about their homosexual yearnings which meant that most people ended up identifying as either straight or gay.

Thailand on the other hand is a culture that is based in Buddhism, which says nothing negative about homosexual behavior. The result is that many Thais identify as neither gay, nor straight, but as simply people who sometimes have sex with men and sometimes have sex with women.

There is, however, great social pressure for Thais to get married. This means that many Thai men get married, and then continue to live as primarily gay sometimes with the consent and knowledge of their wives. Other men continue to have sex with both men and women throughout their lives.

The good news is that they do so without much of the guilt that we would find doing the same things in our own culture.

Discretion And Modesty Are An Obligation!

While there is almost no prejudice against gays in Thailand, the Thais as a people are much more modest about their romantic liaisons than we are in America.

It is very rare to see any Thai couple, gay or straight, exchanging kisses or any physical displays of affection in public. If your date doesnt want to make out on the street, that does not mean he is in the closet. It just means that he has been taught from a young age to be discreet in all things.

In America we spend more time talking about sex than doing it. In Thailand it is the opposite, sex is almost never talked about or physically hinted at it just happens all the time!

Personally, we are happier to be doing it than bullshitting about it and we hope you are too!

Fully Dressed Under The Covers?

Many Thai guys, particularly earlier on in a relationship, extend this modesty into the bedroom. When you first bring a Thai guy back to your hotel room, dont be surprised if he gets under the covers before he takes his clothes off.

Once you start making out with him, you will find that Thais eventually can become very wild in bed. It just takes them a little while to be comfortable naked with another person unless of course, you have brought a go-go boy home!

Sniff This!

There is one major way that Thai guys tend to be less shy than us Western boys. In Thailand it is considered an expression of friendship and affection to sniff the person you are hanging out with.

We are not making this up.

So, dont be surprised if your date wont kiss, but will move close to your face or neck and take a whiff.

Skip The Formalities

Once you have had sex and are alone together, your date may suddenly become radically informal. It is common for Thai guys to use your toothbrush, leave their clothes on the floor, drip water after the shower or even try on your clothes.

This is not an example of them getting too pushy. Its just their way of showing that they like you.

Make Your Intentions Clear

In Thai culture, exclusive, serious relationships can start very, very quickly by our standards. This means that after two or three dates lots of Thai guys may start considering you their boyfriend.

Most Western guys are not comfortable with moving things this fast. What you need to do from the start is keep reminding the guy that this is still casual for you, so you dont end up breaking too many hearts.

As in all cases, upfront honesty is the best policy.

Live Up To Your Social Status!

Because Thai guys will consider you their social superior, they will expect you to act like one.

That means that they will expect you to be dress up on dates (long pants, good shoes) and be generous with your time and money. They will also assume that you have very good manners and behave like a true gentleman at all times in public.

Do your best to live up to the highest standards of behavior that you can.

Dont Be A Bitch

Bitchiness and catty comments are very common in western gay culture, but they dont exist in Thailand.

You know that little comment you want to make about his shoes dont do it.

Instead of looking for flaws, Thais look for reasons to make compliments. Find something you like about the guy and talk about that. If you do make bitchy comments you will hurt and confuse your date and probably not get laid.

Be Prepared To Make The First Move

Because Thai guys will consider you their more attractive social superior, they are not likely to be the one to ask you out. Instead, they will try to find subtle ways to let you know that they find you attractive.

They will almost always expect you to be the one to make the first move, so you will have to find a way to be aggressive without upsetting their general sense of modesty.

No Switch Hitters

Unlike America, where there are tons of guys who like to give and receive, most Thai guys are either tops or bottoms and not at all in between. This is great for those of you who are versatile, but if you have a strong preference one way or the other you might want to find a way to let your date know this before he agrees to go out with you.

Be Flexible.

As you continue to date Thai guys, there will be lots of small social and cultural differences that are bound to come up. The key is to expect small misunderstandings, accept them and try to learn from them.

Remember, you are the visitor in their country!

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