FAQ - Paid Supporters

Welcome back! Thanks again for paying a visit to GayThailand.com. We are here to help you have a great time on the site. Here are some of the FAQ's that many people have. Please read this area before using the Contact Us area to save time. Our support staff works hard and you will help us out if you read over this area first! After all, we are looking for some hot men ourselves and the more questions we answer, the less cock we get so we have put together a guide for you and all your potential queer-ies, so to speak!
1. How do I get a Paid membership?

When you log into the site, go to My Account. On that page there is a button for upgrading the account. You have 3 different choices to upgrade. Our preferred processor is Segpay. Our secondary processor is Verotel. Both companies are great and 100 percent secure. Once you hit the upgrade button you will taken to their site and use your Credit Card information to upgrade. We never have access to this information. Once you submit the transaction and your credit card company approves it, you are automatically upgraded on our site. If you have problems with those providers, simply e-mail support@gaythailand.com and he will try to help you find another way to provide payment.

2. What do I get if I go a Gold or Silver Members on Gaythailnd?

A Silver Membership gives you access to all the photos on the site that are XXX. It does not give you access to the Videos that are XXX. If you want a full membership, please get the Gold Membership.

Gold is a paid membership that gives you all the ability to see profile pics, all XXX images as well as a variety of live webmaster feeds and AEBN feeds. The movies change from week to week and you will constantly find great movies you can watch in their entirety. You also have the ability to watch all XXX member Videos, more buddies on your Raw Pal List, more messages and more storage space. It is the best way to support the site and keep it running!