Underage Sex in Gay Thailand

Rightly or wrongly, Thailand has gotten a reputation as being a Mecca for underage sexual activity. While it is true that you can purchase guys of nearly any age in Thailand from sleazy pimps, you should avoid doing so at all costs.

In the wake of increased international pressure, Thailand has started cracking down on the child sex industry. If you get caught you will get arrested and your government will not want to help you. Even worse, your name and address may become public which means you could ruin your career and your relationship with your family and friends.

Even worse, the United States has now started enforcing laws against United States citizens traveling abroad to have sex wit minors. That means that even if you don't get in trouble in Thailand, you might get arrested when you step off the plane in America.

Thailand had hundreds of thousands of guys that you can rent for the evening. Many look young and if you need to live out a sex fantasy, please do so with an 18 year old guy who has an ID that says 18. Don't be a fool and go to jail for dipping under this age!

We want you to be able to keep coming back to Thailand. We also want you to stay out of prison. We assure you that Thai prison is not like that of most civilized countries and 15 years in jail here could be a death sentence.

Having sex with children is not only illegal; it is a taboo for most people.

Don't throw your life away.

Only have sex with guys who are at least 18. Your life depends on it.

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