FAQ - Guest Book

Welcome back! Thanks again for paying a visit to GayThailand.com. We are here to help you have a great time on the site. Here are some of the FAQ's that many people have. Please read this area before using the Contact Us area to save time. Our support staff works hard and you will help us out if you read over this area first! After all, we are looking for some hot men ourselves and the more questions we answer, the less cock we get so we have put together a guide for you and all your potential queer-ies, so to speak!
1. Is there a way to not allow members to post to your Guest Book without you first approving messages?

You can approve or delete any comments in your guest book. Go to My Account and See your Guest book. You can also change your preference on how these messages are approved by going to My Gaythailand and Preferences. You can set to approve all automatically or wait for your approval.