Navigating Gay Bars in Thailand

Throughout this website we are constantly making references to Host Bars and Go Go Bars. Many people who have been to Asia before know the low down on host bars and their hot boys, but we understand that many of you may have no clue what we are talking about!

While host bars are some of the most exciting gay establishments on Earth, if it is your first time in Thailand they may seem confusing or intimidating when you walk in the door.

Host bars follow their own unique set of customs and will expect you to as well.

Host bars are not like any place you are likely to have visited in the west. Most provide some form of entertainment whether it be go go dancers or cabaret shows.

The entertainment, however, is just the excuse to be there.

The real attraction to host bars is that they are filled with hot young guys who can make your wildest fantasies come true for a price.

To put it simply each bar employs a number of young sexy guys called hosts. In a go go bar, nearly all of the dancers will be hosts.

For the price of a small tip, these hosts will sit at your table and talk to you, while you decide if you want to take them home. If you decide that you want them, you simply pay more money and they become your "special friend" for the evening.

Please note: Host boys are sex workers, so it's always a requirement to wear a condom during your encounter.

Getting Ready To Hit The Bar

At a good host bar you may be competing against a lot of other guys for the attentions of the hottest hosts. Thailand host boys are very conscious of style and status, so it's important that you look as good as you can when you arrive.

Don't dress sloppy.

Make sure you are wearing nice clothes, are well groomed and are as put together as you would be for a date in the west.

Trust us, the Thai boys will notice and you will get a lot more attention if you look good!

Scoping Your Prospects

When you first enter the bar you will be greeted by a man who will escort you to a table and take your first drink order. This guy, while obviously male, is called the "Mama San" of the bar.

Once you have your drink in hand, it's time to sit back, watch the show and check out the hot guys.

After a while the Mama San will return and ask you if you like any of the guys. If so, just tell him and the boy will be brought right over to your table.

The good news is that most of the boys wear numbers on their clothes, so it's easy for you to let the Mama San know who you are interested without pointing (which is considered very rude in Thailand.)

If you hang out for a while and don't invite any guys to your table, you may find that some of the bolder hosts will walk up to you and ask if they can join you. Of course you might not be attracted to those boys and you can always tell them that you are not interested.

Once a boy you like is sitting at your table he will expect you to buy him a drink and strike up a conversation. He may sometimes be flirtatious, but in a subtle way.

Don't expect your boy to be fluent in English.

The vast majority of the boys speak some English, but some have mastered more of our language than others. Remember you are in their country, so it is up to you to find ways to make the conversation work.

It's possible that even though you found the host exciting when you saw him shaking his ass on stage that once he sits down you he might not seem like that great a catch.

Don't feel bad it happens.

All you have to do is tell him you are not interested and give him a small tip for his time and trouble. A hundred Baht will make him more than happy that he decided to spend time with you!

Sealing The Deal

Of course the point of going to a host bar is finding a hot stud to go home with. While host bars are not whorehouses, the boys are selling sex and you might as well get it while you can.

The host bars refer to this practice as taking a boy "off" and many of the host boys will bring this up during their conversations with you.

If you decide to take a boy off the bar will charge you for it.

Please note this is not what you are paying to get laid. You will have to still pay the boy himself later. You are paying the bar because they have set you up with the boy and because he won't be able to dance or entertain other guys in the bar while he is off with you!

Most bars will charge you between 200 and 400 Baht for the privilege of taking a boy off with you. This is less than $10 so it's shouldn't dent your wallet too much.

Before you agree to take the boy home you should make sure that he is willing to do what you want. Every host boy has different sexual limits. Some will top you, others are committed bottoms.

Some will let you spank them, some won't. You are always better off making your desires clear before any money has changed hands!

You will also have to tell the boy and the bar if you are taking him away for a "short time" or a "long time." A short time means you will have him just long enough for you to get your rocks off once. If you want him for a long time, that means you get him for at least several hours and even all night if you want.

A short time should cost you about 1000 Baht while a long time will run about 1500 Baht. This is the minimum you should pay. I am sure you will go to our forum and see many different exchanges but anything you pay beyond this is a nice gesture and always appreciated. Personally, I always discuss price before I off a boy. Often, they will say "Up to You". While this does mean up to you, they are really saying pay me the minimum plus whatever you can. I will then say, how is 1,500 baht for all night? They can say yes or no. Most will respond up to you again. If you expect them to say beyond the morning, more money SHOULD be paid by you!

I often find a boy that I like and simply tell them that I want him to stay with me for 10 days. I give him a price for each day that I negotiate in advance and then I pay the bar every few days. If it is a bar I know and trust, I pay in advance. Often many boys will be thrilled to be taken off for 10 days on holiday. Many will not want to go away that long as they may have a girlfriend, boyfriend, ladyboy or family and have other commitments.

Do not pay the boy until you are done with him! Otherwise you risk getting ripped off!

As you are leaving you will probably be approached again by the Mama San. That's because he will expect a small tip (about 100 Baht) for helping you find your host boy.

Coming Back For More

A lot of people tend to become attached to particular host boys or at least want to spend another night with them. The Thais understand this and will be happy to reserve a boy for you for a repeat performance. All you have to do is remember the boy's number and call the bar in advance.

If you let them know when you play to arrive the boy will be waiting for you. Please note that these boys are at the bars to make money so if you show up late he may have moved on to someone else and you may have lost your chance to bang him again!

Don't Feel Guilty Cause You Want It!

Many of us in the west have a preconceived notion about the boys who work the bars in the Far East. Some people think that the boys are forced to work in the bars and that if they were not there, they could be doing something more productive with their lives.

Don't feel guilty these boys are not exploited.

None of the boys are ever forced to work in the bars. They do so, for the most part, because they are gay and can make a lot of money doing so. They are happy to get out and meet interesting guys and learn English.

That said they are human beings and should be treated as such. When you take them off behave as though you are on a hot date. Host boys have feelings to treat them like you would anyone else!

Now get ready to come to Thailand and find the boys of your dreams!

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