A Gay Thailand Host Boy Tale Chapter Seven

The Hostboy Becomes The Master

I woke up as the plane touched down in the airport outside of Rio de Janeiro. I was still a little dirty and sweaty from the fucking I`d received in the bathroom hours before, but I was so excited to be in a new country for the first time, that I felt good.

I was excited and could not wait to find a way to satisfy my benefactor in a more comfortable environment than an airplane toilet.

Going through customs in Rio took a good deal of time and by the time we hailed a taxi to our hotel I was feeling very tired once again. The American explained to me that this was called jet lag and happened to most people after a long flight.

He told me to not worry about it and simply take a nap, because he had something "very exciting" planned for us that evening.

While part of me wanted to let him give me a decent fucking, my body was happy to have a chance to rest once again.

I drifted off into a dreamless sleep, only to be awakened several hours later. I jumped in the hot shower and used the exotic soaps that had been left out for me.

Walking back into the room, I felt very refreshed and ready to take on the world. The American was waiting for me, dressed in expensive clothes. I could feel my cock begin to stir as I looked at him and thought that we made a very attractive couple.

He escorted my outside and once again we hopped into a gleaming taxi. I looked around and could not believe how beautiful this city was. It looked very different from Bangkok, but there was a feeling of romance in the air.

All of the men seemed huge to me and were tanned a golden brown. I feel into deep lust every few seconds with a different specimen of manhood and gently stroked my cock underneath my jeans.

In no time at all we pulled to the side of the road and the American handed the driver a handful of Reals - the local currency as I got out.

Taking my hand the American walked me up to the entrance of a building labeled Club 117.

As we walked into the door I realized that Club 117 was not that different than the place I worked at in Rio. While there were no go go dancers and the place was much bigger than mine, I could see the hungry look of host boys who were there to serve wealthy paying customers.

What was different was that there were clearly no ladyboys here. These guys were all men and all of them looked delicious.

We entered on the ground floor and there was a long bar and several television sets. The American went over and brought me back a soda which I drank before I was led upstairs.

He showed me around the upstairs, where there were lockers and rooms where sex was clearly taking place. Next, I was walked back downstairs and into the basement, where there was another bar and beautiful Jacuzzi with hard naked men lounging away the night.

Finally I was led back up to the ground floor bar - which was filled with at least 100 hot boys available for pleasure.

"Which one do you like," the American asked me.

"What," I responded.

"Men have bought you for months," he said. "Tonight I want you to buy a boy for yourself and I."

I was stunned. It had never occurred to me that one day I would be able to buy a guy and have exactly what I wanted. I did not however let my shock get in my way.

The idea of being the owner of a guy, even for only an hour our two, sent waves of lust through my body and my dick became harder than ever before.

I looked over the male specimens, and ogled their brown skin and tight muscles. Many of them were wearing nothing but tight swimsuits and I let my gaze wander down to examine the packages buried beneath.

After all, size does matter.

Finally, I saw what I wanted. A tall brown boy with deep blue eyes. His bulge strained against his tight Speedos. My mouth began to water when I thought about what it would feel like to take that cock deep into my eager mouth.

I pointed the guy out to the American and he handed me 50 Real and told me to go over and make it happen. I was nervous, but also felt very powerful, buying sex for myself for the first time.

In no time at all I had learned how to make it happen and the three of us made our way upstairs to the saunas. At the desk we were each given a towel and a locker key - which we were able to attach to our wrists.

The desk man at the sauna also handed us several condoms and some packages of lube.

We quickly changed and entered our private sauna, wearing nothing but towels wrapped around our waists.

Our room was very clean and smelled vaguely of chlorine. Clearly they made an effort to make things as safe for us as they could.

I motioned for the boy to drop his towel and get on his hands and knees. He did so and I gently stroked my cock while looking at his cute lips and his sweet puckered asshole.

The American then walked up so that his cock was in front of the boy`s mouth. I then walked over and started rubbing the boy`s ass.

I felt so powerful as I was about to mount this beautiful Brazilian piece of ass.

The American and I then each rolled condoms on. I squirted lube on my finger and started rubbing around the boy`s sweet, tight asshole.

As I prepared the boy for his penetration, the American started rubbing his hard, fat cock around the boy`s lips. The boy knew what he wanted and slowly took the American`s dick into his mouth.

