A Gay ThailandHost Boy Tale Chapter Nine

The Return To Bangkok

Part of me wanted to stay forever in Brazil with my American lover. I could easily spend my days looking at the hard men on the beach - and my nights in his strong arms, feeling his cock move in and out of my tight ass.

But, it was not meant to be and we both knew it. While we felt like we were in love, we both knew it was transitory. He had a life to get back to America and I needed to return to my homeland, so I could see my family again and be around my people.

So, the day came that the American handed me a rolls of bills and a plane ticket back to Thailand. My flight was due to leave in just a few hours, but I need to find some way to pay him back for all the kindness he had shown me.

I dropped the cash and the ticket onto the floor. In this moment they were just pieces of paper. Then, I fell to my knees. With practiced hands, I slowly pulled down the zipper of his jeans.

I could see the bulge in his black boxers and while it made me salivate, I knew this encounter had to be about his pleasure and not my own. I gently pulled down his pants and underwear and started kissing the sides of his thighs.

His thick manly scent filled the air. I felt weak in front of his strong thighs. My lips moved up his legs until I found his fat balls. I started to gently tongue them, savoring the salty taste.

The American's low moans told me that I was pleasing him while one of my fingers reached under his sack and started to play with manly hole. As he groaned, I moved my face up to my prize and started to gently kiss the tip of his hard pink cock.

My own dick started to swell in my shorts. I may have topped before, but my body knew that my real sexual role was on my knees or my back. I was born to submit to raw animal masculinity.

Soon his entire cock was in my mouth. With one hand I jerked his thick shaft, and with the other I eased a slim finger into his tight hole. His hands started playing with my hair and I started to taste the first glorious drops of precum escaping his piss slit.

It tasted like heaven. I started to move my mouth faster and faster along his cock. My finger was now deep in his asshole.

"Fuck, yeah," he moaned, his grip on my head growing tighter.

Now he started getting more excited and literally wanted to fuck my face. I took my hand off his dick and let him shove his cock down my throat. With each more urgent thrust my own cock throbbed harder and harder.

Finally the moment we both knew was meant to happen arrived - and he shot off, unleashing a torrent of cum down my throat. At that moment my own body reacted and I started to feel my cock blow its load, even though neither of us had touched it at all. I kept his cock in my mouth until it got soft. Then he pulled his pants up and I picked my money and ticket off the hotel room floor.

This was the last bit of passion we would share. Several hours later I was on the plane as it took me on my long journey back to my roots. I knew that I'd always miss the American, but I also understood that he had taught me about life and shown me things that most of my people would never have a chance to see.

More importantly, the money he had paid me would be able to buy food and luxuries for my family. I knew that I would return home a hero to my village - filled with exciting stories that would become legend.

When my plane arrived in the airport, I took a cab to the train station - only to find out that the next one heading toward my village would not be leaving until the next morning.

I booked a first class ticket and then took another taxi back to the hotel I had originally stayed at with the American. I wanted to lie in those cool sheets and remember our moments of passion, when he became my man I was transformed into his boy.

After I unpacked my bags I was thirsty, so I decided to head down to the bar. This would be the first time that I'd actually be buying my own drinks - rather than having them paid for by another man.

It made me feel powerful and free. I put on my best shirt and pants and got into the elevator for the ride down lobby.

When I got to the bar, I immediately ordered a cocktail. Its cold sweetness reminded me of my sunny afternoons on the beach in Rio, and I suddenly felt all of the tension from my long day of travel start to leave my system.

I then began to look around the bar and realized that I had been transformed. Where once I would have stood out as the poor village child I was, now I fit in. My western clothes and the mannerisms I'd picked up from my conquests had made me able to be accepted into this society.

While I knew that I would be returning to my village the next day, I also understood that this was where I really belonged.

After I ordered my second drink, a large man - clearly American - took the bar stool beside. I was immediately struck by how handsome he was. I loved his broad shoulders, and the well-defined muscles under his shirt made my heart beat faster.

Of course I wanted him - but I also knew I had to be careful. Westerners, I now knew, were not as fluid in their sexuality as the Thai people. This man could have a wife and children at home and might not ever consider the sweet delights of boys like me.

Then, our eyes locked together and I knew I had nothing to fear. I could see desire in them, and my cock started to stiffen in my fine linen trousers.

I leaned over and got close enough to him that I could smell his cologne, and asked if I could buy him a drink. This was another first for me, and I was as proud of my courage as I was of the rock hard cock in my pants.

