A Gay ThailandHost Boy Tale Chapter Ten

Back To The Village

The next morning I woke up in my hotel bed alone. It seems that my newfound lover had left my bed during the night to return to his own room. While I wished he had given me a chance to say goodbye, I could still smell his musky scent in the sheets we had both soiled the night before.

In fact, the scent of our love making the night before started to work on my body, and as I buried my head in the sheets I could feel my cock start to stiffen. I let my thoughts wander to how he had held me down on the bed and penetrated me the night before.

I could still taste some of his cum on my mouth, which only made my dick get harder. I started to slowly stroke myself while imagining his hot cock in my mouth and then, later, shooting his cum all over my chest, cock and nipples.

This made me get hotter and hotter as I continued to pull my foreskin back and forth over the head of dick. It started to become too much, so I stopped for a second and eased a finger into my well-used asshole.

I finger fucked my hole imagining not only the man in my bed the night before, but all of the men I'd been with in my life - and all those who would come in the future. Soon I had two fingers working in and out of my ass.

Sweat started covering my body and I finally grabbed my cock again and in a matter of seconds jets of cum were shooting out of my cock while my ass muscles gripped my fingers. Some of the jizz landed on my face - and I used my fingers to scoop it up and stuck it in my mouth.

In the afterglow of my orgasm I savored the taste of my own jizz. But, this moment could not last forever. Today was the day I would see my family for the first time in months - so I had to get ready.

I climbed out of the bed and jumped into the shower, washing the mixed scents of sex and sweat off of me so that I could feel fresh and respectable. I knew that my parents had probably been worried about me since I left the village, so I needed to look as presentable as possible.

Next I packed my bag and went down to the lobby to check out of the hotel. I felt so proud when I handed over my hard earned cash to pay for my stay. Nobody in my village would ever have been able to afford to sleep in a bed like this - and it made me feel like a man who had earned my place in the world.

As I walked out the door I stuck my head in the hotel bar, hoping to see the man from the night before; but he was not there. This, it turned out, would be the only disappointment of my day.

I hailed a cab to the train station and once I was there, went to the platform to wait for my chance to enter the first class cabin. This was real luxury and part of me pitied my countrymen who were packed like cattle in the lower class cars. As the train moved through the countryside several western women tried to catch my eye. I could tell that some of them would be considered beautiful in their homeland, but I had no use for them.

I had discovered the taste of man flesh, and I knew that I would never be able to find the satisfaction in their arms that my body so desperately craved.

There were several very attractive men in the car, but none of them seemed interested in me - though I wondered if they would secretly touch themselves the next time they were alone and think of my dark skin and well-toned body.

My time with Western men had taught me well that while many of them desired cock and ass, for the most part they kept their lusts hidden out of embarrassment. This was something I would never understand. Love and lust are surely gifts from the gods, and should never be rejected.

These men would be much happier if they were Thais and had the courage to experience the cock they craved.

Finally, the train pulled into my station and I hired another car to take me to my village, which was several kilometers away. As we got closer I noticed that people were leaving their homes and gathering in the streets to stare.

I remembered then that cars almost never came to our village because they were a luxury that almost nobody could afford. This again filled my soul with pride.

When I got out of the car I scanned the crowd and finally saw my mother and father. I ran up to them - and they looked confused at first. I realized then how much different I must have looked from the scruffy boy who had left a long time ago.

But then my father walked up and embraced me.

"It's you," he said.

"Yes, father," I replied.

My mother then burst into tears of joy as she embraced me as well.

"I am so happy to see you," she said. "What has happened to you? You look different. Have you become wealthy? How could you afford that car to take you here?"

"I have become successful," I told my mother respectfully. "I would not say I am wealthy, but I have seen the world and found my place in it. Today I come home to show you my success, but also to demonstrate my respect for my family."

My father, mother, brothers and cousins then invited me into the home I had grown up in and started peppering me with questions. I told them about how I had been in airplanes, visited Brazil and made many American friends.

I then asked them how they were doing and the news was not good. The weather had been bad and most of the crops were ruined. The village was poorer than ever before. At this point, I took my father aside and handed him a wad of bills.

He looked at them in amazement. I had just given him more money than the entire village had made in the past two years.

"My son," he said. "I am grateful. But please tell me you are not a criminal or gangster."

