A Gay Thailand Host Boy Tale Chapter Two

Journey To Bangkok

That night I slept fitfully, wondering what the next day would be. Making love with Chet was a big step for me. Part of me was in love with his mind. The rest of me yearned to feel his hard cock again in my body.

I actually had an erotic dream about Bangkok and imagined being dressed up in beautiful clothes while on my hands and knees in front of another man. It seemed my body was happily responding to the new things going on in my life.

That said, I was worried about what I would say to my parents. They knew that I wanted to leave the village one day - but I knew Chet would be leaving in the morning - and that I would have to go with him to meet my destiny - and to submit to his body again.

I needn`t have been that concerned. When I walked out of our home Chet was outside, already talking to my parents. It seems that he had told him he knew of an opportunity to work in Bangkok, and that if I went with him, I would be able to send money back to help them out.

As I had just turned 18, this was a golden opportunity for me. I knew that as I had become a man, it was my turn to contribute to the financial well being of my family.

While it`s true that Chet did not tell them exactly what I would be doing, he gave them enough information for them to let me go - and to be proud of me. They could see that Chet had more money than anyone else in the village and they wanted me to have a better life - and live like him.

Later I learned that he had told them that I would work in the tourist industry - which is technically true. Almost all of the men I have been with as a host boy were tourists. It did not take me long to discover I had a "thing" for older western men.

But that`s a later story.

It did not take me long to pack up my meager belongings into the back of Chet`s beautiful car. Unlike in the west, village children in Thailand do not grow up with televisions or Play stations or any of the other "toys." For us, food and clothing are much more valuable.

This was the fist time I had ever been in a car before and I was excited. Even more exciting was that I knew that soon I would be with my lover, far away from the prying eyes of my village. I wanted to reclaim the intimacies we had felt the night before. As soon as we got a mile or so down the road, Chet pulled the car over, near a bank of trees. He then shocked me by planting a deep kiss on my lips. He held my hand as our tongues danced in each others mouths.

My hands gently stroked his chest as his hard body sent shivers down my spine. After a minute or two he pushed my head down, and I saw his huge cock poking out of his western style pants.

I was a little surprised - after all we were just on the side of the road. But then I realized that with my head in his lap, no one would be able to see us as they drove by.

So I opened up my lips and felt his hard rod enter my mouth. It tasted so good and his strong masculine scent made my own cock pulse in my pants.

I let my tongue play with his piss slit - and tasted his wonderful precum while my hands moved up and down his shaft.

Chet moaned a minute later when I moved my mouth down to the base of his cock and let him start fucking my face. With each thrust of his cock through my lips I fell a little more in love and my cock got a little harder.

He played with my hair while I thrilled to give him pleasure. As his thrusts became faster and faster, my own cock started rubbing against my pants and urging me towards my own release.

Suddenly, Chet grabbed my head and thrust my cock all the way down his shaft and held it there, while ropes of his thick cum shot into my throat. My own orgasm began in full as soon as I realized he was achieving his ecstasy.

Bursts of semen drained from my cock into my pants. As my orgasm continued Chet pulled my face up and gave me the strongest kiss of my young life.

Then, without saying a word, Chet started the car back up and we returned to the road. I shyly did what I could to compose myself - secure in the knowledge that I had made the right decision when I decided to leave the village with him in search of my fortune in the big city.

Once we were on our journey Chet would occasionally take one hand off the steering wheel and let it rest on my thigh, causing me to feel even more in love with him than before.

When he realized I was growing more comfortable he started pointing out the sights along the way, and explaining what they were and where they were from. I was awed by how educated he had obviously become as I looked at the huge temples, shops and other exotic things that I had only dreamed up back home in my simple village.

As the sun began to set, I asked Chet when we would get to Bangkok, and was surprised when he said that we would have to get a hotel room for the night and continue driving for several more hours in the morning.

I had no idea it would take that long to get to the city - or that the world was this large. My mind was being opened to hundreds of new experiences and thoughts over the past day and it was somewhat overwhelming.

Even more shocking to my provincial mind was the hotel room that we checked into. It was larger that the biggest room I had ever been in before - and cost more than my family earned in a month.

Truly, Chet was not exaggerating in his stories of success in the big city!

To show my thanks I unpacked Chet`s suitcase and carefully laid out his clothes in the wardrobe, before I lay back and tried out what was the most comfortable bed in my life.

I was still shy, so I kept my clothes on until I was under the covers so as not to shock Chet with my nakedness.

