A Gay Thailand Host Boy Tale Chapter Five

He Shook Me All Night Long

There I was, naked and spent on the bed of the first man ever to buy me at the host bar.

As he lay down naked next to me I thought that we would soon fall asleep wrapped in each other`s arms. After all, that is what had happened after my sexual encounters with Chet.

Today, it`s hard for me to believe I was once that naive. After all, this man had paid good money to have me for the entire night - when he could have simply bought me for an hour or two.

That meant that he meant to use me all night long and get his money`s worth from my tight young body.

Thank god, I was 18 and had the stamina and curiosity of the young, for this western man had lust in his heart and a hard on between his legs.

We spooned for several minutes as I felt his cock start to grow as it rubbed up against my ass. The client started kissing my neck while slowly humping against me.

His hands then reached down to play with my man nipples, which quickly became erect in his rough western man hands.

I spread my legs slightly, thinking he was looking for access into my man pussy, but he made no move penetrate me right away.

Instead his left hand drifted down from my nipple to my cock and started stroking it gently to life as he cock continued to tease my young backside.

Nature began to take its course and my dick started springing to life again under his masculine attention.

I thrust my ass back at him - trying to be a good boy and deserve his conquest of my body. But, instead of entering me he stood up and walked to the other side of the room.

Was he going to get a condom, I thought until I realized he was simply staring at me.

I raised myself off the bed to meet his gaze. I did not want to be rude or say the wrong thing so I kept silent and waited for him to tell me what he wanted to do with his beautiful cock.

Whatever it was, I knew I would not resist. The precum now dripping off my foreskin was testament to my desire to please this man who was renting my young body.

"Can you be a ladyboy," he asked.

I was unsure what he meant, so I kept silent.

"Can you be Jenny for me," he demanded, his voice growing harsh. "Or are you more a Christine or a Victoria?"

Slowly my tired mind started to figure out what the client meant. I thought back to the boys at the club who were dressed like women. The client, who had used me as a man, now wanted to take me as a woman.

I slowly nodded my head, unsure which western name to take for my first evening of feminine submission.

My hands moved in front of my pulsating erection, wanting to help him start forgetting I was male, as his eyes caressed my nearly hairless, smaller body.

The client opened up a drawer and motioned for me to look inside. I saw a full outfit, including female underwear, a matching black lace bra, a short black skirt, and sheer stockings.

I picked up the clothing one piece at a time and walked slowly to the bathroom - letting him see my ass so he could remember invading it only moments beforehand.

As I closed the door and stepped into the black lace, I knew that a new chapter of my life in sweet submission was about to begin.

The clothing felt odd at first, but I was so excited that this man wanted to fuck me again that my cock stayed hard in my panties. The bra took me a few minutes to hook at first, but soon that was mastered too.

Soon I was in stockings and skirt and blouse. I turned to look at the mirror and was shocked at what I saw.

While my face was still manly, from the neck down I appeared to have the body of a young woman. I realized that what this man wanted was not to fuck a girl, but to take a man who was soft and ready to receive his hard thrust and accept his place on his knees or back.

Nearly shaking from nerves and excitement I slowly opened the bathroom door and stepped out into the room to be inspected by my man.

The client looked me up and down and smiled. I could tell by the way the precum covered his entire cock that he had been stroking himself while I was getting ready.

I can`t say why, but this pleased me and made me feel more desired than I ever had in my life.

Knowing that he was the master and I was the servant, I quickly dropped to my knees and slowly crawled across the floor until his hard circumcised cock was pointing directly at my face.

I grabbed his cock and felt his fluids on my hand. I stroked up and down for a few seconds and then pulled my hand away from his dick.

One at a time I sucked his cum off of my fingers while looking him directly in the eye. He tasted salty and earthy and my heart started racing faster and faster under his gaze.

Next I started kissing the insides of his thighs, as he started playing with my hair and gently pushing my face towards his monster cock.

Reaching one hand around to grip his hairy ass, I pulled his cock into my mouth with one quick motion.

"Oh yes," the client moaned. "Jenny. You fag. You bitch. Your beautiful dirty fag! Suck my cock bitch. Milk me! Suck it."

I stopped listening to his moans - content with the undisputed fact that I was doing my job and making this man happy. Chet would be proud of me tomorrow when I told the story of my first day on the job.

Soon I had sucked all of his cum off his cock and now tasted the sweet, clean flesh of his dick. My hand was still on his ass and I started moving one finger towards his back hole.

The client did not protest as I started easing a finger into his asshole while I sucked his cock. If anything he started to moan even louder and precum started leaking out of hid piss slit even faster than before.

I felt pretty in my new clothes and I wanted him to see more of me that just the back of my head. So, when I could feel that he was getting too excited and in danger of blowing his load before I was ready I pulled my mouth off his hard cock.

Standing up, I twirled around in front of him so he could see my entire body - from the hard cock that pushed up my black skirt to my tight ass that filled out the rear.

Then, I gracefully walked over to the bed and lay down on my back.

As he watched me I pulled my skirt up to expose my panty clad cock to his hungry eyes.

Using my imagination to guess at what he wanted, I pushed my panties to the side and started playing with my asshole while raising my legs higher and higher into the air.

First I let one of my fingers penetrate my man pussy, and while he watched me, I then slid a second finger deep into my back passage.

Closing my eyes in pure pleasure I started making circles with my fingers deep inside my asshole, stretching myself to become ready for his deep penetration once again.

In the background I heard him breathe harder and harder. Then he moved over to bedside table again and pulled out another condom.

I could hear him rip the package open as he prepared to roll it over his dripping penis.

I felt so hot. I was clearly a man, and yet felt feminine as well. He could not help buy notice my full erection, but at the same time he also knew that I had made myself pretty for him.

I opened my eyes to see his strong form above me. His prick looked massive underneath its shiny latex shield.

My legs spread even wider in open invitation for him to violate me any way he saw fit.

The client grabbed my hand and pulled my fingers out of my ass. He then bent down between my legs and started kissing my asshole!

I would later find out that rimming was a very common act between two men - but it had never happened to me before.

At first I pulled away, but then I remembered why I was there and forced my body to relax.

Soon the sensations felt good and then they felt even better. He was kissing nerve endings that I did not even know I possessed!

"Yes," I moaned. "Please! Don`t stop!"

Then, he inserted one of his fingers where mine had just been.

This was almost too much for my body and mind to take. Cum started dripping out of my cock onto my panties.

Suddenly he pulled back and with one quick motion literally ripped my new panties off my body.

He was on top of me in a second and entered me in one brutal thrust.

I wrapped my legs around his hard body and responded to each of his manly thrusts with submissive ones of my own.

I clenched my ass around his cock - trying to milk his see out of his beautiful cock.

I can`t explain it, but part of me wanted to make him shoot his load as quickly as possible. I wanted to excite him as I gave into lust.

Even though he had already cum less than an hour before, he was soon banging into me like a jackhammer - faster than I had ever thought possible.

I could tell this meant he was about to bust his nut.

"Fuck me," I screamed. "Cum! Cum for me, baby."

"Take my cock you bitch," he responded.

What made it so hot was that I could tell he was not usually this aggressive. I had just brought out strong manly desires in his essence.

That`s when he lifted my arms above my head and arched his back.

"Fuck, I`m cumming," he moaned.

The client pulled his cock out of my hole, ripped off the condom and started jerking himself off.

Within seconds ropes of sperm jetted out of the head and landed all over my new clothes.

I felt complete.

Little did I know that within days a new client would take me far away from Bangkok, on an adventure I could never have expected.

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