A Gay Thailand Host Boy Tale Chapter Three

Bangkok - Oriental City

When I woke up the next morning, Chet was still sleeping. For several minutes I watched his beautiful chest move up and down under the covers. It caused something to stir in my heart, as well as my crotch.

Realizing that I still smelled of sweat and semen from last nights activities, I went and found the shower in the bathroom. It was a little hard for me to figure out at first - in our village we simply bathed in the river - but with some trial and error I managed to have the warm water cascading down my naked body.

With a little bit of guilt I used Chet`s soap to make me smell fresh and clean - letting my small, delicate fingers caress my cock for perhaps a minute longer than I should have.

Then I came back into the room and started packing Chet`s things into his suitcase - I wanted him to know that I could take care of him and was grateful for everything he was doing for me.

Soon he rose from the bed and I apologized for using his soap. Chet laughed and explained that it was fine, in fact normal, and that he was glad I smelled good.

Suddenly we were kissing. I wanted more, but it was clear we had to wait, so with a heavy hard, I pulled up my pants and pushed my rock hard cock out of sight.

I loaded Chet`s possessions into the car and day dreamed about one day owning clothes and a care of my own. We were soon driving off and my thoughts focused on one thing and one thing only - what would the city be like? This was my first trip outside of the village - I had no idea what to expect.

It was hours before I would see what my dreams were made of. As the sun set I started seeing bright lights in the horizon. I could not believe it. I had no idea that building this large existed.

Even more bizarre was the number of cars on the road! I had no idea how many there were in the world. Chet`s car was the first I had ever seen and I assumed they were rare.

What other delights and surprises would Bangkok have in store for me?

It seemed to take us ages to arrive. When I first saw the buildings I assumed we were close - because I didn`t realize just how high they were. Eventually, however, we were inside the belly of the beast and I was surrounded by tall metal highrises, what seemed like millions of people and more lights than I could imagine!

It was like seeing stars in the sky for the first time ever!

Chet drove us through many side roads until eventually we pulled into what I would later discover was a garage. We left the car behind and got into an elevator up to Chet`s apartment.

I couldn`t believe it! The place was bigger than three homes in my village. It had five rooms and a balcony overlooking the city. Would wonders never cease?

Once again I unpacked Chet`s suitcase. If he could really make a life like this possible for me, I wanted to do anything I could for him. He then took me on a tour, pointing out the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom and two bedrooms!

Finally we walked out onto the balcony and I was able to stare at the lights, listen to the sounds and breathe in the smells of my new city. It was beyond anything I could imagine. It was so bright and the nose never stopped. How did people manage to sleep.

While leaning on the railing I felt Chet behind me. His hands moved to my hips and then out front to unzip the fly of my pants. Without saying a word he pushed my trousers and underwear to the ground.

I heard him unwrap a condom and knew what was to come. In fact I welcomed giving him my ass as a mark of my respect for what he had already done for me.

Soon I felt the latex clad cock nudging at the entrance to my ass. I leaned forward to make it easier for him to penetrate me and shifted my weight to my hands on the railing.

Then, as I knew was destined to happen, the head of his cock strated slowly entering me and I leaned back futher to take as much of his dick as I possibly could.

Chet never said a word. He simply started kissing my neck as he plunged his phallus so deep I could feel his balls resting against my 18 year old butt.

Of course he soon started pumping into me. With each thrust I felt complete and shivers went down my spine. Everytime he pulled out I felt empty and bucked backwards to pull Chet into my body again.

My cock was standing up at attention. The more he fucked me the harder it seemed to get. I could feel it pulsing in the cool night air.

As Chet continued his invasion of my body, I looked out at the city and felt the most pure happiness of my life. Being fucked under the stars while being able to examine this metal metropolis was the most thrilling thing I had ever endured.

He then reached around and started stroking my cock while he fucked me. Chet rubbed the precum from the tip of my piss slit all over my shaft. His hand moved in rhythm with his cock, so that each time he fucked into me my dick sent thrills up and down my body.

Chet`s rhythm soon picked up speed and I knew the best was yet to come. With a brutal force I had never felt before he suddenly pulled out of my ass, ripped off the condom and stroked himself until ropes of his cum exploded over my back.

My own orgasm was soon to follow and my seed spilled into the night, off the balcony and fell onto the street hundreds of feet below.

"Get cleaned up," Chet said. "We are going out tonight."

What could I do, but obey. I was scared that I would not know how to behave in public in this new environment, but at this point I would do anything for my new lover.