He was shy at first and it was hard to get him to talk, but soon his desire started to take over as well and I could tell he was flirting with me. Every so often his hand would brush against my leg and a smile would creep across my face.

"Are you staying in the hotel?" he asked, clearly trying to figure out if I was for sale or if I was his for the taking.

"Yes," I replied. "I just got back from a vacation to Brazil."

I wanted him to know that we were equals. This seemed to calm him, and I could tell he was getting more relaxed. "I could show you my room," I boldly said.

Without saying a word, he left money on the bar and started to follow as I walked out towards the lobby. We got into the elevator together and as soon as the doors closed he grabbed me and started kissing me. The man, whose name I would never learn, pushed me against the wall and started grinding his crotch into mine.

"You are beautiful," he said, while gently biting the side of my neck. I humped myself back against him, wanting him to feel my hard dick so he knew that I was just as excited as he was. "You are so big and strong," I replied. "You make me feel soft."

"Part of you is hard," he said in return, humping me harder and faster.

Finally our elevator got to my floor and he again followed me as I led him to my room. Soon I would be submitting to him, but for now I was the leader in our mating ritual.

Once we were inside I wasted little time. I motioned him towards my bed. As soon as he sat down I got on my knees in front of him and dived at his crotch.

I had his pants off in no time flat and was not disappointed by what I found. He had a large uncut cock that was even bigger than my last American lover. I knew it would feel amazing in any part of my body.

This time I did not want to be slow or subtle. I simply wanted to make his hard cock wet, so I began to suck on his dick and jerk him off hard. My spit ran down from the tip making his entire shaft slick

"Oh fuck," he said, laying back and letting me service him. "Suck it bitch. Suck it hard."

God, yes, I wanted to be this American's bitch. I cupped his ass with one hand as I continued to blow him.

Soon, I couldn't take it anymore. My cock and my body had their own needs, so I stood up and started taking off my clothes. His eyes followed by body as I quickly undressed for him.

When I was finally nude I slowly turned around, knowing that he would want a good hard look at my tight ass. Then, I walked over to the bed, lay on my back and spread my legs as far apart as I could and laid the condom beside me.

"Fuck me," I said. "Fuck me now."

I didn't have to tell him twice. He stood up and then turned around so that he was above me. Then he moved into position on top of me and started rubbing his cock against my hole.

My cock was standing at attention and leaking copious amounts of precum.

"Make me your bitch," I moaned. "Take me now."

That's all that needed to be said. His cock was already slick with my saliva and I was open enough not to need any more lube than that. With one beautifully brutal thrust he was inside me to the hilt with his balls resting against my smooth ass.

It hurt for a split second but then felt wonderful as he pushed my legs up into the air so my ankles were up by my head. This allowed him to get even deeper into me and I wrapped my arms around his muscular back.

"You are so fucking tight," he said.

"I love your fat cock," I responded. "Keep it in me. Fuck me with it. Fuck me hard."

At first his thrusts were slow, as though he was worried that he might break me. But when he realized I was bucking back against him as hard as I could, he picked up the pace.

Finally I was getting the fucking I'd needed since I'd first noticed his deep blue eyes. Our bodies were moving as one and I was in pure bliss.

While his cock pounded me harder and harder, my own dick started rubbing against his belly, lubricated by my own juices. Between that and the feeling of being truly filled by his manhood I was ready to blow in no time at all.

Quickly, large jets of cum started shooting out of my dick coating his hard sweating body.

"Yes," I screamed. "Yes!"

This seemed to be more than he could take.

"I'm going to cum," he moaned while pulling his dick out of my hot and horny hole.

I felt empty inside for a second but then looked up to see him rip off the condom jerking off his fat cock above me.

Then jets of his own cum flew out, hitting me on my face, chest and stomach. I reached out, grabbed him and gave him a deep kiss, spreading my sperm onto his face as well.

We both kept kissing, taking time out to lick the cum off each other's faces, before finally calming down and nuzzling in each other's embrace.

The American fell asleep in my arms, and I knew that I had done what I could to satisfy his rugged masculinity.

I would be asleep soon as well; but in the meantime, I watched his slow breathing and fantasized about what it would be like when I arrived home in my village the next day.

I wanted my family to be as proud of me as I was of myself. I also wondered if any of my brothers and cousins might be interested in exploring this wonderful life I had discovered.

I was sure I would find out soon enough.

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