A Gay Thailand Host Boy Tale Chapter One

In The Village

My story starts out years ago, when I still lived in the small village several hundred miles north of Bangkok. I grew up in a traditional Thai household. We did not have much money, but we were happy.

Still, like many of my friends, I yearned for the excitement of the big city and the adventures that could be had there. How to make that happen, however, was not something I put much thought too.

Education is expensive in Thailand and I knew my family would never be able to pay for the training that I would need to get a job in Bangkok or any of the beach resorts that have become so popular with the wealthy tourists who have discovered the paradise that is my homeland.

So, I contented myself with my existence. At times I would dream of becoming a monk when I got older - I was always fascinated by the orange robes and the look of serenity and peace that seemed to follow the holy men wherever they went.

Little did I know that my life would soon change - and that I would not only experience all of the wonders that Bangkok has to offer, but travel around to all of the best resorts and meet fascinating people and live a full, varied and interesting life.

My mother named me Kama, which means the "Golden One" in Thai. It is one of many names that can be used for either a boy or a girl - something that would be of great advantage to me years later - but I had no way of knowing that at the time.

My adventures began when I was 16. It was a clear warm day in the village and we had all sat down to eat our afternoon meal when suddenly there was a great commotion.

It seems that Chet, a man who had left the village years ago in search of finding his way in the world had unexpectedly returned. What was even more amazing was that he drove up to the village in a car - which was very rare for the people in my village.

Chet was also dressed in obviously expensive western clothes. The entire village was excited - it seemed that Chet had found the fortune he had been looking for!

The truth was that Chet had been gone so long that most people did not expect him to return ever. When he first left, people had been worried about him - and skeptical that he would be able to find a job and support himself among the urban Thais. Obviously we were wrong.

The people in the village soon swarmed around him and it was decided that we would hold a feast that night in Chet`s honor. We were sure he would have glorious stories to tell about what life had found for him.

When I was little, Chet had always been one of the nicest of the older children and I was as delighted to see him return as anyone else. While he tight, western clothes were confusing, the joy in his face was not. As soon as I could I ran up and gave him a huge hug.

Not only did Chet hug me back - but for the rest of the day I noticed him looking over at me - at times winking as though he had a secret to share. I wanted to talk to him but like many younger Thai guys, I have always been shy about initiating conversations, so I kept to myself and simply watched Chet talk to adults from a distance.

The feast that night was amazing. Chet had brought back food from Bangkok so there were many dishes that we had not eaten in a long time. During the meal Chet sat close to me and made me feel like a part of the attention he was receiving.

The meal did make me very sleepy - as I had not feasted like that in many years. So, far earlier than normal I retired to my small room and quickly entered dreamland.

Imagine my surprise when I was awakened only hours later by a knock on my door and found Chet on the other side.

"Hello Kama," he said. "I want to talk to you."

How could I say no? Chet had become what I always dreamed of being - a success in the outside world.

He took me on a walk outside the village where we could be alone. Once there he told me to sit down.

"Kama," he said. "Do you still dream of leaving the village one day and living in the city?"

I was so flattered that he remembered how I used to talk about my hopes and dreams. Not only that, but he was interested in what I had to say! I hastily admitted that I wanted to go, but assured him that I understood that I would probably never be able to.

"Don`t be so sure," he commented before doing something that would change my life for good.

I sat there dumbfounded as Chet leaned in and started kissing me - on the lips! I don`t want to give a false impression here. Unlike in the west there are few taboos against men showing other men affection in Thailand. I knew that some men enjoyed this, but had never expected it to happen to me. For that matter, I was shy and had never even kissed a girl.

Despite my shock, I found myself responding to his kiss, and when he tongue slipped into my mouth I took his lead and did the same to him. We were soon in each others arms, and to my surprise I felt my cock stiffen in my pants, and soon felt he cock pressing against me through his tight western jeans.

After a minute or two, Chet pulled away from me.

"Did you like that?"

"Yes," I responded - blushing, but unable to hide my bodies natural reaction to his advances.

"Then I may be able to show you a way to live in the city and find the life you have been looking for," Chet said.

With that he leaned into me again, and took my head in his hands while he kissed me. How could I not kiss him back? Not only was Chet my idol, but he was willing to help me live my dream. I would do anything he wanted and more, just to make him happy!

This time the kiss was stronger and Chet started rubbing the bulge in his jeans against the bulge in my pants. The feeling was very erotic and seemed to make my cock grow harder than it ever had before.

