Point Based Free Upgrade to Silver : Gaythailand.com

We love the fact that our members are the best around and we want to make sure their participation on the site is rewarded. With this in mind, we offer free Silver memberships to all members as long as they maintain 100 points based on the following:

10 points for each Video Uploaded and Approved
5 Points for each Photo uploaded and approved
50 Points for having a Verified Profile

So, if you have a Verified Profile (50 points) and 5 Videos (5 x 10 = 50) then your profile will be upgraded to Silver. (This is updated daily)

Or, if you have 20 photos on your profile, you are upgraded.

Or, you can have any combination of the above points that help you reach 100 points and you are upgraded to Silver for as long as you maintain 100 points or more. We do this to show our members that we care and appreciate them being active on the site! If you have questions, please use the Contact Us.

Thank you,

The Gaythailand.com team.