While he did so, I made sure that that boy`s asshole was stretched. Then I pulled out my fingers and lined my dick up.

In one brutal thrust I was inside. I felt his tight brown buns clench my ass and I felt like the master of the universe as I started to fuck my very own host boy for the first time.

The American and I each timed our thrusts so that we could keep the boy balanced. I would thrust once hard into his ass and then a second later the American would shove his cock to the hilt in the boy`s mouth.

We were each moaning hard as we took this boy. I could feel pre cum ease out of my cock and into the front of the condom. Waves of pleasure went through me as his dick kept milking my cock.

I loved seeing him suck the American while I was fucking him. It made him seem like our own personal play toy. Then, abruptly, the American pulled out of the boy`s mouth and then pointed at the floor.

I understood. It was time for us to switch positions. The boy stood up and now it was my turn to be on my hands and knees.

Now I felt the boy rubbing lube up and down my ass crack. I inched myself forward and started kissing the American`s dick. Even with the condom on it felt good in my mouth.

While I had loved using the boy and mounting his tight ass, I knew that I was here to make the American happy and sucking his cock was clearly giving him the satisfaction that I knew he deserved.

Soon I felt the boy`s cock rub against my ass. Unlike my brutal thrusts, he eased his cock slowly into my ass letting me feel every single inch of him.

I moved my hand up and started stroking the American`s cock while I sucked the tip between my lips.

It wasn`t long before I felt the boy`s cock filling me up as his balls bounced against my ass.

We soon found our own natural rhythm with me sucking the American deep down my throat while the boy pounded hard against my ass.

I felt myself opening up for his cock and was once again reminded exactly why I yearn to be fucked. I bucked my hips back at him to match each of his manly thrusts while I sucked the American deeper and deeper past my lips.

Of course, we were not to stay in this position for very long either.

After a few minutes, the American pulled out of my mouth and motioned for the boy to come over. The boy then placed his cock in front of my lips - and I started to suck it with a lusty greed.

The American then moved behind me and I was thrilled from head to toe! He was going to give me the hard fucking I had wanted from him from the second I met him in Bangkok only two days before.

As he lined his cock against my hot and horny hole, he reached underneath me and pulled off my condom. This allowed my dick to press against my stomach, where I could feel my own precum oozing out.

I arched my ass up into the air to make him know how available I was for him to mount me. At the same time I started swirling my tongue around the boy`s cock, in an attempt to give him all of the pleasure he so richly deserved.

The American`s cock was bigger than the boy`s and I soon felt my ass stretched - in a good way.

It`s funny, you don`t often think of a tender ass fucking, but as the American leaned over me and penetrated me again and again I felt a sweet sexual connection.

Meanwhile, the boy had started working his cock further and further down my throat. I reached behind him and started working my own finger into his ass - while remembering how it has recently milked my rock hard dick goblin.

We moved as one flesh - three hard beautiful men united as one sweaty sexual being.

I lived to give these men pleasure - yet as the center of their masculine attention, I suspected that I was having the most fun of all of us.

Soon it was time to change again.

This time the American got on all fours. He motioned me to get in front of him and now, for the first time, he was going to suck my cock.

The Brazilian boy knew what was expected of him, and within seconds was lining his own cock up with the American`s tight man pussy.

I felt like my soul was on fire as the American started giving me the best blow job of my life. I kept thrusting in and out of him hair mouth, face fucking him for all he was worth.

I looked over and saw the Brazilian boy was now fucking the American in earnest. Me and the boy looked in each others eyes, leaned forward and started deep French kissing while my cock plundered the American`s mouth and the boy kept pounding away at his ass.

As we kissed I felt the Brazilian boy tense up. I broke the kiss and saw him pull out of the American, rip off his condom and shoot jets of hot jizz into the air.

This was my cue to pull out of the American`s mouth. I knew that I too was close to cummnig and I didn`t want to piss out on experience everything this encounter had to offer.

I positioned myself at the American`s ass and entered him hard. Within nine or 10 strokes inside his tight ass I felt my own climax approaching.

I whipped my dick out of his hole, removed my rubber and shot off a huge load.

The American rolled over onto his own back, grabbed his cock in hand and within seconds added his sperm to the puddles of goo that now littered the sauna floor.

We were hot. We were sweaty.

We were all good and truly fucked.

It was only my first night in Brazil.

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