FAQ - Delete Profile

Welcome back! Thanks again for paying a visit to GayThailand.com. We are here to help you have a great time on the site. Here are some of the FAQ's that many people have. Please read this area before using the Contact Us area to save time. Our support staff works hard and you will help us out if you read over this area first! After all, we are looking for some hot men ourselves and the more questions we answer, the less cock we get so we have put together a guide for you and all your potential queer-ies, so to speak!
1. How can I delete my Profile?

You can delete your profile very easily. Simply log in and go to My Gaythailand and there is a button there called Delete Profile. This will permanently delete the profile from the site. If you prefer to Turn Off Profile, that option is there as well. For you to do this takes less than 30 seconds.

Plus, if you had a Paid Membership, you will want to discontinue the billing through CCbill Or Segpay whoever you signed up with.

While we are sorry to see you go, we want to respect the wishes of all our members and guests. If there was something that we could have improved upon, please let us know.

2. What if I still have problems?

We have several points of contact for additional problems. First, check the FAQ often; we update it as we encounter issues. We also check the bulletin boards on a regular basis, so if you can access the boards, simply state the problem there for others members to assist. If you need administrative help, click on the Contact Us button, leave us a VERY detailed message and we will try to assist you.