He was bolder and stood in the center of the room while he slowly took off all his clothes under my watchful, hungry eye.

"Do you like my body, Kama," he asked.

"Yes," I responded.

"Good," Chet said. "You will see many naked men in your life, but I am honored to be the first."

While we spoke my eyes were glued to his rapidly hardening cock. I stared as it grew bigger and bigger until it nearly pointed towards the sky.

My dick responded as well, making a tent in the sheets, which I could not hide no matter how I moved my body around.

"I like your cock," Chet said. "But I like your ass even more."

I blushed, knowing that this mean he was going to penetrate me again and I would get to feel his hard body wrapped around my own younger and softer self.

"My I come into bed with you," he asked. "Please," was all I could respond - trying so hard not to touch myself, but wanting and needing the release that I knew he could provide.

Boldly, Chet tore the sheet off the bed, leaving me naked and exposed under his gaze. He then walked over to me, took my head in his hands and started deeply kissing me.

I responded to his touch and soon we were rolling around on the bed together, our hard cocks just inches from each other. As we dry humped occasionally our dicks would brush past each other and we would both moan.

I could feel precum leaking from his cock onto my leg and I knew he was excited to take me again. This would be the first time he fucked me since he took my virginity the night before and I wanted to show him that I was not nervous and ready to have him.

That`s when I pushed away from him, leaned back and spread my legs. I let my crotch arch into the air so that my ass was on display for him. As I started letting my finger drift down to my ass there could be no doubt what I wanted.

Chet was as eager as I was and he went over the dresser and pulled out his package of condoms.

"Put this on me," Chet said, right before giving me a quick gentle kiss.

This would be the first - but not the last - time that I put a condom on a man and I wanted to do it right. I remembered how he had put it on his dick last night and tried to mimic his motions.

Of course it was hard to concentrate with my hand on his velvet skinned yet hard cock, but I did my best and soon he was gloved for me.

"That is to protect you," Chet said. "No matter how much you want a man, always make him put one on before he makes you his lover.

Chet was so wonderful. Not only was he giving my body the greatest pleasure it had ever known, he was also caring about me and teaching me how to be a man.

I moved back into position offering my ass for his pleasure. Chet looked me right in the eye and started kissing me again.

This time, however, his hand moved down to my bum and started teasing it with his talented fingers. First one digit penetrated my eager ass, and then another.

Chet moved his fingers in long slow circles inside me, each turn sending a new thrill up my spine and into my cock as I arched up to get them deeper and deeper inside of me.

After what seemed like an eternity, Chet pulled his fingers out of my bum and moved into position on top of me.

Instinctively I spread my legs even farther apart, wanting to be as open and vulnerable to my man as possible.

In seconds I could feel his cock poking at the entrance to my ass, and then slowly pass through my opening. I thrust towards him to help him get in deeper and we kissed passionately until he was buried in deep and I could feel his balls against my ass.

He let us rest like that for a minute and then started pumping his dick in and out of me. Every time he was buried to the hilt I felt so complete and hot. Every time it pulled out I felt empty and wanted it back inside me all the way again.

His body started to sweat and let myself lick some of the salty fluid off his chest. It tasted like heaven as my dick rubbed against his tight stomach while he ravaged me.

I was not as shy as I had been the night before and the more Chet fucked me, the more I fucked him back. Matching him thrust for thrust and grabbing his ass with my hands to pull him in deeper.

Chet saw my urgency and started fucking me faster and faster. He seemed please that my virginal shyness was gone and that I now knew I needed his cock inside me for my own deep pleasure.

The condom felt slick on his dick as he moved in me and while part of me wanted to find out what it would feel like to have Chet explode inside me, I was also loving the fact that Chet was worried about my health and taking care of me.

As his thrusts became faster and faster I could not believe I had waited until I turned 18 to feel this good and share my body. I also could not imagine that I used to think I would end up with one of the village girls.

Being underneath a man with my legs spread was clearly my destiny and I would follow it wherever it took me - just as long as I could have my lovers cock buried deep inside me.

In minutes Chet started breathing harder on top of me and fucking me faster. Suddenly he pulled completely out of me, ripped off the condom, looked intensely down on my face and started touching himself.

Ropes of cock then exploded out of his dick and landed on my chest. This triggered my own orgasm and soon my sperm was mixing with his.

Then, Chet collapsed down on top of me, and we fell asleep in each other`s arms.

I would be in Bangkok the next day, and could not wait to start my new adventures.

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