The more we kissed, the better the sensations flowing through my body became. Soon, Chet started to gently play with my nipples through my shirt - which only caused my heart to start beating even faster.

Wanting to return the favor, I soon started touching Chet`s nipples as well - which is when he started to moan and hump his crotch against mine even harder.

Then Chet started pulling off my shirt and removed his own. His lips made their way to my neck as our naked smooth torsos rubbed against each other. I could feel his male nipples rubbing against my own as our cocks continued to stimulate each other through the confines of our pants.

This was the first time in my life I had experienced real lust as well as the first stirrings of what I thought could one day be love. I bucked my own hips against his crotch to make the sweet feeling in my cock get even hotter.

A few minutes later I heard the sound of Chet`s zipper and felt him press against the back of my head. Confused, I opened my eyes and realized I was looking down at the tip of his very erect dick.

Chet pushed my head downwards. I don`t know how, but something deep inside me told me exactly what he wanted me to do - and made me realize how much I like it.

I allowed Chet to move my face down to his throbbing manhood - which I gently started to kiss. His moans and the small bit of liquid that started to emerge from the tip of his dick told me that I had understood his desires.

I had played with myself before, so I tried to simply do what felt good to me. I placed my hands on the base of his dick and started moving up and down while my lips explored the tip of his cock.

After a minute or two Chet once again pushed my head down and I realized that he wanted me to take more in my mouth. I let him guide his cock into my throat.

It felt like heaven. There was a musky scent coming from his crotch and he dick felt like steel. I could not believe that I was the one who made him so excited. His hard dick was like the greatest gift I had ever been given.

Chet then started to make love to my face while I rested my hands on his strong inner thighs. His hands played with my hair while my own cock throbbed with the beating of my heart.

Part of me craved the release that I knew was soon to come. I wanted to taste every drop of the life forced that lived within his big cock.

Then, before he could explode in my tender throat, he pulled my head off his dick.

"You sure you like that," he inquired.

I could do nothing buy nod my head.

"I think that means yes," he said, pointing at my obviously hard cock in my pants.

Chet then leaned over to me and started to pull off my pants. I was willing to do what ever he wanted so I lifted up my ass to make it easier for him. Within seconds we were both naked. This older boy now leaned over and kissed me again. This time much more tenderly than before.

"Lean back, on the ground," Chet said.

I complied and he was soon lying on top of me as we continued to kiss each other passionately.

As our tongues danced I felt Chet`s hand move between us. He started pushing my legs apart and then upward towards the sky. Next I felt his hand on his cock, which was getting closer and closer to my ass.

"Just relax," Chet whispered into my ear. "This is going to be heaven."

I could not believe how excited I was. So much precum was oozing out of my piss slit that if I had not known better I would have thought I had already reached my climax.

I heard the sound of plastic being opened. A condom wrapper was on the floor. Then I felt the tip of his penis probe at the entry of my virgin ass. I spread my legs farther apart. Nothing had ever felt this right before. I had never wanted anything as much as I wanted to please Chet at this very moment.

Ever so slowly his dick opened up my ass and with each tiny thrust he went deeper and my cock throbbed harder as it bounced against my belly.

Soon I started moving my ass up in order to take him into me faster. After a few minutes I heard Chet sigh and realized I could feel his balls resting against my butt.

I felt fully penetrated and truly alive for the first time in my life.

Then the real event started as Chet slowly began moving his cock in and out of my man hole. Each time his dick was fully in me, I could feel my own cock throb. Each time he pulled out I felt empty and thrust my ass at him to get him to push back inside.

My own cock was rubbing against his belly and chest as we made love. I could not believe how good it felt to be taken by another man. I kept bucking my own hips in time with his dick to try to get him to fuck me harder and faster.

Some part of me had been waiting for this moment my entire life and I needed him to love me, fuck me and take me.

When he realized that I was not in pain and was enjoying loving him, Chet started to kiss me harder and fuck me faster.

With each increase in tempo I felt hotter and hotter until finally Chet let out a huge moan and started to shoot his load. He pulled out, threw off the condom and let his cock shoot on my back and ass.

I could feel every single burst of cum as it blew off back and my butt.

Finally, his dick softened and the juice slowly stopped flowing. We stopped kissing and just held each other for several minutes.

Then he looked me straight in the eye and said, "Tomorrow, I will tell you how you can get to Bangkok and find the life you deserve."

It made me want to kiss him again.

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