Once again I used his soap. This time I understood the shower and it was easier to make the water the temperature I needed. Chet stepped in when I was done and I got dressed as he cleaned himself off.

My heart was racing with unbridled excitement. I was scared of what I would find, but I could also not wait for it to happen.

Surprisingly we did not go down to the garage. Instead, Chet took us to the ground floor and hailed a taxi for us. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I had no idea that it was possible to pay someone to drive you - or that Chet would be rich enough to afford this sweet luxury.

Once again we moved thorugh a confusing maze of streets. I knew that I would have to keep an eye on Chet, because there was no way I`d be able to find my way home on my own.

Soon the taxi pulled to the side of the road and Chet handed the man a few bills. We got out and were standing in front of a building covered with pictures of men. There was not a female in sight as Chet pushed open the door and led me inside.

The interior was incredible. Loud music was playing and half naked men were dancing on a raise platform while other men stared at them. The place was full of Westerners - all of whom seemed mesmerized by the spectical in front of them.

Chet sat us at a table and introduced me to a man he called "Mama San." I had never heard this term used to describe another male, but I was far too overwhelmed to mention anything about it.

Mama San looked me over and told me I was beautiful. Chet kept his hand on my leg the entire time - making me feel both safe and aroused.

It did not take me that long to become accustomes to my surroundings and soon I too was looking at the hot young men that surrounded me. I was embarrassed to notice my own cock getting hard as I smelled the sexy sweat that filled the air.

"Do you like him," Chet asked Mama San.

"He has potential," the man responded as I began to realize that this place might be my oppourtunity for a better life.

I did my best to look respectful and obedient. I knew that I could not disappoint Chet.

"Is he experienced," Mama San asked.

"A little, but he will be fully trained shortly," Chet said.

"I`m sure that is a job that you won`t find too hard," Mama San replied with a wink.

"He has already shown me what he can do," Chet said. "Now about my fee."

"You will get paid when he has proven himself," Mama San said.

I was so confused but figured I would just go with the flow.

Mama San then left the table and Chet told me I had done well but had to do one favor for him before we could go back to the apartment.

"Anything," I said.

"Good," Chet replied. "I am going to take you into a room. When you get there I want you to sit down and close your eyes. Do not open them until I tell you to. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I said.

We walked through the club into a discreet back room with a comfortable chair. As instructed I sat down and closed my eyes as tightly as I could.

I was nervous, but my task seemed easy. In a minute or two, I felt someone opening up the front of my pants. I was startled but kept my eyes closed.

Next I felt my underwear being pulled down my legs and a strong hand began moving up my thighs. It felt good and I wondered why Chet was doing this to me in the club.

Then soft lips began kissing my legs and the hand started stroking my cock. I had never felt anyone stroke my cock - except when Chet was fucking me - so it felt strange but good.

My dick started to harden as the lips moved up my body and got closer and closer to my crotch.

It felt incredible and precum started oozing out of me. Then, the lips found my cock and started sucking on the tip. Even though I had been fucked only an hour before I became very horny.

My dick had never been in anyone`s mouth before and I could not believe the sensations I felt as his lips started moving up and down my shaft.

One hand was playing with my cock and another started moving underneath me. I didn`t know what was going on, so I was shocked when it started playing with my ass.

While the mouth continued to suck me, the finger moved slowly into my bum. Now the sensations became even more intense. I was getting finger fucked and something deep in my ass was making me feel erotic waves of pleasure.

The finger`s rhythm matched that of the mouth on my dick and I started bucking my hips to get as satisfied as possible. I was fucking this face for all it was worth.

It was so hot to know that I did nto need to be bent over to get pleasure - that a warm, wet mouth could send me to heaven as quickly as a hard dick could.

I paid attention to what felt good so that I would be able to do the same the next time I had a dick in my mouth.

In some ways my ass yearned for the finger to be replaced by dick, but other parts of me basked in how they were able to move in ways that a cock can`t. They were making ciricles inside my asshole.

The other h and was now moving quickly up and down my shaft and the lips were wrapped tight around the head of my cock.

I couldn`t hold back any longer. I let my dick exploded. My ass clentched around the finger inside me and I blasted my sperm into the tight lips.

When I was done, I heared movement in the room and Chet told me I could open my eyes.

Surprisingly, Chet was fully clothed and did not look as though he had just sucked cock.

Stranger still, there was a stack of money sitting on the floor in front me.

What, exactly had just happened?

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