Ladyboys in Gay Thailand

Sometimes you want to get it on with a man. Sometimes a girl seems like a good idea. Sometimes both have their own unique appeal.

Gay or straight we all have a desire to try something a little different. That's what makes Thailand a great place to visit you can literally have your boobs and eat cock too!

Perhaps the most celebrated part of Thailand's gay culture are the famous "Ladyboys" that can be found in even the smallest rural villages.

While Ladyboys are similar to Western transvestites, there are some huge cultural differences.

The most important difference comes from Thai history and traditions. According to legends from Northern Thailand, the first man and woman had three children, a boy, a girl and a "third sex."

Today the "third sex" is considered to be the Ladyboys which may explain why there are at least 180,000 of these "girls" spread throughout Thailand.

Other legends say that Ladyboys are actually the reincarnation of men who made love to many, many women in a former lifetime so that they now permanently carry the spirit of women in their bodies.

Katoey Toys!

Referred to in Thailand as Katoey, these "girls" are certainly no drag queens. In most cases a lot of care and time has been spent to make sure these guys look like real women and not the exaggerated female stereotypes common in American drag shows.

While these girls all have hot cocks under their skirts many have realized that size matters everywhere and have larger than life boobs to complete their picture of a feminine ideal

Ladyboys are, in general, an accepted and respected part of Thai society. In most cases they don't suffer anywhere near as much prejudice as their western counterparts and are usually almost fully accepted as the women they are trying to be.

Let Them Entertain You!

Many of the Katoey perform in the cabaret shows that have become hugely popular in Thailand's gay bars. The best Ladyboy cabaret shows can be found in Pattaya, the beach town south of Bangkok.

Some of the larger Katoey shows literally feature dozens, if not hundreds of Ladyboys for your eye candy.

There are also many escort agencies that offer Ladyboys on demand. You can find them in our listings or by checking out advertisements at many of the local gay establishments.

Tips And Tricks For Chicks With Dicks!

You need to be a little careful when dealing with Ladyboys outside of a supervised host bar. In Pattaya in particular there have been cases of Ladyboys who troll the beaches at night in order to mug tourists when they have their pants down.

Don't let this get you down! Most Ladyboys are nice people. There are just a few rotten apples in any barrel!

Another important thing to keep in mind is that not all Ladyboys are bottoms. Some can top with the best of them, so when you first start talking with an attractive he/she you should make your preferences known so that you don't get more than you bargained for out of the experience!

Also be aware that some Ladyboys are full on transsexuals and may have either taken hormones, been castrated or both.

Figuring out what type of Ladyboy you are talking to can often be part of the fun. In general if you are in a gay bar talking to a feminine looking thing, you can assume that the girl was a boy at one time and may be now.

Guessing before you take off her skit can be a challenge, because the Thai male body type lends itself very well to creating a feminine mystique.

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Host Bars Ladies

More often than not Ladyboys can be rented out for a night of fun in the host bars and surprisingly enough are popular entertainers for both gay and straight audiences!

Because Thailand society treats Ladyboys with respect, you should as well. Just because you are paying for their time does not give you a license to abuse, insult or treat them any differently than you would like to be treated.

Ladyboys are people too!

Many Ladyboys suffered severe financial hardship when the tsunami cut into Thailand tourism. Often Ladyboys have families to support so we encourage you to be generous if you should find yourself out on a date with a "girl" with something extra between her legs!

For many of us to visit here often, the loving nature of the Ladyboys is a big appeal to visit Thailand. Many of the will take in the boys who first come to work on the bars and take care of them. The people of Thailand are very accepting of homosexuality and Ladyboys. Please leave your prejudices and misconceptions about Ladyboys or Dragqueens in your home country. They are truly one of the most amazing parts of Thai culture and deserve your respect!

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