A Gay Thailand Host Boy Tale Chapter Eight

Brazilian Bodies

After our threesome at the sauna, the American and I were worn out and went back to our lavish beachfront hotel room for a nap. He had a late lunch sent up to the room and we feasted on beef and berries while throwing coy glances at each other`s eyes.

Being away from Thailand was still so new to me. In some ways I was still the simple village child, but in others I was becoming a man.

I had penetrated a guy for the first time earlier that day. While I didn`t enjoy it as much as I did feeling a large cock impale my ass, in some ways it did make me feel more confident and masculine.

We dozed for an hour or two and then I awoke before the American. Some part of me was worried that he felt he had lost a bit of his manhood when I fucked him and I knew I needed to help him get it back.

So, I slowly pulled the covers down and got on my knees. While the American still slept I stuck out my tongue and started slowly lick up and down his flaccid cock.

I could still smell the soap from our after sauna shower while his dick started to come to life. It was a heavenly mixture of a floral scent with the musk of sweaty cock and balls.

As it grew, so did my hunger and I softly licked the first bit of pre-cum off of his cock.

He stirred and I knew the American was starting to wake up, so I went for the gold and took the head into my mouth. I then wrapped my fist around the shaft and started slowly jerking his cock off into my throat.

The American was awake now and I could feel his hands running through my hair and holding my head in place. More pre-cum was leaking out of his dick and dripping down my throat. It tasted salty and sweet and like heaven.

I didn`t stop to say a word. I needed him to know that he was the man and I was his boy. His cock belonged inside of me. I reached under his cock with my free hand and started to gently rub my finger around his tight asshole.

He gripped my hair harder and made it clear that my job was to keep sucking him. I got brave, then, and slipped my finger into his ass while I kept pumping his dick into my mouth.

"Suck me," he moaned. "Suck me harder."

I picked up the pace, moving my finger in and out of his ass while jacking off his shaft as fast as I could.

"Take that cock," he moaned. "You are my boy. My sweet Thai boy."

Being treated like his slut was having the usual effect on my and my cock was rock hard and rubbing against the smooth hotel bed sheets.

The American then pushed down on my head and forced his big cock down my throat. His thick curly pubic hair brushed against my nose and I relaxed my throat muscles so I could take all of him inside my mouth.

Pre-cum was leaking out of my own cock now and I humped the sheets searching for my own sweet relief.

I still had enough self control to know that this was about pleasing him, so I shoved a second finger up his asshole while he brutally pounded his cock into my face.

That seemed to be all it took.

"I`m cumming," he screamed as I tasted ropes of wet salty jizz begin to explode down my throat.

He came for what seemed like forever and kept his cock in my mouth until eventually it was soft and slipped out.

The American then pulled me up and started deeply French kissing me. As he did so, his hand reached down and started jerking off my hard wet cock.

It only took about nine or ten strokes before I exploded, shooting my semen all over his belly.

""Lick it off," he said, once again pushing my head down.

I did so greedily, finding every drop of my cum on his body and cleaning it off him like I had been taught during my host boy training months ago.

He then led me into the shower and had me soap his body. There was something very satisfying about rubbing the bar of soap against his taught muscles.

I also enjoyed the feeling of doing something to reward him for taking me away from the Bangkok host bar and treating me to this incredible Brazilian vacation.

We decided to explore the beaches just a few blocks from our hotel room so we put on our swimsuits and headed out the door.

I could not believe the difference between the Rio de Janeiro beaches and those in my homeland. The people were so much bigger than then men I was used to seeing on the sand.

Many of the men wore small tight small suits that clearly outlined their generous packages. All were tall and tanned and most had large sinewy muscles.

I caught a few of the very underdressed females checking out the American. I tried to send them the dirtiest looks possible while still keeping my dignity.

After all, the American was mine and I didn`t think he wanted to waste time with their soft little bodies, when I would do anything he ever asked of me.

We sat on deck chairs and cute young men brought us rum cocktails and I did my best to check out the local man meet without The American getting jealous.