"I am not, father," I replied. "I would not dishonor you. All of the money I have made has been made honestly and with love. Please, share this money with everyone in the village and make their lives a little easier "

With that he embraced me again and we all sat down to a simple dinner. I knew that the next day my father and the village elders would use some of the cash I had brought to arrange a feast in my honor.

That feast, however, would not mean anywhere near as much to me as the rice my mother prepared for me on this night.

After the meal I was told that I would be sharing sleeping quarters with one of my 18-year-old cousins. This pleased me, because he had been simply a boy when I left, but now he had started to grow and looked like a beautiful young man.

When we retired to bed, he asked me how I had accomplished so much and if it would be possible for him to find the same success.

"That depends on what is in your heart," I told him. "If you have the ability to love and express your love, you can become very successful and enjoy life more than you may have ever thought possible."

I then asked him if he had ever engaged in the act of love.

"I have not," he said.

"Why not," I asked him.

"I have not found someone that stirs me," he replied. "The girls of the village are nice to me, but I have never felt a connection to them."

I told him that I had once felt the same way and been just as confused about my feelings. I then motioned for him to come closer to me.

"I don't think the problem is with the girls in the village," I said. "In fact, I don't think you have a problem at all. I think you have a gift."

With that I gently kissed his cheek. He seemed surprised and started to pull away.

"Don't resist your true desires I said," while moving my lips to his neck. "I can show you pleasures beyond your wildest dreams."

I then gently moved my hand to his trousers and as I expected I could feel a rock hard bulge had already formed. I started to slowly move my hand across his cock through his pants.

"Doesn't that feel good," I said, while he gently moaned in response.

I then went back to kissing his neck and slowly moved my hands inside his pants. I didn't want to scare him off. I wanted him to be lost in desire. I could not have been happier when I found my prize - it was not only rock hard, but well sized and already dripping with pre-cum.

"Just relax," I said. "This is natural. This is beautiful. This is your future."

I started to rub his pre cum over his cock, at which point he started kissing my neck. I knew this was the point where I had to complete the seduction. He was in a sexual haze and I had to bring him pleasure before his fear returned.

I pushed him back onto the bed and knelt between his knees. His cock stood tall and proud and I started licking up and down the sides. One day, soon, I knew that I'd be with him in Bangkok watching him do this to another man. Opening him up to man love made my cock thrust hard in my pants.

I could tell he was born for this when his hands started playing with my hair, so I moved in and engulfed his cock with my moth. I started sucking on the head of his cock while jacking him off with my right hand.

His body smelled musky and sweaty and was turning me on so much that the head of my cock was soaking in my own man juices. To further the seduction I eased a finger into his ass - and he responded with an animal like groan.

Within seconds he erupted into my mouth and I tasted his salty sperm for the first time. He convulsed for seconds and then went limp.

At this point I needed my own release so I stood up, pulled own my pants and started playing with my own rock hard cock.

I aimed it at his face and soon send my own jizz all over his neck, lips and cheeks.

"Lick it up, boy," I said. "Taste it. Taste your future. This cum will take you out of this village and into heaven."

As though he was in a trace he obeyed, and I joyed at seeing him taste sperm for the first - but certainly not the last time.

I then cuddled up next to him.

"I did not know anything could feel that good," he said to me.

"There are things that feel even better," I replied. He looked at me in disbelief - and this is when I knew I had to give him his final lesson.

I knelt down before him again and started licking his cum off of his dick. As I did so he cock started to come back to life. In no time at all it was as hard as iron once again.

"Stand up," I ordered.

He complied and I pulled my pants completely off and laid down on back with my legs spread.

"Come here and kiss me," I demanded.

He did so and once he was on top of me. I had my handy condom ready and I reached underneath us and guided his cock to my very wet and willing manhole.

I think he was shocked and had never considered this possibility, but his body responded and I pulled him into me.

In no time at all I could feel his balls resting against my ass. I started moving my hips and he learned quickly. Soon he was fucking me and I was taking his innocence from him forever.

I felt so full while his cock pounded me faster and faster. It only took a few minutes - after all this was his first time - but soon I was rewarded as I heard his groans of lust and knew he was having an orgasm again.

He collapsed next to me and though I had not cum a second time, I was satisfied. I had never intended to leave the village alone on this trip. He was probably not aware of it yet, but when he had fucked me his life had changed forever.

I knew it was only a matter of time before he was on his back giving a Western man pleasure, and that someday he too would return to the village a successful man.

But, for now I let him sleep. His corruption could come later.

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