The Plane is a Pain in Gay Thailand

There is only one major downside to planning a visit to Thailand the plane ride. From most western countries the flight can be at least 24 if not 28 or 30 hours long.

Being in the air for that amount of time is never fun even if you are flying first class. While it's true that the food on long haul flights is generally better than you would expect, you can only eat so often.

No matter what happens you will be delighted when your plane finally touches down in Bangkok and you get to stretch your legs. Still, there are some things you can do to make your trip less of a torture:

Try not to drink. Alcohol dehydrates you. Plus, booze can affect you more strongly when you are in a pressurized cabin. It also makes it harder to get a good sleep and can make you feel disoriented when you arrive. It's best to skip the booze until you are safely in your hotel room.

Book your flight early and request an aisle seat. You do not want to get stuck in the middle row on a 28 hour flight ever.

Walk around the plane. Sitting in one place all day can not only be uncomfortable, it can be bad for your health. Get up on a regular basis and walk around the plane to keep your circulation flowing.

Buy a portable DVD player. Airline movies almost always suck. These days you can buy your own portable DVD player for less than $100. Then you can choose what you want to watch. A great idea is to buy an entire season of one of your favorite television shows. West Wing, 24, Queer As Folk and The Sopranos are all available on DVD and will kill many hours of flight time.

Ask your doctor if you can take Ambien. This prescription drug can help you sleep for hours with minimal side effects.

If you are a smoker, go to the pharmacy and buy a nicotine patch. You don't want to go crazy dying for a cigarette.

Keep a change of clothes in your carry on bag in case your luggage gets lost.

If you can afford it get a business class seat. It really does make a difference. Most of the airlines offer mileage upgrades if you buy a full coach fare. It is most definitely worth the spent miles to have a first class seat on such a long journey. The ability to actually lay down and relax will not only make a difference on your body but on how you adjust to the new time changes once in Thailand.

Wear loose fitting comfortable clothes. The plane is not a place to make a fashion statement. It's a place to kill time.

Stretch at the gate before you get on the plane so your muscles are as relaxed as possible.

One of the best things to take on a place is an Ipod. If you like music, this may bring you solace enough to make the journey much better for you. On my last 6 or 7 trips to Thailand, I noticed more of more of these things on each trip. While most airlines do have music and video built into their planes, you have to rely on their selection. If you bring your own entertainment, you will have what you need at your fingertips.

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