A Gay Thailand Host Boy Tale Chapter Four

Enter Host boy

little did I know that that evening would prove the pivotal moment in my life. I had not realized it, but for the first time I made money offering the pleasure of my body to a western man.

Chen knew that I would have been shy or nervous if I knew what I was doing that first night, which is why he insisted that I keep my eyes closed until I blew my load into my first customer`s throat.

It was also the first time my cock had ever been sucked. I had given my first blow job only days before. Now I knew that I liked both given and receiving oral sex.

Most importantly I knew that men wanted me and were willing to pay handsomely for my charms.

The pile of money that man left at my feet was more cash than my father made in a month - and it only took five minutes of my time and my hard cock to earn it. Now I understood how Chet was able to afford his car and his beautiful possessions.

When we went back to the apartment, Chet and I had a long talk and he explained the ins and outs of being a host boy. My job would be to hang out in the bars at night and become as friendly as possible with the men who came to satisfy their carnal needs.

During the day, Chet said, I would be going to school to learn English. While many western men could speak some Thai - and some did not want to talk at all in any language - I could make much more money if I could speak with the British and American men who wanted my young ass.

Chet explained that I would stay with him at first, until I was able to afford my own home. I was lucky, he said, as many new houseboys had to stay in cramped apartments above the host bars themselves.

In comparison, Chet`s apartment was the life of luxury.

Better still, it had Chet - whose body I had become addicted to.

Now was the moment of truth. I knew the truth and I could try to run back to my poor village, or I could embrace my fate. Chet looked at me with questioning eyes.

In response, I walked over and grabbed his face in my hands. I gave him a long lingering kiss as my far of acceptance and gratitude. Our lips danced in each other`s mouths for several minutes, before I took the next step and dropped to my knees in front of my benefactor.

I pulled down the zipper of his pants and ran my tongue up and down his inner thighs. He cock danced playfully above my head - nearly instantly hard. I understood that as soon as I took his dick into my lips I would be making an irrevocable step, and become a man who existed to give pleasure to other.

I moaned softly as my lips inched closer to his cock. For some reason, the idea of doing this every night to new men made me incredibly horny. My own dick felt like steel in my trousers.

I was so hot that I exploded in my pants without touching myself the second my lips sealed around his rod and I slowly started moving my mouth up and down.

My own seed stained my legs underneath my clothes and I continued to orgasm while trying to gently milk Chet`s cock with my throat. My orgasm subsided and I trembled with thoughts of how beautiful it would be when I finally coaxed Chet`s cum to explode.

With one hand I gripped Chet`s ass and pulled him closer so his dick could move deeper into my throat. Soon, I felt Chet`s hands pulling on my hair. He lifted my mouth off his cock and pushed me onto my back on the floor.

Understand what he wanted, I pulled off my pants and spread my legs, so that I was open to him. When Chet fucked me before I had always been on my knees.

Now, for the first time I would be on my back and we could fuck like lovers. From out of nowhere a condom appeared and he slipped it onto his long shaft. I bent my stretched legs so that my asshole would be as accessible as possible.

Chet moved his body on top of mine and I could feel the cold latex covered cock pressing at my rosebud. With just the slightest bit of pressure, Chet leaned forward and entered me fully with one long stroke.

I gazed up into his eyes and kissed Chet again while he began to gently rock back and forth inside me. With my hips I urged him to move faster. I wanted to completely give my body and my future to Chet.

Before I started my new life as a hostboy, I wanted to be Chet`s whore.

Understanding my needs, Chet started fucking me harder than he ever had before. He was plowing his dick in and out of my ass as lightning speed. I matched every thrust with a primal response of my own.

We were the two backed beast. Chet invaded and I surrendered. My own dick was getting wetter and wetter from my precum as it rubbed against his belly.

Our thrusts became stronger and stronger, until finally, Chet pulled out of me, ripped off the condom and let his seed spray over my chest. As he did so I grabbed my own cock. I only had to touch it for a second before I came with an orgasmic rush and my own seed mixed with Chet`s on my belly.

Chet and I then showered together before moving off to bed. The next day my adventures would begin in earnest.

When we woke up, Chet told me that he was going to take me shopping. The better I looked, he explained, the more men would be attracted to me and the more money I would be able to make.

The men who would come to ravage my body would want to believe that at least part of me loved them. If I looked like a poor village boy, they would pity me instead of paying me.

Appearances, Chet explained, were very important in the host bar.

Chet spent more money than I had ever seen in one place on several outfits for me to wear. I felt nervous, but Chet explained that I would be paying him back for these purchases out of my earnings. They made me feel better - although I knew I was already more in debt to Chet than I had ever thought possible.