In retrospect I don`t think I had anything to worry about - because every time I looked his way his eyes were lingering on another young male ass.

As we both checked out the local talent I let my gaze look back and linger on his package. It was getting hard. After a few minutes I noticed his eyes locked on my body and he had to notice that I was also growing inside my swimsuit.

It was all I could do not to reach down and start jacking my cock while looking at all this eye candy. I could feel my cock continue to respond and hoped that no one could notice the wet spot forming at the front of my tight new black swimming suit.

I looked up at him and licked my lips. He stared back into my eyes. Without saying a word we picked up our towels and started walking back to our nearby hotel.

Along the way, the American stopped into a pharmacy and picked up a package of condoms. It`s strange, but this made me even harder - just knowing that no matter how much he wanted me, he was looking out for my protection and making sure we were playing safe.

He walked in front of me and my eyes lingered over his body. I loved his strong arms, his broad shoulders and his strong back that tapered into one of the tightest asses I have ever seen.

I was forced to wrap my towel around my waist to hide my ever growing erection. I shot the bitchiest looks possible at the young women I caught checking out my man.

It`s funny; I had never felt this possessive about a man before. After all, he was paying me for my time. I was not his boyfriend or even his lover. I was simply the boy he had taken with him for a sexy vacation in Rio de Janeiro. Still, for however much time we had together I wanted him to be with me and I didn`t want women to distract him in any way, shape or form.

My cock throbbed in my swimsuit as the American picked up the room key in the lobby.

When we walked into the elevator we were alone. He leaned over and held my face in his hands and gave me a slow, sensual kiss.

"I love your body," he whispered into my ear. "I love your eyes and your young face and your dark skin."

"I love_" I started to say, before catching myself about to say too much. "_your ass and you cock."

I let my hand move down his body and started to trace the outline of his cock through his swimsuit.

I started teasing him, moving my finger up and down his now rock hard member.

"Yes," he whispered in my ear before kissing me again.

Suddenly the elevator doors opened and we were forced to compose ourselves.

We scampered into the bedroom as quickly as possible. As soon as the door closed behind us, the American held my face again and began to kiss my lips and my neck, sending shivers up and down my spine.

"Yes," I moaned, spreading my legs slightly as he pushed me against the wall. "Yes, please."

The American then turned me around so my hands her facing the wall. He grabbed my swimsuit and ripped it off of my ass.

I heard him open the box of condoms and could picture him sliding the latex over his hard shaft.

I soon felt his lips nuzzle the back of my neck and could sense him moving his cock into place.

Bracing myself against the wall I gritted my teeth as I felt the first jolt of pain while his cock buried itself in my ass in one brutal thrust.

Balls deep inside me, he held his cock in place for a minute and kissed my neck while my body stretched to accommodate him. Soon the pain stopped and he started slowly moving his cock in and out of my body.

I felt his latex covered cock stretch me and arched my back to take as much of him into me as possible.

He kept kissing my neck and whispering to me that I was beautiful.

"I love your tight ass," he moaned.

"I love your hard cock," I responded.

"I`m fucking your tight ass," he said.

"Yes," I pleaded. "Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me."

My heart was beating so fast it was almost exploding in my chest. My cock was leaking pre-cum onto the floor. I could feel a few drops splashing against my feet as he rocked inside me.

He started sweating and I could feel his slick body moving faster and faster against my own.

Suddenly, without warning, I felt my own climax begin. I hadn`t even been touching myself but the power of his hard dick in my tight ass pushed me over the edge and my cum burst out onto the wall and over my chest.

"Yes!" I screamed and the American bit down on my neck hard as I reached the peak of my climax.

"Fuck yes," he responded, picking up the pace and fucking me harder and faster than he ever had before.

"Cum for me baby," I moaned - a phrase I had been taught my first day working in a host bar. "Cum for me. Do it. Shoot it off. Cum for me, now!"

The American then turned my head to face me and gave me a long lingering kiss as I felt the first of the primal thrusts that indicated he was about to reach orgasm.

"I love you," I heard myself say against my will. "I love you too," he responded before collapsing, completely spent against my taut body.

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