In the afternoon, Chet took me back to the host bar to meet the other boys. The place was closed, but as he had told me before, many of the boys lived in the bar.

Chet had a key to the back door and Mama San soon welcomed us inside and offered us some sweet tea. The boys were friendly as they introduced themselves. I was surprised to discover that many of the "girls" I thought I had seen the night before were really boys dressed in feminine clothing.

This thought intrigued me. While I was happy being a man, there was something thrilling about the idea of surrendering my body while dressed femininely and submissively.

I was not ready then to become a "lady boy", though I knew that if the situation was right - or perhaps when I became more experienced - that this might be a lifestyle that could appeal to me down the line.

Chet explained to me that the lady boys were popular because many westerners were not comfortable with their desires for other men. If the men they were fucking looked like women they could hide their true feelings from themselves. The west was a strange culture, Chet said, because they were not one with the Buddha or The Way. I would learn more in time, he promised me. For now, he just told me to relax and enjoy myself.

For the next couple of hours I talked with the other boys and they told me stories about their homes and how they had come to work for the Mama San. I was relieved to realize they were all happy - and none seemed to have anything negative to say about the lives they had chosen.

Chet left soon after - he did not say why - but by this point I was comfortable with my surroundings and excited to work my first night with my eyes wide open.

The Mama San prepared us a quick meal in the early evening, before the men began to trickle in the door around 8 p.m. Many of these early visitors were regulars, the boys explained to me.

This may explain why so many of them looked in my direction. I was the new boy for them to look at and they eyed me lustful greed.

Shortly, the Mama San brought me over to a table where a handsome young Western man was waiting for me. I was nervous - because I did not speak English, but the Mama San had chosen well.

While the man was American, he quickly explained to me in Thai that he had lived in Bangkok for many years and was fluent in the native tongue.

This relaxed my nerves quite a bit and I soon found myself flirting with my potential conquest. A few minutes later the Mama San returned and talked with the man.

He then told me that I was to go to the man`s apartment. He had agreed to pay for an entire evening with me. I should consider myself lucky, I was told, as many men only paid for a "short time" with new boys who did not yet have a sexual reputation.

For the first time ever I rode the magnificent public train that moves through the heart of Bangkok, as I followed this man back to his home.

When we arrived, I was astonished. I had thought that Chet`s apartment would be the most beautiful thing I would ever see in my life, but this man`s abode was truly spectacular.

His wealth was obvious and I began to feel like a prince among men and could not wait to do anything that he might ask of me this evening.

Unlike Chet, this man was not shy about his body at all. Within moments of walking in the door, he started to take his clothes off and told me to do the same.

We were quickly naked. I expected the man to take me straight to his bedroom, but that was not to be. Instead he told me to get on my hands and knees. As soon as I heard the commanding tone in his voice my dick started to grow hard.

I was going to enjoy servicing this rich American.

The man then walked up to me and began rubbing his cock along my face while playing with my hair. His hard dick was different than mine. I did not yet know this but was soon to learn that many Americans had their foreskin removed when they were babies. This was to be my first taste of uncircumcised cock.

After rubbing his cock - and his leaking precum - all over my face, the man finally pointed it at my lips. I hungrily opened my mouth and allowed him to brutally shove his cock inside.

My own dick was now at full attention as I savored the new tastes and smells of the second cock to penetrate my lips. I grabbed the base of his shaft in one hand and started to jack him off while I sucked on his large purple mushroom head.

The man clearly enjoyed being dominant and my own pulsating dick betrayed my need to serve.

Once his dick was wet from top to bottom with my saliva, the man told me to get on my hands and knees with my ass in the air.

While getting into position I could hear him unwrap the condom and slide it town his turgid shaft. The man then bent down behind me and started licking my asshole.

This had never happened to me before and the sensations that coursed through my body made me hornier than at any other point in my life. My ass was literally begging to be penetrated now. I ached for his cock.

I did not have to wait long. It was clear that this man wanted to fuck me hard.

Soon his mouth was replaced by his fat cock and I once again felt the beautiful feeling of fulfillment as I was fully penetrated. This unleashed my lust and I arched my ass towards him and begged him to fuck me as hard as possible.

I was not disappointed. Unlike Chet, he did not start out slow and build up. Instead he shoved in and out of my like a jackhammer. While he did so, he started slapping my ass.

My cock exploded while he spanked me. This seemed to goad the man on even more. He fucked me faster and faster, before exploding into the condom in my ass.

"Go to the bedroom now," he said, while pulling out of me.

"Yes," I replied, knowing that my night of sexual wonders was just beginning.

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